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My job? Computer Sisyphus and Meme Historian. I work on #cryptography. I like #videogames and #books.

#fedi22 #python #linux #ffxiv #ultima4 #ultima5 #infosec #security #postquantum #godot

I work for AWS, but I definitely don't speak for them.

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Taffer, (edited ) to linux
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I'm off this week, so I was going to put my laptop at my desk and do some writing, Godot stuff, etc.

I can't get my Logitech "MX Keys Mini for Mac" (it's just Bluetooth) to work; it's connected, but typing doesn't get through, and the keyboard goes to sleep.

Also, the big screen seems to shut off frequently; not sure if it's aggressively going into sleep mode or if the connection is somehow funky.

Urge to buy 8BitDo's C=64 keyboard increasing!

Taffer, (edited )
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Luckily I've got a couple of other USB-C dongles; the wee Tripp-Lite one I've got is working great, although I did have to plug in the big monitor via HDMI instead of DisplayPort.

I normally use a Pluggable thunderbolt dock with my work machine; I guess it's not USB-C enough to work properly with a non-thunderbolt machine (AMD based)?

Check out the only USB keyboard I have in the house.

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Hey hey, I got the keyboard to work by re-pairing it and mucking about with Solaar.

Taffer, to random
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Tried out @eniko's Kitsune Tales: https://kitsunegames.com/games/kitsunetails/

  • super-cute platformer, love the art and music
  • I still suck at platformers

If you like platformers, definitely check this out, there's a demo up on Steam and it works great on the Steam Deck.

I'm really shockingly bad at platformers.

nixCraft, to linux
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What is your LEAST favorite #linux or #unix command? 🤔

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@nixCraft I was going to say git (been using it for ages, still feels precarious), but I’ll go with journalctl as I still have no idea how to get the precious log data out of it.

frameworkcomputer, (edited ) to random
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Calling all kernel 6.9 using folks - looking for feedback on your experiences.

  • Distro/release
  • Confirming it's 6.9.x
  • Specific Framework Laptop; 11th, 12th, 13th, AMD 13 or AMD 16.
  • Experiences with your typical day's usage compared to 6.8 and previous.

Please be overly clear in your config! More data is great! 😎 :allthethings:

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@frameworkcomputer I'm using:

  • OpenSUSE Tumbleweed (a rolling release)
  • kernel 6.9.1, just installed 6.9.3 but haven't restarted yet
  • Framework 16 (Ryzen 7 7840HS, Radeon RX 7700S)
  • everything's been working great; things I do: gaming, development, watching videos, Godot

I wrote a few posts about the FW16 and OpenSUSE adventures: https://taffer.ca/posts/

gamingonlinux, to linux
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I know you've all been there fam


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@gamingonlinux I switched my default shell to fish and it broke KDE completely… had to set it back to bash. 😭

Taffer, to accessibility
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What are people using to test their website's accessibility (a11y)?

Since I use Hugo to generate the pages, my source is all Markdown, so I was hoping to find something I can just point at my website, like a linter. Unless there's a Markdown a11y linter I don't know about…

#accessibility #a11y #markdown #hugo

Taffer, to random
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This looks like a federated service like Gravatar: https://www.libravatar.org/

#fedi #gravatar

Taffer, to random
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Problem: Thunderbird's calendar loses the ability to update my Google Calendar. I assume this is Google messing with OAuth or Thunderbird specifically to "encourage" direct Google Calendar use.

Solution: Host my own CalDAV server.

This will probably give me two problems (or more).

#thunderbird #caldav

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I suppose another option would be to use whatever calendar is present in my OS instead of Thunderbird's.

(Looks like hosting CalDAV on Dreamhost is complex/annoying to set up, and I don't want the added attack surface.)

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@VileLasagna Hey, hey, looks like my NAS (a Synology) has a calendar with CalDAV support... since I work from home, I can probably make this work pretty well without opening up anything to the Internet at large.

cstross, (edited ) to random
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Business meetings exist to share information and coordinate activity: this shit enables you to be apparently present in all but actually not engaged with any. If your calendar is triple-booked then your organization is under-resourced and needs more people, not more AI. Or it's holding unnecessary meetings to make management feel better about being surrounded by minions, in which case it needs to fire the executives responsible.

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@cstross lol, fire executives… I do like the optimism though


Taffer, to gettingstarted
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Is there some sort of "getting started" guide for making KDE software? 'cause all I've found is this, which (I think) is for contributing to KDE itself, not making your own stuff: https://community.kde.org/Get_Involved/development

Taffer, to godot
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I hate that so many tutorials and whatnot are video rather than text, for a variety of reasons.

If I had copious spare time I'd write tutorials for Godot. Almost all of the Godot instructional material I've found has been video… constantly pausing the video to try out whatever they're talking about is annoying, it takes me 3-4 hours to get through an hour of video tutorial.

aeva, to random
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Breaking News: Portal to Hell Opened in Chicago Deep Tunnel

"The deep tunnel runoff banishment vortex presents a complete solution to eliminating any and all storm sewer overflow to dare enter our city's glorious combined sewer system. Rejoice! Chicago will be vexed by liquid shit overflowing into our streets and basements NO MORE!" said Dr. Blasphael, chairperson of Chicago's department of water subjugation, in today's opening ceremony.

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@aeva “water subjugation” 🧑‍🍳💋

Taffer, to random
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I spend $20 a week on lottery tickets; in Ontario, the money goes to support good things, so I treat it like a donation.

If it ever hits, I'll resign so fast there will be a ghostly outline left, like in cartoons.

Taffer, to gamedev
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Spent the morning fantasizing about non-horrible ways to get funding for a dev tool project, and ways to implement it.

Not sure if this is good (yay, ideas!) or bad (boo, I can't do it, I have to work at my day job).

Anyone know any gamedev sugar daddies/mommies? gaben, are you on Masto?

Taffer, (edited ) to random
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Boost for reach, of course:

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@Abandoned I'll fix it immediately!

Taffer, to hiring
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I wish you could do job searches with lots of filters like you can for houses (see realtor.ca for example):

  • remote only
  • flexible/unlimited PTO
  • sane sick leave
  • salary
  • benefits

Instead we've got dumb keyword searches and "remote" jobs that are actually "hybrid" in stupidly expensive or distant places.

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@amyworrall yeah, I’m always careful to find out whether it’s a scam or they’re actually doing it

BathysphereHat, to FFXIV
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NPCs in the fishing quests in keep calling themselves "friends of fish" and the like, which is odd, because the one thing these people have in common is that they all love to murder fish.

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@BathysphereHat they didn’t specify which fish…

Taffer, to Canada
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Before I put any effort into trying to unload these, is anyone interested in a three-pack of eero mesh WiFi thingies? I'm thinking ~$100 +/- shipping (probably around $20 in Canada)?

#eero #wifi6 #mesh #canada #ontario #garagesale #yardsale

Taffer, to random
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Updated my Godot/Codeberg CI demo repo to use Godot 4.2.2: https://codeberg.org/Taffer/hello-godot-ci

Looks like it still works, which is nice. ;-)

#godot4 #codeberg

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