Anyone know of a better way to update Node dependencies?

Every so often I remember how messy it is to be in the #JavaScript ecosystem. Updating from #React 16 to 17 also requires updating #ESLint which requires updating its plugins (fuck you #AirBnB ), which requires you to update #webpack and it’s loaders/plugins, which requires you update #Babel. This doesn’t even account for...

Quote randomizer! Second beginner project done. Not much diff than my first one, but I want to cement some concepts in my mind. This one is much more visually appealing too. (video inside)

Unlike my past gallery which has similar code and took me hours upon hours upon hours,,, this took me about 2 hours in total. Still a lot! But taking into account designing the visuals and then the code I am a super beginner with, it makes sense. This marks like day 4 of my JS, CSS, and HTML journey C:...

Made my first ever mini-project with JavaScript! A gallery for my dog <3! (video inside)

I began learning JS abt 2 days ago. I watch a combined 12 hour course, but I went in feeling like I never saw JS in my life. It took me several hours of fiddling, looking things up, and skimming the course video until I managed to make the gallery. I am so excited to make more projects using #JS, #HTML, and #CSS!...

2023 State of Web Components. (

Much has happened in the world of Web Components since v1 reached full support in 2020. And even more, is planned for the future. Let’s take a look at a few notable examples of what has been built with the current standards, as well as survey some of the work going into new Web Component standards in 2023 and beyond.

How to simplify your codebase with map(), reduce(), and filter() in JavaScript (

by Alex Permyakov How to simplify your codebase with map(), reduce(), and filter() in JavaScript Photo by Anders Jildén [] on Unsplash []When you read about Array.reduce and how cool it is, the first and sometimes the only example you find is the sum of...

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