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Curious Mac software developer
Creator of NeoFinder (was CDFinder)

#Bonn #Germany #ObjectiveC #macOS #iOS #Developer #Software

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vicgrinberg, to random
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Voted! Don't forget to do so, too!

#AboutToday #EuropaWahl

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cdfinder, to macos
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Yeah, that Media Info column in the #NeoFinder List View needed a lot more space, and now it's got it!


#macOS #IndieDev #Apple #Photography

ralphruthe, to random German
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NEUER Cartoon auf meiner Website:

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Ist schon Karl May so gegangen 🤪🤪

cdfinder, to macos
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Among many other things, the Display Filter in #NeoFinder for #macOS 8.6 can filter out all items from offline volumes for you, so you see only those files currently available on your Mac!


#PhotoLibrary #Apple #IndieDev

peterjelinek, to random German
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Ich korrigiere: "Es ist erneut in aller Dramatik fassbar geworden, welche Gewalt die Klimakrise hat, welche Zerstörung sie anrichten kann und wie sehr wir uns immer wieder auf solche Ereignisse vorbereiten müssen."

Es ist die Klimakrise. Benennt es bitte klar.

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Wenn jetzt endlich mehr TATEN folgen würden in der Prävention.

Statt dessen weicht der Bundeskanzler das ohnehin zu lasche Klimaschutzgesetz noch weiter auf, und erlaubt es absoluten Nieten und Arbeitsverweigerern wie Wissing, sich nicht um CO2 zu kümmern.

Furchtbar. Zynisch.

cdfinder, to apple
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So, if you have the #Apple Pro Video Codecs are installed on your Mac, the integrated video player in #NeoFinder can play Sony MXF video files! Pretty cool!


You get these codecs when you use Final Cut Pro #fcpx and other Appl apps...

#macOS #FilmMaking #MacDev #Cinematography #IndieDev

cdfinder, to macos
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The update to 14.5 "Sonoma" has been as unpleasant as expected.

After downloading many gigabytes, macOS got stuck for more than HALF AN HOUR, doing some undisclosed "Preparing".
This is just BS, I checked what happened, and a secret Apple tool named "UpdateBrainService" was slowly crunching away with a lousy 99% CPU. And that on one of the fastest Macs ever been built.

Really, , that is the best you can do?

And now, the Mac is crippled by dozens of "mdworker_shared" processes, because for EVERY SINGLE macOS update, as small as it is, Spotlight needs to reindex ALL DATA, slowing down macOS for many more hours.

Tim, you should be ashamed, really.

And now the real fun begins, because in the next days, we need to find out what NEW bugs Apple has added to macOS 14.5.


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Das ist echt lange her, so Mac OS X 10.9 maximal.


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And yes, the ugly and buggy "System Settings" in 14.5 still crash and hang all the time.

, where are the bugfixes?
This is such a disturbing

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Das würde vor allem Apple mal Zeit geben, die vorhandenen Bugs zu beheben, oder wenigstens ein paar davon.

Statt dessen muß aus dumpfen Marketinggründen jedes Jahr eine Sammlung doller neuer Features präsentiert werden, die eigentlich keiner braucht.

Aber daß in die "punkt" Releases jetzt so viele neue Bugs eingebaut werden, ist neu für macOS 14, in den Vorjahren waren diese Releases einigermaßen stabil...

cdfinder, (edited ) to random
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I totally love what the is able to see, such as this new and exciting image of the Horsehead Nebula, where you can see loads of galaxies.

Absolutely amazing!

The image from even contains a very detailled description, and metadata in the AVM format, which my NeoFinder for macOS software of course catalogs, displays, and allows you to search.



cdfinder, to macos
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Yeah, we got lots of requests to add these three additional data fields to the already very versatile Icon View in , so here they are:

EXIF Lens Name, Camera Name, and Camera Maker.

And yes, you can sort these, too.


thomasfuchs, to random
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There's people arguing that the Apple Crush! ad is "neat" and "fun".

It's literally showing the wanton destruction of things we love and make us human. Including shots that makes you identify with the things as a viewer.

I don't understand what's wrong with people. Do they not have emotions?

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OMG, I just watched that ad, and it is so awful, really awful. Just plain trash.
But I am not surprised that Apple chose it.

I think that in the blaze of counting the trillions $$$, Apple really forgot what the Mac and then iOS users once really loved about the platform.

Hint: It wasn't this.

cdfinder, to macos
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I just finished uploading a new free Video Tutorial for my software for .

This show how to find your butterflies! 😎

Use AI to discover content without manually tagging it.


cdfinder, to random
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The Photo Contact Sheet in my NeoFinder software for macOS is a great way to generate a PDF document of your photo library, and the new version has more customizations than ever.
Check it out!


cdfinder, to apple
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Really, macOS 14 is such a #BugFest

And yeah, it is the latest version 5.1 of "SF Symbols.app", and of course, this message lies, as the app is actually NOT damaged, and can be launched with the "open" contextual menu command.

This is such a bad joke, really... #Apple

cdfinder, to apple
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It is 2024, and that is what #Apple still thinks as awesome?

Sorry, but no. #iPad

cdfinder, to apple
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Since when does AVPlayerView install its own context menu with weird and unwanted "sharing" commands, overriding the menu I have set myself?

Sigh. Is there documentation for that? I couldn't find anything...

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I fixed it!

You can use "allowsVideoFrameAnalysis" property on the AVPlayerView to deactivate this unwanted thing.

Of course, this is NOT documented in the official release notes, which were always suspiciously short:


I only found a reference to that in 2022 video 10026.

dasdom, to random
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"Dominik, are you out of control? You started a new project in 2024 using Objc?"

"Yup and yup"

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@dasdom very good!
I still much prefer Objective-C to Swift. 😎

core_, to random
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What if the mobile user flow would be:

  1. You form an intent
  2. You select the function that fulfils this intent
  3. You open the function and perform the function


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OpenDoc? 🤪

Sophie, to scifi
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Just finished “Record of a Spaceborn Few,” by Becky Chambers

Set in the same universe as (and with some references to) her “The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet,” and “A Closed and Common Orbit,” this is a another lovely, humane look at community, belonging, history and intentionality.



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@Sophie @bookstodon

I very much enjoyed reading all four of them. Excellent and thoughtful stories!

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@Sophie @bookstodon

"the galaxy, and the ground within"

cdfinder, to random
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Das Backend der Deutschen Bahn geht immer noch nicht?

Herrlich, wenn man ein Deutschlandticket hat, und es dann nicht bei einer Kontrolle vorzeigen kann.

Wer haftet eigentlich für diesen Fall?

#AutoKorrektur #DeutscheBahn #DB

cdfinder, to macos
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The list of supported RAW file formats in #NeoFinder 8.6 is getting longer and longer, and this time we have added the Olympus ".ORI" format to be cataloged, with thumbnails and metadata...


Source of sample files: https://www.dpreview.com/sample-galleries/8475993588/olympus-om-d-e-m1-mark-iii-sample-gallery/7830022316

#macOS #Photography #Photographer #Lightroom #IndieDev #Aperture #Apple

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