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Recommendation of lightweight drawing application for math lectures?

I have used obsidian and excallidraw for my note taking, especially excallidraw for math where I draw with my tablet. But since I started using emacs for programing I would like to move to org roam for school notes. However, I have not found a good alternative program for obsidians excallidraw plugin (I find gimp a bit to big...

How performant are the Intel Arc GPUs in linux?

I saw the other day about the new video of Hardware Unboxed where they benchmarked the Intel GPUs with newer drivers on Windows. I’m also interested in buying one but I’d like to know how good they are on Linux. Since the GPUs will be using Vulkan renderer on Linux, I was hoping they would be better overall, or rather have a...

Creating alternate shortcut keys for up/down/home/end

I like using emacs-style navigation in the terminal (e.g. Ctrl + N for down, Ctrl +P for up, Ctrl + A for home, Ctrl + E for end), and I want to do something similar for navigation elsewhere. I would like to use CapsLock + N/P/A/E/etc for down/up/home/end in all apps (I previously used the AutoHotkey script at...

[Question] How to correctly cleanup unknown filedescriptors received over unix socket

The context I came upon this question is dbus filedescriptor passing but the question is valid more broadly. Assume you are implementing some service that is supposed to receive some kind of filedescriptor for client processes. You get a message that is in some kind or another malformed but you have already received the...

Windows 11 vs Ubuntu vs Fedora 39 vs Arch Linux - Speed Test! (

Even though different Linux distros are often fairly close in terms of real-life performance and all of them have a clear advantage over Windows in many use cases, we can’t reject the fact that Arch Linux has undoubtedly won the competition. And now I’m so glad to have another reason to proudly say “I use Arch btw”...

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