sarah, to php avatar

Thanks to @phpday for a great conference. Hope to see everybody next year! #php

doefom, to php avatar

8.4 introducing "Property Hooks". This means you will be able to hook into the default read and write behavior of your class properties. The design also allows for more hooks in the future. Really looking forward to this one!

Read more about this feature in the RFC:

Crell, to php avatar

Please, web app developers, consider how your users will upgrade. If your upgrade process is "remove the old one, unzip the new one", then it's not an upgrade process. It's an encouragement to never upgrade.

Schrank, to php avatar

Preparing a talk „from url in browser to first byte“ in context of .
What little, not obvious things, do you think are a good addition?

Like: a correct time is important for proper encryption

sarah, to php avatar

Waiting at the airport. Still basking in the post-conference glow. Thanks @phpday!

sarah, to random avatar

PHP needs a code of conduct for the project itself. Is there anyone willing to push for an RFC to add one with me?

sarah, to php avatar

For those who made my keynote at @phpday, thank you. I worked hard and shared my heart and your warm reception meant the world.

Hope to see you all next year!

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Crell, to php avatar

Any time I see "bad" code, the first answer is usually "you need more precise and strict types."

Often there's other stuff wrong, but easily 70% of the time, the fix starts with "define the problem better and the problem goes away."

donatj, to php avatar

You know, while we’re dropping parentheses on things in I’d like it if we dropped them from control structures like if/for/while

End the argument of

if($foo) {


if ($foo){

once and for all

if $foo {

to rule them all

sarah, to php avatar

Working on a cool new project.

Can't wait to share more details!


tobiaskoengeter, to php German avatar

We have released a new library: TypoRules for 🎉

It is not actually new, as we have been working with it for years to enable outstanding in our and applications. What is new is that all functionalities are now available in a bundled form and as .

You can find it at

The library currently contains 42 rules and 5 rule sets, with more being added all the time.

Give it a try and let us know how you get on with it! 😇

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mobileatom, to Symfony avatar

Explore today's @SymfonyStation Communiqué of Symfony, Drupal, PHP, Fediverse, and Cybersecurity news. 🇺🇦

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michael, to php avatar

Got to say: Just been through upgrading an app from 8.1 to 8.3 and it's really nice and painfree.

Very few breaking changes, and the few that are there are stuff that a sensible person would've addressed a long time ago.

Unfortuantely that means that apart from readonly classes, there are also few exciting new things in there. But I guess these also are just point updates after all…

Almost boring 😉 (Not a bad thing! Stability is also nice.)

phpday, to php avatar

phpday 2024 is done! Thanks to the amazing speakers, sponsors and attendees! What a blast!

See you next year!


corycarte, to webdev avatar

I'm curious how many tech influencers couldn't even setup a Wordpress site

alessandrolai, to php Italian avatar

Just got down from the stage, wow! Thank you for all the questions!

Now after me at is time for @afilina to talk about her adventures in legacy codebase and upgrading them to the newest version!

phpday, to php avatar

We are back after the lunch break! Now on stage Alessandro Lai, with the talk titled "Symfony Messenger: the sharpest tool in your PHP toolbox"

alessandrolai, to Symfony Italian avatar

In 5 minutes I'll be on stage with my talk " Messenger: the sharpest tool in your toolbox"

Come to see me, and please give me feedback on Joindin!

alessandrolai, to php Italian avatar

Right now on stage, Enrico Zimuel presents a talk about LLM in , and reminds us how LLM are "based on really big deep learning networks, no one fully understand how it works internally'

anze3db, to random avatar

Next week I am flying to Florence for my 3rd PyCon Italia!

I'm really excited for this year since I'll be giving a talk: "Self hosting your side projects with Django and duct tape"!

If you are in town and would like to meet up let me know!

ayo, avatar

@anze3db Yeah web devs got fascinated with doing everything in JS. I’m also surprised we don’t have a lot of or folks in web dev conferences (at least in the ones I attended in last couple of years). I think there should be more :)

alessandrolai, to php Italian avatar

Now @Girgias is doing live coding on the stage in the codebase

Pretty bold if you ask me! 😂

alessandrolai, to php Italian avatar

We now have @rob talking about CI/CD and Github Actions!

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