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What will you say?

When god asks, "Well, did you Boost her posts?"

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If you don't live in the Midwest, you don't know how true this is.

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Happy #Pride to all my queer homies- and that includes everyone under the large LGBTQIA+ umbrella 🖤🌈💖💜💙

#meme #Pride2024 #LGBTQIA #LoveIsLove

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Imagine having longer hair, unacceptable! /S


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Graphics are so impressive these days

Show us yours? 👁️

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@godotengine What do you think of our AAA graphics?

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Ignoring the reverse hot dog, but I think the new Wayland logo has dropped 😂

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Happy "David-Lynch-Announcing-Something-After-Giving-Us-A-Cryptic-Message" Day to all that celebrate!

#DavidLynch #Wednesday #meme #horror @horror @horrorfilm #MotherSuspiriasMorningMeme

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I made a

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drew this as a meme but also a reminder that i have a store where i sell cute rat merch :) including pride rat pins!! ​:cute_woohappyyay:​

(i plan on restocking the eepy stickers soon if you have your eye on those!)

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Happy Tuesday! Ain't this the truth...
Make sure you use your Dafoes wisely!

#meme #funny #accurate #Tuesday #MotherSuspiriasMorningMeme

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