Про DMCA на Twitch. Чи можна отримати бан від Twitch, якщо стрімити ігри серій: Guitar Hero чи Rock Band? ( Ukrainian

Чи можна отримати бан каналу на Twitch, якщо стрімити ритм-ігри серій: Guitar Hero, Rock Band чи Just Dance? Про DMCA та захист авторських прав на Twitch.

As a small streamer, should you raid other streamers?

As the title sounds like, I'm a small affiliate who's still trying to grow a community, and I usually raid people I know/watch, but I'm wondering if I should raid other people I come across? I don't wanna seem like rude or disrespectful or anything and I just don't know the etiquette behind raids.

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