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Dad³. #PHP #CSS #JavaScript #WordPress #BuddyPress Developer.

I run WPCharitable (a WP plugin for #nonprofit organizations to build campaigns and get donations), owned by Awesome Motive.

Toots and ⭐ are my own.

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Termax is an #LLM agent in your #terminal that converts natural language to commands. Able to run on Windows, macOS, and Linux. #AI #CLI


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Never going to look at the word "Artisanal" the same way again. But that's just me.

Design matters.

#design #signs #memes

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I remember people's jaws dropping when they saw Devin - the " That Was Going To Replace ".

Reminder to never be too quick to believe something that still even with AI seems too good to be true. And i'm sure this will be pointed as an example of "bad thing". And probably should be, but I am seeing this as a human/PR issue more than a coding one. </$0.02>



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Anybody have any ideas on how to import Mastodon posts into ?

(To be clear I'm not talking about enabling ActivityPub on WordPress.)

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@jsit https://github.com/janboddez/import-from-mastodon

I modified this script for davidbisset.social, maybe give this a look?

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"How Is Creating a Faster Web"

Performance Team has really taken some suggestions (from both WP devs and WP critics) seriously. The tasks are massive but recently I feel like performance wise, even though more progress needs to be done, WP has turned a corner.


Also a performance or optimization in WordPress makes in impact due to the sheer install base on the web.

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@cferdinandi indeed. A short time ago there wasn’t even a dedicated group focused on performance at all. That alone is a good step.

I don’t know if the average person is going to notice any dramatic changes because so many things can reduce performance that is outside of core and even outside of itself. Slow plugins, hosting, themes… But developers should be happy to be seeing the progress.

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Is #PHP dead?

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Interesting: CTRL-F for videos: "An audio to text word search"

"...creating an easy way to search videos for specific words/phrases."


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It's not easy being a young on the dating scene.

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"How I do (and don’t) prepare a talk for a tech conference "


I don't agree with all the tips - and I don't have to, but it's always interesting to see how people approach preparing for tech talks in a live settings. Generally there's always something to take away from good experienced folks.

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Why I 🧡 the web:

Virtually spend 60 seconds in a random #park.


davidbisset, to opensource
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introduces players to allowing "them to immediately see the results of their actions through a visualization of the internal structures of Git repositories".

Sounds awesome or like hell on earth. Either way, cool.


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Very detailed.

"A 2024 Ranking of Top Cookie Banner (Consent Management Platform) Solutions"


"The active install count on dot org is not a good indicator for the quality of a . So, this scoring really helps to see the differences between the CMPs in much more objective way."

syntaxseed, to wordpress
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I've been working on a plugin for a client that generates custom PDF worksheet printouts for teachers. And it's turning out SO awesome that I'm basically high on coding satisfaction today. 😁

Not bad for my first plugin!

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@syntaxseed can't wait to see or hear more. Rock it.

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ripl is a #JavaScript library for data visualization in both #SVG and Canvas. #opensource

https://github.com/andrewcourtice/ripl #charts

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Introducing the #WordPress Public Pattern Library

“Like what you see? Simply click the blue “Copy pattern” button, open the WordPress.com editor to the post, page, or template you’re working on, and paste the design. It’s that easy.”

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@mbs would be interested to hear more about your experiences!

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As I get older I realize how much time I really have left, how fast my kids are growing (and eventually move out), and how many things I still feel are important to do.

So that's what I say when people wonder i'm silent on topics discussed on social or in the tech community from legit folks or haters.

Time. I control how I spend it.


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I’ve seen this meme too many times but this implementation is probably the best. #react #memes #webdev https://front-end.social/@eeeps/112254504694609906

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"From Beginner to Pro: Leveraging the #WordPress Playground’s Versatile API Suite"


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davidbisset, to Transformers
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Run 🤗 in the browser.

Transformers.js is designed to be functionally equivalent to Hugging Face's transformers library.


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Every once in a while i dig into the bucket of .

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