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Family Caregiver.
Eco/Social Justice Activist. Disability Advocate. Decolonizer. Accessibility Consultant. Eldercare Liason.
Teochew Chinese. War & Polio Survivor.
Neurodivergent. Nature lover. Cat lover. Photographer. Avid gardener. Water & forest protector. Moss toucher. Tree hugger. Bird watcher. GenX. Anti-capitalist.
Vancouver Island, BC.


#AsianMastodon #BIPOC #StopEcocide #BeTheChange

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msquebanh, to medical
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Many supported in the early 20th century, including some professionals, & . & passed , not repealed til 1970s. have continued into the 21st century, including of & what some have termed the & the screening of fetuses for .


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New in emerged from & vulnerable populations have pretty much been abandoned to fend for ourselves. Our authorities are sacrificing the elderly, the disabled, the immunocompromised & also people struggling with mental illnesses. They'll help you kill yourself but won't help you much with getting essential help/services that are needed to live & to manage medical issues.

Horrible history repeats itself. Marginalized are punished for being alive.

msquebanh, to history
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‘A lack of compassion’: Canada’s shameful of .

Dr. Shaheen-Hussain has written a on the subject. Fighting for a Hand to Hold: Confronting Medical against Children in Canada (2020, McGill-Queens University Press) shines a light on the decades-long cruel practice of separating children from their families during emergency medevacs from northern and remote regions of Quebec.


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Medical colonialism & systematic racism in Canadian health care/medical services is still happening. There's been some progressive changes over time with more awareness. More progressive changes still need to happen.

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@Twisted666 I'm trying to get more people to learn more about real life, factual #CanadianHistory & not just the whitewashed colonial versions. Canada has been far from nice or kind to Indigenous, and many other non-white folks. It still has massive systematic racism & bigotry problems to resolve.

msquebanh, to Canada
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This led for 21 yrs.

’s “cheerleading” for ’s regime got a tremendous boost during his tour of landmarks of the “miracle,” as Teigrob recounts in riveting detail. The photographs tell a very chilling story as well, especially one that shows King sitting proudly in Hitler’s seat at the All-German Sports Competitions while surrounded by Nazi bigwigs in full swastika-studded regalia.


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"We learn, for example, that King had an abiding fear of Americans, such as President Theodore Roosevelt, wanting to take over Canada; that he felt a kinship to Hitler because of the two leaders’ attachments to their mothers; and that he saw himself on a divine mission, fulfilling the destiny of his rebel grandfather and namesake, William Lyon Mackenzie, in trying to bring Britain and Germany together to avoid war"

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The MacLaren book is particularly valuable for its examination of pro #fascist currents in #Canada, one example being the #RomanCatholic church in #Quebec’s support of Italian #dictator Benito #Mussolini because of his recognition of the #Vatican as an independent state & his fervent #AntiCommunism.

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#MackenzieKing was #Canada’s longest running #PrimeMinister & he was a #racist #fascist jerk.

Both works, Mackenzie King in the Age of the Dictators, by Roy MacLaren, and Four Days in Hitler’s Germany: Mackenzie King’s Mission to Avert a Second World War, by Robert Teigrob, rely heavily on the King diary. Indeed, without access to the prime minister’s private thoughts, neither book would be as insightful, as cringe-inducing, or, likely, even possible.

#Fascism #CanadianHistory #Coloniser

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And yes, both authors conclude that King was a bona fide , neither of them granting a man of his education and experience a pass for being a product of his , intolerant times. Certainly the most infuriating and tragic aspect of King’s wilful denial of well-documented evil is his attitude towards , which led to ’s refusal to accept significant numbers of refugees from the mounting hell.

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Another example is King’s loathing of the collective-security provisions of the #LeagueOfNations, which he thought might ensnare #Canada in a war in some distant land. King’s “muddling” played a critical role in that body’s failure to stand up to #Mussolini and #Hitler, thereby empowering the #fascist duo in their territorial ambitions.

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..... he considered friends when he spent a day at the trials in in 1946. ...King, who never failed to inform his Nazi hosts that he was born and raised in the German settlement of Berlin, Ontario (Kitchener), paid a return visit to the old-country Berlin to view the devastation wrought on the capital of the by — the man, King had confided to his diary, whom he believed “might come to be thought of as one of the saviours of the world.”

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msquebanh, to Israel
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#ChiefProsecutor of the international #CriminalCourt #ICC said he's seeking #ArrestWarrants for senior #Hamas & #Israeli officials for #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstHumanity, including the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin #Netanyahu & his defence minister, #YoavGallant, a move that puts the post WWII rules-based order to the test & presents new challenges for #Israel’s #WesternAllies.


#Palestine #Geopolitics #EthnicCleansing #Genocide #InternationalLaw #WarCriminals

chris, to climate
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My cup overflows with anger toward these lying, deceiving, murderous, oil and gas companies. So this morning, I did something I've never done before in hopes the people coming home from their long weekends in Tofino and Ucluelet get the message.

Please Boost.

#BCLNG #BCPoli #CanPoli #CdnPoli #ClimateChange #ClimateAction #ClimateEmergency #OilandGas #LNG #Liars #bchwy4 #bcWildfire


A large green billboard promoting BC LNG saying they “will reduce global emissions” has a large white tarp overtop the letters with “LIARS” in red and “BCLNGBURNS.CA”

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@chris Good work ✌️

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@chris @Buthowhighishigh From my own past experiences with defacing many lying ecocidal corporation ads/signs in public spaces, and writing the truth over their lies - not much will likely happen to you. I've lost count of how many times I've defaced greenwashing corporate signs over the years - never got arrested or even given a warning, for any of those actions.

msquebanh, to random
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The cat has finished his pre-bedtime zoomies. He was going so hard tonight - he moved his living room napping ottoman by crashing his body into it, multiple times. A real kooky kitty.
Bedtime for both of us, now 😴🛌💤

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@Melissabeartrix Slept very well 😊

msquebanh, to hongkong
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at the Chronicles Institute spotlighted President ’s stay in Hong Kong from 1930 - 1933 on the occasion of his 134th birthday (May 19, 1890-2024).

Talking to the Vietnam News Agency, Dr. Sun Wenbin, Director of the institute, said President Ho Chi Minh, known as at that time, chose the appropriate time & venue for the conference to establish the of (February 3, 1930).


msquebanh, to random
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President is a figure with universal stature, a great who fought tirelessly for the best for people and , and a very great but humble man Dr. Ruvislei González Sáez.

Saez, who is also VP of the Friendship Association, affirmed that the great of President Ho Chi Minh, one of the most important figures in the 20th century, remains alive among the 100 million Vietnamese people & world .


msquebanh, to chinese
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concept provides a foundation for the & of resource development.

Leveraging its diverse resources & favorable climate, has placed significant emphasis on developing forestry-related industries such as Anoectochilus roxburghii, & . This approach has successfully balanced with resource .


msquebanh, to random
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’ ­Society is calling for reversing kits on campus residence floors and mandatory naloxone training following the fatal overdose of a first-year student.

Isabelle Easton, director of campaigns and community relations for the students’ society, said the group is looking into having for all students during orientation at , in partnership with university administration.


msquebanh, to washington
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Peters said many of her haven’t left the county that they grew up in prior to this trip.

“We have a lot of kids that get the free and reduced lunch [program]. It’s a high poverty area,” she said, adding that some have never dined in at a restaurant prior to this weekend.

Residents of , , a community of 8,700 southwest of , came together to raise the $45,000 needed to send the to .


msquebanh, to goodnews
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The District of says will soon grow to nearly double its current size once it finishes purchasing an 18-acre parcel of land.

On Friday, the municipality said it had negotiated an agreement to purchase 18 acres of land at 1124 Mount Newton Cross Rd., which borders Butterfield , at a cost of $3.2 million.


sundogplanets, to random
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This is a great article, and I am 100% delighted by their description of me!! "Lawler has been an academic Chicken Little for years about the danger of freefalling space shit, especially in a time when space travel has been privatized and so many bored billionaires would rather spend their money playing Spaceman Spiff than, say, solving world hunger or the climate crisis"

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@sundogplanets They've got a flair for quirky descriptions!

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