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A tech geek dad down under who has been converting ideas into apps & currently is trying to survive AI. ⌨️

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eys, to random
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On a tram in Bern. On my way to my first day at my new job. That’s right, I got a job!

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@eys Congrats.

ValerieSonh, to firefox
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starts new data-gathering program https://blog.mozilla.org/en/products/firefox/firefox-search-update/ The article explains how to opt out. "Same" privacy indeed. 😐

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@ValerieSonh I had to do the same from chrome, now Firefox too...

sirber, to random
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I'm getting good at not getting jobs...

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@sirber you still have the current one?

amin, to random
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Hey, you. Yeah, you right there.

You should be proud of yourself. If you're not, well at least I promise that I'm proud of you. You are awesome and I'm honored to know you. And if I don't know you yet, I look forward to our impending friendship; say hello!

Fighting words, I know. But I still believe it to be true.

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@amin how is your uni going?

nosherwan, (edited ) to fediverse
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⏳ It's been a while...

So what fediverse server are humans using these days? 🕶️

nosherwan, to fediverse
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💁🏽 Winds Of Change 🍃

I have been on the fediverse for a little less then 2 years & I feel the audience has changed.

Its great to see new people, but some people I originally used to see posts from have left or are not posting anymore.

jezlyn, to web
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“Project Random randomly serves obscure content from around the web.

It puts the web on shuffle by randomizing the algorithms behind social media and streaming platforms, to unearth content that you (or anyone in the world) might otherwise never see.”


#web #random #eclectic

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@jezlyn Nice 😊

noellemitchell, to mastodon
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According to FediDB there are 1,017,477 MAU on the fediverse right now.

The peak number of users was in July 2023, with 1,690,739 MAU. It's been dropping ever since. 😔 :fediverse:


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@noellemitchell Fediverse userbase atleast on paper has more than doubled in 2 years. 😲

rauschma, to javascript
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If you were to write flash cards for (as standardized via ECMAScript)—what would you put on them?

– Standard library API—e.g.: What does Array.prototype.splice() do?
– Functionality: How to destructively add a value at the end of an Array?

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@rauschma my 2 cents worth; flash cards should state small best practices.

For example:

  • How to do map and filter together.
  • How to loop over an object vs array.
  • best way to flaten list of nested objects without utility packages etc.
eyeofmidas, to threejs
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@eyeofmidas 😎 interesting, so you build a thing in blender & then convert it to threejs?

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@eyeofmidas nice.
So there is no semi-auto way of converting 3D software models to JS?

byteseu, to australia
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One way to avoid a fine for feet on the seat https://www.byteseu.com/97621/

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@byteseu strata for ya 😂

sirber, to javascript
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Nice! runtime works on non AVX2 cpu now!

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@sirber what are you using non AVX2 cpu for.

timrichards, to australia
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Fair point - if you're not using digital payments, you should make the effort to get used to them. Cash is (mostly) going away. (This article also contains a guide to getting started with digital.)

Cash is dead. Why are we still pretending it isn’t?

(maybe paywalled) https://www.smh.com.au/money/saving/cash-is-dead-why-are-we-still-pretending-it-isn-t-20240510-p5jcl1.html

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@timrichards Ed Sheeran would not have existed if buskers grew up in todays world.

There is a senior generation still alive that just can't learn tech.

My father is one of them.

It wouldn't matter to me, but society needs to stand up for its weakest.

byteseu, to australia
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Australia, let’s have more babies, says Jim Chalmers https://www.byteseu.com/94271/ #Australia

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@byteseu who is going to pay for them. Who is going to put a roof over their heads.

fahrni, to random
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@fahrni interesting have you been using Nova, I tried it when it was new but it lacked functionality, wonder how it is going?
I suspect Zed editor has taken all the limelight.

KatM, to random
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I think the weekend needs to start now. 😎

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@KatM Hello feet 👋🏼 😜

sirber, to php
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I started a prototype of a framework-less #php architecture, using #docker, on my playground. Separated public and private files, enabled autoloading using composer and PSR-4. It's fun! 😀


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@sirber You need a frame.work laptop for a custom framework.

surma, to random
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ICYMI: In the most recent OTMT podcast episode, @jaffathecake and I talk about putting React in the browser.

While that’s good clickbait, the episode is about about past and present platform proposals that aim to help frameworks with managing the DOM.


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@surma @jaffathecake @rauschma the signals proposal is very encouraging even though half baked. It looks as if though it is meant for frameworks. I feel it should be a trivial api via which browsers allow state manipulation so that gradually we can wean off frameworks.

nosherwan, to react
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React Router 6 Question

I am having an issue with React Router 6 with React 18, can anyone help?


sirber, to python
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I think it's better to learn #python than catch up on #php? 🤔

@nosherwan@fosstodon.org avatar

@sirber agreed

nosherwan, to homebrewing
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Fallout 1 Game on MacBook Air M2

I installed Fallout 1 on my MacBook Air M2 via wine version 9.

However when I run it I get the following exception, that shows it tries to check if another instance is running or not and fails.


Any Wine experienced gamers out there who can help?

amin, to random
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You know how some people put "5 minute read", "3 minute read", etc. next to blog posts? Would be fascinating to see that applied next to links to privacy policies and terms of service.

My site's would be a 2-minute read. Google's primary ToS would be a 14-minute read. Paypal's would be a 97-minute read.

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@amin I often disagree with the average read or implementation time provided in blog posts or tutorials, as I spend more time if I want to understand them properly.

khalidabuhakmeh, to dotnet
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The community might hang me for this demo.

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@khalidabuhakmeh @janriemer is this shoot arrow in your foot syntax?

sirber, to Happy
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I need to let go of what I can't change, to be #happy.

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@sirber deep words I have had to understand them as well. Only once you understand can one have some sense of peace.

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