/kbin meta

To those genuinely interested in moderating

@Ernest has pushed an update which allows users to request ownership/moderation of abandoned magazines. Ghost/abandoned magazines were fairly prevalent after the initial wave of hype due to users either squatting magazine names or becoming inactive for other reasons. Now is your chance to get involved, if you were waiting to do...

/kbin Road to Release devlog series

From today, I'm starting a small series of daily devlogs where I'll be describing the changes being implemented before the official release of the first version of /kbin. As I mentioned earlier, I had some minor turbulence in my private life from which I'm slowly emerging. I have partially stabilized my life situation in various...

/kbin current code changes

/kbin project management costs, financing, future plans

I wrote the first line of code for /kbin on January 14, 2021. Around this time, I started working remotely and decided that the time I used to spend commuting to the office would be devoted to /kbin. Throughout this entire period, /kbin has been a hobby project that I developed in my free time. It was also when Lemmy started...

kbin.social lifecycle: from 181 unique visitors to 2.9M in three months.

I'm starting to see some serious downsides to being able to see who downvotes you.

A few days ago I downvoted someone's comment, and the next day I happened to notice every single comment I've ever made had at least one downvote. All from the person I dared to downvote the ONE time. I straight up asked why they did it, and they seem to think I'm an "obvious" troll account that "apparently just exist to...

What does the "Favorites" feed do?

I've been using Kbin for a few months now and I didn’t really feel the need to set my #feed to anything besides "Subscribed". I can guess from their names what the "All" and "Moderated" feed are but I have no idea what the #favorites feed does. I've seen that the recently added #collections also use the word "favorite" when...

Released idkbin 1.3.0! — A few small visual improvements for Kbin (userstyles.world)

In the past week or two, I've been making a lot of updates to my Kbin userstyle, idkbin, to account for all the new features Kbin has been getting. This weekend, I had a bunch more motivation to work on it, so I decided to make a bunch of additions to the userstyle and make the next version 1.3.0 (as opposed to 1.2.7, which...

Is kbin social and kbin cafe run by the same person? (kbin.cafe)

I am new and signed up using kbin cafe but seem to be able to post in kbin social. I am guessing each website is like its own email service from what I can see. Though I am not sure if the owner of kbin social is the same as the owner of kbin cafe. I take it anyone can set up their own kbin site and connect it to the other kbin...

/kbin logotype

Can't view the threads page of newcommunities@lemmy.world

Whenever I try to view the threads page of newcommunities@lemmy.world (i.e., https://kbin.social/m/newcommunities@lemmy.world), I get an error. It's only kbin.social where this happens, and it's only the threads page of this specific community. I can view the microblogs, the people, and even individual threads, but the threads...

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