It was never about finishing the thing. Forgive yourself for that.

What follows is a repost (as a thread) what I wrote not too long ago (as a comment) because it bears repeating. Many of us struggle with task completion and carry around a ton of grief and guilt because of it. HOWEVER, we should reframe all of that, which this post is a reminder to try to do. Good luck, everyone....

how do you handle learning new things? any tips?

I'm trying to teach myself to use the godot engine to create a game, and god is it hard to concentrate. I don't really know how to begin, even after following the tutorial, and I'm second guessing myself constantly about what step I should take to make progress or even broaden my knowledge and understanding, and it's a constant...

The Struggle to Relax: Why ADHD Makes it Tough (

This explains why sometimes I'll research something or study German on my days off instead of playing a video game. I thought I was "wasting" my day off and not properly relaxing. Instead, I was letting my brain off its leash to do what it wanted and that's what it picked. That task was actually relaxing for my brain at that...

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