timrichards, to melbourne
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Good to see, really enjoyed their show.

Sarah Keyworth takes top gong at Melbourne comedy festival awards

(maybe paywalled) #Comedy #Festival #MICF #Melbourne https://www.theage.com.au/culture/comedy/sarah-keyworth-takes-top-gong-at-melbourne-comedy-festival-awards-20240416-p5fk6z.html

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FYI here's @NarrelleMHarris's review of Most Outstanding Show winner Sarah Keyworth at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival - it's the third on the page: https://www.patreon.com/posts/reviews-comedy-2-101798245

#Comedy #Festival #MICF #Melbourne

br00t4c, to random
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wmj1102, to Funny

I was so unpopular at school they called me "Batteries.”

I'm never included in anything. #Funny #Comedy #Humor #Puns #DadJokes

TheMetalDog, to Metal
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Comedian Don Jamieson’s Top 10 Comedy and Metal Tracks with Less Than 1,000 Spotify Plays
Time to laugh and headbang in equal measure.


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chikorita157, to YuruCamp
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Yuru Camp 3 – Episode 3 – Exploring Lovely Suspension Bridges and Food Temptation


Tags: #YuruCamp #comedy #moe

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reay, (edited ) to random
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Looking for a comedy podcast?
Done live in front of an audience?
And with no lack of swearing?

May I humbly recommend this episode of I Don’t Know About That with Jim Jefferies.


It won’t be everyone’s thing, to say the least. But holy crap, it had me laughing hard a bunch of times.

Good stuff.

virtualbri, to Transformers
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Yes? No? I don't even know anymore. were a bit younger than me, so I don't really have a horse in this.

davidaugust, to Funny
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I am thrilled to be one of the writers of tonight’s This Week This Week show!
The news, but funny.

Go see it if you’re in Los Angeles!

Get tickets here: https://openfisttheatre.my.salesforce-sites.com/ticket#/

mdmrn, to AnimalCrossing
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This past week's Music Monday Animal Crossing post was based on a suggestion from MDMRN Twin 2 after re-watching the IVE music video.

This week, the MDMRN Twins have suggested individually for me to remake in Animal Crossing either YooA's "Rooftop" (Twin 2) or Handsome Dancer's "Coincidance" (Twin 1).

Some form of remake of either COULD be doable in Animal Crossing, but we'll see. I'll have to think about those two options...or other things that pop into my head.

martha, to punk German

Hier machen wir mal ein bisschen Werbung für das #Subrosa dem #Kneipenkollektiv in #Kiel

Punkrock-Varieté im Subrosa

Du schreibst gerne und bist unsicher, ob man das Kunst nennen kann? Du findest dich lustig, weißt aber nicht, ob das auch auf der Bühne klappt? Du würdest gerne mal etwas vortragen, stehst aber nicht auf große Bühnen mit Bewertungen?

Wir auch nicht, und deshalb gibt es am 24.04. um 20 Uhr unser erstes Punkrock-Varieté im Subrosa. Dieses nagelneue Format bietet Raum für deine #Texte, #Musik, #Comedy und Performances aller Art – von lieblos (aka #Punk)) bis höchst anspruchsvoll. Die Bühne gehört 15 Minuten dir und du hast nichts zu verlieren!

Wenn du dich für einen Slot anmelden möchtest, schreib uns gerne eine Email an subrosa1995@riseup.net oder melde dich im Laden. Wir freuen uns, wenn du die Nachricht mit Freund*innen teilst, deren Texte und Kunst du bewunderst. Auf der Rosi-Bühne werden Stars geboren – eh klar.

  • Jedenfalls freuen wir uns jetzt schon riesig auf euer Programm und den Blumenstrauß an Gefühlen. Essen gibt’s bis 20 Uhr.
  • Kommt in Scharen, um zu lachen, zu fühlen und die Mutigen zu unterstützen.
  • Wann? Am 24.4.2024 um 20 Uhr
  • Wo? Im Subrosa in #Gaarden (Elisabethstr. 25, 24143 Kiel)

#PunkrockVarieté #Punk
Punkrock Varieté – SUBROSA

Punkrock Varieté - Am 24.4.2024, um 20 Uhr - Willst Du dabei sein und etwas mit der ganzen Welt teilen? Egal ob Musik, Comedy, Artistik oder eine spontane Performance - Die Bühne ist für ganze 15 Minuten Dein! Ovationen und Publikum ausdrücklich erwünscht! - Melde Dich bei uns an, entweder im Restaurant oder per Mail: subrosa1995@riseup.net

NoelJPenaflor, to Netflix
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Had lowered expectations and they were met. Wasn't expecting much. Didn't get much.
Typical Sandler with the added bonus of cameos from the ASEU (Adam Sandler extended Universe).
Sandler must have a lot of friends that owe him favors or need money.
This is what we get for not nominating him for Uncut Gems


br00t4c, to Musicals
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jake4480, to Cartoons
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Tim_Eagon, to baseball
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Classic Conan O'Brien and Old Timey Baseball! I can't believe that one lady didn't break character while talking with Conan.


chikorita157, to Hololive
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Seiyuu Radio no Uraomote – Episode 2 – Making Up with Croquettes and New Star-Breaking Roles, With a Catch



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br00t4c, to random
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br00t4c, to random
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This DIY Comedy Show Feels Like an Episode of 'Girls' (Non-Derogatory)

#acme #comedy


paparatti, to Taskmaster
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Taskmaster fans! I bring good tidings from the Norwegian territories: the comedians have decided to do sports.


br00t4c, to Musicals
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utopiastadt, to wuppertal German
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Heute Hinnerk im Hutmacher: https://www.utopiastadt.eu/stand-up-comedy-hinnerk-koehn-infinity
Allein schon wegen der Alliteration müsst Ihr vorbeikommen. Gibt auch noch Tickets an der Abendkasse.

BBCRadio4, (edited ) to random
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Adrian Edmondson remembers laughing and laughing and laughing with his friend and collaborator Rik Mayall, on Desert Island Discs with Lauren Laverne in September 2023.

This moment has been nominated in the Radio Academy Arias Awards 2024 for Moment of the Year.

Listen on BBC Sounds https://bbc.in/3W3uXXU

mikeusenick, to memes
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Was a great 32nd #birthday

Follow me for random shenanigans

#memes #comedy #comedian #podcast #podcaster

davidaugust, to screenwriting
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Finished writing a comedy sketch, send it off...

...and what do you know: turns out there's a comma missing.

Ah, the beauty of catching it after the email has gone out.

aeva, to random
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I'm becoming increasingly convinced that it is inappropriate for bug trackers to be used as high level project management tools and vice versa.

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The movement of gears here is that bit.


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