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8.4 is introducing newing up a class and accessing methods, properties, etc. on it without wrapping it in parentheses first. Another useful feature I will probably use on a daily basis. In my daily work with I often need to crawl some content from a website or an API. This feature will make my code a little less cluttered.

Here is the RFC if you want to learn more about it:

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Please, web app developers, consider how your users will upgrade. If your upgrade process is "remove the old one, unzip the new one", then it's not an upgrade process. It's an encouragement to never upgrade.

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Back from vacation and excited to announce that we, over at #Tideways, now fully support #FrankenPHP

It's great to see the #PHP ecosystem grow and prosper and I believe proper tool support and performance insights will only help when it comes to choosing the right tool for your job.

It's been a bit of a struggle getting everything to work for me, but thanks to our C specialists all the test scenarios I wrote along the way are now passing, including #Laravel #Octane

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Here's a quick write-up of why I avoid logic inside my tests #php #laravel

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It's incredibly common to find hardcoded domains used for identifying admins, however this also makes it trivial to escalate privileges to admin! 😈

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Having a lot of fun with orchestra/testbench for #laravel . Took a little bit to get my head around it but getting there.

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That made me chuckle :D

#Laravel #Statamic #PHP #Coding

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If you are using and experiencing issues with Xdebug not recognizing the correct domain: Go to herd.conf and swap fastcgi_param SERVER_NAME $server_name; with fastcgi_param SERVER_NAME $host;

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If anyone out there is looking to hire #laravel developers, I would love to help you find the perfect match

Send me a private message

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Today I collaborated with ondrey on a fix for #phpstan which improves a previous performance fix, which caused perf regressions in a #laravel edge-case.

The new fix allows a 2-3 seconds instead of 2-3 minutes analysis in all mentioned cases.

Reported issue was

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Explore our article: Frontend Madness: SPAs, MPAs, PWAs, Decoupled, Hybrid, Monolithic, Libraries, Frameworks! WTF for your PHP backend?

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Oh wow. That’s quite the revelation!

I’ve just spent quite way too much time scratching my head today thinking ‘I swear doing request()->route('param') used to get me the full model. Why is it only getting me a string now?!

Thanks @jclermont


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Keine Hürde zu hoch, keine Herausforderung zu schwer. Zudem sind Probleme nunmal erfunden worden, um sie zu lösen 😉. Bei Anfragen rund um individuelle Webentwicklungen aller Art, gerne wenden an ✅. Wir freuen uns auf deine Herausforderung.

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Securing Laravel has now officially moved to Ghost from Substack! 🎉

I'll be sending out the first Security Tip written on Ghost later today, but first, it's time for a migration discount!

For the next 2 weeks, you can get 25% off a new Securing Laravel subscription! 🎂

#Laravel #PHP

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My first was 8.0, still in school, and I confess that I began learning it with the prejudice of it being a junky, terrible language everybody was making fun of. Fast forward ~1 year later, after finishing my internship, where I used full stack mainly, and having discovered that not only it wasn't that bad, but really a pleasure to work with. Not perfect, but perfectly suitable for its use cases and, what's perfect anyway? So reading this has been a joy. :D

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This article uses #React as it's main example, but it applies to #Laravel, #Tailwind, even #Drupal just a much. I say that as a recovering Drupal dev who used to use the standardization argument.

Greedy management is the reason we can't have nice things.

#PHP #webdev

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Yes, I'm a bit of a PHPStorm fan boy. Here's another handy use for the Local History feature. #php #laravel

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Pretty cool stuff. Though I'm also wondering if leaving the connection open and reusing it repeatedly might have downsides too, especially if I have need to connect to many different hosts?

#PHP #Laravel

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#php #laravel #testbench

Is there a way to "update composer" during a test run using cli in the testbench composer.json?

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Fresh off php tek last week, I'm reminded that conferences are so much more than just the talks. #php #laravel

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Yesterday I learned that it's possible to change the path where #Laravel apps store uploaded files, caches, logs, etc thanks to the LARAVEL_STORAGE_PATH env var. This is super convenient when distributing apps as standalone binaries using FrankenPHP.

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