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Janet Lunde in the Burgh. Black Lives Matter. Trans Rights are Human Rights. 😷 she/her

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LLMs being baked into searches has some terrifying edge cases.

What if an emergency responder is looking for MSDS info, or a parent is worried about what their kid just ate?


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FINALLY! We didn't just accept cholera -- we instituted water treatment plants and safety standards. We can also make indoor air safer. The Biden-Harris Administration is stepping up!

"Today, the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H) launched the Building Resilient Environments for Air and Total HEalth (BREATHE) program to create a scalable platform to improve indoor air quality across the country."


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"A former member of the RNC, Jennifer Horn, who used to run New Hampshire’s Republican Party and spoke to HuffPost, was quite blunt in her assessment: 'The RNC has become a money-laundering operation for the most crooked president in history.'"


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My kids are almost 30. They’re coming together nicely. Almost fully baked.

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@StillIRise1963 @slothrop

Oh, it always did! It used to be easier financially, but that's not the whole picture.

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Senator Fetterman is considering voting with the GOP against reducing car emissions. If you care about climate change, yell at him here: www.fetterman.senate.gov/contact/

That quote is from https://www.politico.com/newsletters/power-switch/2024/03/21/bidens-newest-democratic-worry-00148357

#politics #climate

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Trump is personally going broke, and so is the Republican Party.

Trump is "trying to install his daughter-in-law Lara at the RNC, perhaps to loot the treasury for the entire republican party - which only has $8M cash on hand and has had its worst fundraising year in over a decade. Not to mention the NRA trial ... has closing arguments TODAY, and they’re bleeding cash as well. ... And trump’s PAC has been drained of nearly $100M in legal fees in the past two years"


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"patients on Medicare and Medicaid or who are uninsured should get free Paxlovid. They need to sign up by going to paxlovid.iassist.com or by calling 877-219-7225"

"Patients must have a prescription for Paxlovid to start the enrollment process. It is not possible to pre-enroll. (Though, in a sense, people on Medicare or Medicaid are already pre-enrolled.)"


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I don't understand why brick and mortal clothing stores are dying. Am I the only person who wants to try things on before I buy them? Sizing for women's clothing is crafted entirely from lies. I just bought a size 8 top from a brand, which fit perfectly, and had to return a pair of size 2 pants from them because they were too big.

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@evacide It's not just "size". Several articles of clothing may fit, but minor differences about how they fit make a bit difference in both appearance and comfort

Then there's fabric. I've had cotton t-shirts that feel plush and lovely, and ones that were thin and positively scratchy.

I buy FAR MORE clothes in visit to a store, than I do searching online.

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Yes, governing is a job requirement!

"In a unanimous opinion that could have reverberations for the upcoming legislative session, the court sided with Secretary of State LaVonne Griffin-Valade’s interpretation of Measure 113, the 2022 ballot measure that voters approved with an eye toward ending legislative walkouts."


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My hot take on the Vision Pro is the same as my hot take on every AR/VR/Mixed Reality headset produced in the past checks notes 20 years: "If most women can't use your product for 4 hours straight without throwing up, don't try to tell me that it's the future of anything." I said what I said.

Women can use a smartphone indefinitely without nausea. They can use a laptop indefinitely. A gaming console and TV indefinitely. But XR headsets cause motion sickness in most women in under an hour. 🤷🏿‍♂️

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@mekkaokereke Nausea is obviously a big deal for using a product, but your physical size will be a factor for this, too.

It weighs nearly 2 pounds! I would get neck pain and a headache SO FAST if I put something like that on my face.

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On a regular basis, someone (usually a straight, cis, white man) says that we can solve the problem of people being nasty online by using real names. It doesn't work, and it hurts people who can't risk using their real name..

"Results show that in the context of online firestorms, non-anonymous individuals are more aggressive compared to anonymous individuals. This effect is reinforced if selective incentives are present and if aggressors are intrinsically motivated."


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People in most other parts of the world have absolutely no idea what a hideous hellscape the U.S. telecom environment is and how badly ordinary people are screwed by the situation.

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@PCOWandre @lauren

In the 1990s, I worked for a company that made fiberoptic test equipment. The customers I worked with were mostly telecom companies.

They built amazing redundancy and quality. The Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989 did lot of damage to road and buildings, but Pacific Bell was very proud that people could still make phone cals.

And it's all gone to shit.

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@karlauerbach @PCOWandre @lauren

The Pacific Bell system that came through the Loma Prieta quake had very little fiber in it. It was built to last, with redundancies on top of redundancies in how the system was installed, how the network was designed to failover, and how the company was well staffed.

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lol at people trying to retcon history and pretend the Y2K bug wasn't real.

I literally worked for like a year from late 1998 to the end of 1999 to fix databases of utility companies and health systems to not, you know, completely and utterly fail come January 1st, 2000.

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@thomasfuchs Yup. Portland couldn't send out water bills to customers for months because their old system couldn't handle 4-digit years.

We all did SO MUCH work, and so much equipment was replaced.

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Hey, friends -- could you please follow and/or boost @summitpgh ?

The 26th annual Pittsburgh Racial Justice Summit is coming up in just 4 weeks, and it's a cause that's near & dear to my heart. ❤️

(link fixed)


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If you're happy and you know it share your drugs

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Chocolate and NSAIDs.

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My copy still isn't here yet but I am EXTREMELY SO PSYCHED about @jomc's WRONG WAY, which is getting top spot on my holiday-break GTR* stack

It's @EndlessBookshelf's book of the year and an excellent holiday gift contender 🎁





Powell's still has copies! https://www.powells.com/book/wrong-way-9780374610661

(* Get To Read)

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@woven @kissane @shrapnelofme
I really liked Barbara Neely's "Blanch White" series.

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Bless Ed Yong:

"Covering long Covid solidified my view that science is not the objective, neutral force it is often misconstrued as. It is instead a human endeavor, relentlessly buffeted by our culture, values and politics. As energy-depleting illnesses that disproportionately affect women, long Covid and M.E./C.F.S. are easily belittled by a sexist society that trivializes women’s pain, and a capitalist one that values people according to their productivity."


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We all knew this, but they've scienced it up.

"Calculations with an indoor air transmission model showed that if an infected individual with this emission rate entered a room, a susceptible person would inhale an infectious dose within 6 to 37 min in a room with normal ventilation. Thus, our data show that exhaled aerosols from a single person can transmit covid-19 to others within minutes at normal indoor conditions."


#covid #CovidIsNotOver

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Gosh, I'm so surprised!

"Use of air purifiers at two daycare centres in Helsinki led to a reduction in illnesses and absences among children and staff...

Air purifiers of various sizes and types were placed in two of the city's daycare centres during cold and flu seasons.


'Children were clearly less sick in daycare centres where air purification devices were used — down by around 30 percent,' Sanmark explained."


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A conference organizer created fake profiles for women as speakers, apparently because some men refuse invitations to speak at conferences if there are no women booked as speakers.

They did far more work constructing the fake profiles -- github accounts and online social media accounts spanning years -- than it would have taken to simply find qualified speakers.



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New long blog post: Eldercare, Family Caretaking, and End-of-life Logistics: Stuff I Learned



You HAVE to take care of yourself

Changes to expect in the months/weeks/days before death

Checklists for before & just after death

Wills, powers of attorney, & advance health care directives

Easy-to-eat food; letting your friends help you

Hospital chaplains can do a lot

Patient advocacy (catching mistakes)

Medical notetaking at appointments and the bedside


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I'm so sorry for your loss.

This compilation is amazing and will be so helpful to people. Thank you.

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I hope you'll vote for Matt Dugan for DA in Allegheny County.

Dugan has years of experience in court, & experience as a manager running our public defenders office.

Dugan won the Democratic primary against Stephen Zappala, because voters are tired of his approach over the past 20+ years.

It’s telling that Zappala got a lot of write-in votes from Republicans in the primary, and is now running as a Republican.

#politics #pittsburgh


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I hate that we get medical test info before the doctor can interpret the results. It's unnecessary stress. ☹️

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@StillIRise1963 @curiousdoc

MyChart has a setting you can use to delay your test results being made available to you.

From the menu, select Test Results.

At the top of that page, click on Important Please Read.

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    I once bought a new phone, and then found my old one in the pocket of a coat in a closet. One of the downsides of an old house with thick, solid oak doors.

    Thank heavens it was an old phone, and not unreasonable to replace it!

    This was before the blessed invention of the Apple Watch and its magical ability to make your iPhone make a LOUD sound.

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