Master the Change (

When we upgrade a new project to the best version possible, the latest PHP and framework versions, it's not only about changing syntax sugar to a more fancy one. It's about the vast focus shift in project management so far. It's a change to master. I want to share the basic rules we apply to make the "impossible" upgrades...

Building PHP docker images in a better way with Wolfi-OS (

Currently, the de-facto standard to Dockerizing PHP applications is to use the Docker PHP official image. This is maintained by Docker itself and community members and has compiled PHP with no extensions. To install extensions, we have to do this in our Dockerfile: FROMphp:8.2-cliRUN docker-php-ext-install pdo pdo_mysql curlThe...

Measuring the DOM Namespace Reconciliation Performance Fix (

This is the story of the manufacturing of seven-league boots for a function that is responsible for processing XML/HTML data in the PHP library. Optimizations in the PHP standard library, like here in ext/dom, have the potential to speed up the performance of applications significantly by an upgrade to the current PHP version. I...

The PHP Gambit: Winning Strategies in Code | php[architect] (

Every month, we here at php[architect], as well as an extended group of fantastic PHP community members from around the world, work very hard to deliver a magazine that will help equip you with not just the knowledge but also the perspective needed to navigate the complexities of managing projects and day to day coding. […]

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