davidbisset, to design

Never going to look at the word "Artisanal" the same way again. But that's just me.

Design matters.

#design #signs #memes

azureinfinitum, to FFXIV
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emmreef, to twitter
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[ pitching #x to a new user]

"What if we charged you a fee to enable posting?"

golgaloth, to lotr
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Not all men. But mostly men because they won't ask for directions.

golgaloth, to ai
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usluck, to memes
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caronallan, to memes
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Not true...

Although... when American writers have British characters putting CREAM in their tea????????????????

SirTapTap, to StarTrek
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There's torpedoes in that nebula (janeway put them there)

st0neybrat, to ADHD
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saduck, to Life
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jeze, to memes
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"iT's iNfLaTiOn, u gUiS!"
"sUpPly cHaiN pRoBlEmS!"

mastomememakers, to Ukraine
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when things dont look so good, i find solace in a donation (dobrij djen #united24 ...defense)

when donating be careful to do some background check as there are quite some #scams around.

#slavaukraini i gerom slava
salute to all #nafo

disclaimer; #stjavelin is legit, so a tshirt is also a good choice

#ukraine #kerson #chasivyar #wearenafo #nato #meme #mamema #memes #russia #putin

golgaloth, to Funny
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When I said I'd like to eat out, this is not what I meant.

#funny #memes

tomgwynplaine, to memes
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startrek, to StarTrek
davidbisset, to memes

It's not easy being a young on the dating scene.

Ajo1322, to gaming
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It’s always a gamble 😅

eondraws, to Rats

happy anniversary of neil banging out the tunes! ​:cute_woohappyyay:​

startrek, to StarTrek
usluck, to memes
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SirTapTap, to memes
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Guys will see this and just think "Hell yeah"

#fossil #memes #history

mdmrn, to Meme
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TFW they said you were born in the 1900s.

AlarminglyBad, to memes
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