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KI generiert kein Wissen, sondern setzt gemäss voreingestellten Parametern und Algorithmen Wörter in eine in erster Linie grammatikalisch richtige Abfolge - in neuer Zusammensetzung.

Was darüber hinausgeht, bleibt am verfügbaren Datensatz an Informationen hängen. Sind die Informationen (aka der Datensatz) Müll, dann gibt KI grammatikalisch korrekten Müll in anderer Zusammensetzung wieder.

#AI #KI #artificialintelligence #google #fail #information #disinformation

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The people behind the Billy Strings fan site Billy Base know what the hell they are doing and understand information at a level I haven’t seen much in the world of popular culture.

Real-time set lists, metadata, authorship, when it entered the rotation, history of being played, lyrics, etc.

Really well done. 🙌🏼🫡

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Fil de Splann sur Mastodon : État des lieux de la presse en France et dans le monde

Cross-posté sur : @france
OP : @splann

Splann : Première ONG dédiée à l'enquête en Bretagne, parrainée par Disclose.

Le fil, bonne lecture :

#Presse #Media #journalisme #Journaliste #Information #Politique #environnement #Écologie #censure #Violence #Crime #unesco #ONU #NationsUnies #Ourope #LibertéPresse

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Au moins 44 journalistes travaillant sur l'environnement ont été assassinés depuis 2009. Vingt-quatre ont survécu à des tentatives de meurtre. C'est ce qu'a rappelé l'Unesco dans un rapport publié hier, à l'occasion de la journée internationale de la liberté de la presse. ☠️

La situation s'aggrave, y compris en Europe. 1/

#presse #media# #journalisme #journaliste #information #politique #environnement #ecologie #censure #violence #crime #unesco #onu #nationsunies #europe #libertedelapresse

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Apply for the Master's programme „Interactive Information Design” at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel by 15 May 2024

If you are interested in how scientific topics and todays communication technologies can inspire creativity, then the 's degree programme in with a focus on is just right for you. Learn more at:

Apply for the Master's programme „Interactive Information Design” at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel by 15 May 2024 What drives the topics of our society and our future? And how can these be communicated visually? If you are interested in how scientific topics and todays communication technologies can inspire creativity, then the 's degree programme in with a focus on is just right for you. We experiment with current media technologies to find out how scientific topics can be presented in a way that inspires a large number of people. You will be part of a reseach network with designers, artists and scientists from various fields. Artistic, interdisciplinary, creative and inspiring. Become part of a small but dedicated group to push the boundaries of information design and visual science communication. Or simply to engage with the topics of our future yourself. What else would artistic and design research mean? Apply with an expressive portfolio by 15 May and learn more at:

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Hello, fellow #academic #libraries and #librarians, #information specialists! Are you going to #BiblioCon24

It's our first time there and we'd love connect.
Would you like to exchange best practices, tips, and/or knowledge over coffee? We are interested in #communication strategies for libraries and everything #OpenScience-related. Let us know if you want to meet up!

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Hey everyone just FYI you can post to Kbin and Lemmy from Mastodon and other Fediverse Micro-blogging platforms by having one line of your post at the top be the title and putting a mention to the specific community's handle in your post, works best if the mention is below the title. Also you can even attach images and they will appear in the post as an image (multiple images don't work as well sadly).

You can find communities to post in on

Here's an example of the format that works best, even for non-glitch instances:

<br></br>[Post title text]<br></br><br></br>*(separate title and body with blank space)<br></br><br></br>[Post body text]<br></br><br></br>[Community's handle mention]<br></br><br></br>

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I am interested in books, articles, blog posts, , or about:

The role of the in changing governments and squashing opposition in developing countries from 1947 to present, especially specific countries.
or , all periods, including prehistory and recent.
Why humans have been so bloodthirsty historically, whether there have been societies and how they've managed.
The of and its or closely related .
-welcoming information about with multiple /"learning" .
, , or /nontheist .

Please, and everyone else , recommend your very favorite books and other to me. I'll read anything, audio or ebook or maybe even paper , or recurring graphics or whatever.
Feed me.

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Vertebrates, a free animal anatomy reference Web app:

#3d #biology #science #reference #information #animal #animals #tools

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Des salariés de Cnews craquent face au virage extrémiste de la chaîne: l'un d'eux a écrit le nom de la télé avec... ses excréments. Le patron, Serge Nedjar, a réclamé des analyses ADN et visionné la vidéosurveillance, sans résultats. « N’étant ni catholique, ni xénophobe, ni réactionnaire, j’ai décidé de démissionner l’an dernier », raconte un ancien reporter.

#Politique #Medias #Cnews #Bollore #Mediapart #Praud #Caca #Information #Journalisme

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It is a common misconception that people in the Middle Ages saw the Earth as flat.

It took modern technology and internet to get people to believe in a flat Earth. 😉

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"Traditional media is dead. Social media is declining," says @AxiosNews. Their team have created a @Flipboard Storyboard that examines America's dozen-or-so powerful bubbles, which are based on ideology, wealth, jobs, age and location, and mean that your news could be completely different from that of your friends, neighbors, family and colleagues.

#News #Information #NewsIndustry #Media #Journalism #USA

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Ethics Of Digital Librarianship

-- 1992 essay included in every software distribution of pre-web WAIS system. seems prescient.

"As more of us become involved in serving information electronically to other users, we so-called “digital librarians” must become conscious of our ethical responsibilities to protect the privacy of our the users being served. ...

This information has power, a power that can be abused and thereby thwart the usefulness of the tools we promote."

outer, avatar

@wndlb Thank you, Brewster. @brewsterkahle I love reading your communication. (Always both youthful AND wise.) And, of course, I love using the incredible tools you've birthed and nurtured. Thank you for all your hard, constant, important work!

And THANK YOU, Wendell, @wndlb for reposting Brewster's message. You catch a lot of good stuff I would have never seen.

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Two footmen dressed in white approach the vehicle as it arrives. One opens the rear door. #Guo #Ping, one of #Huawei's rotating chairmen, steps forward and extends a hand as the guest emerges.
After walking a red carpet, the two men enter the magnificent marble-floored building, ascend a stairway, and pass through French doors to a palatial ballroom.
Several hundred people arise from their chairs and clap wildly.

The guest is welcomed by Huawei's founder, #Ren #Zhengfei, whose sky-blue blazer and white khakis signify that he has attained the power to wear whatever the hell he wants.

After some serious speechifying by a procession of dark-suited executives, Ren
—who is China's Bill Gates, Lee Iacocca, and Warren Buffett rolled into one
—comes to the podium.
Three young women dressed in white uniforms enter the room, swinging their arms military style as they march to the stage, then about-face in unison as one holds out a framed #gold #medal the size of a salad plate.
Embedded with a red Baccarat crystal, it depicts the Goddess of Victory and was manufactured by the Monnaie de Paris. Ren is almost glowing as he presents the medal to the visitor.
This #honored #guest is not a world leader, a billionaire magnate, nor a war hero. He is a relatively unknown Turkish academic named #Erdal #Arıkan.
Throughout the ceremony he has been sitting stiffly, frozen in his ill-fitting suit, as if he were an ordinary theatergoer suddenly thrust into the leading role on a Broadway stage.

Arıkan isn't exactly ordinary.
Ten years earlier, he'd made a major discovery in the field of information theory.
Huawei then plucked his theoretical breakthrough from academic obscurity and, with large investments and top engineering talent, fashioned it into something of value in the realm of commerce.
The company then muscled and negotiated to get that innovation into something so big it could not be denied:
the basic #5G #technology now being rolled out all over the world.

Huawei's rise over the past 30 years has been heralded in China as a triumph of smarts, sweat, and grit. Perhaps no company is more beloved at home
—and more vilified by the United States.
That's at least in part because Huawei's ascent also bears the fingerprints of China's nationalistic industrial policy and an alleged penchant for intellectual property theft;
the US Department of Justice has charged the company with a sweeping conspiracy of misappropriation, infringement, obstruction, and lies.

As of press time, Ren Zhengfei's #daughter was under house arrest in Vancouver, fighting extradition to the US for allegedly violating a ban against trading with Iran.
The US government has banned Huawei's 5G products and has been lobbying other countries to do the same. Huawei denies the charges; Ren calls them political.

Huawei is settling the score in its own way. One of the world's great technology powers, it nonetheless suffers from an inferiority complex.
Despite spending billions on research and science, it can't get the respect and recognition of its Western peers. Much like China itself.
So when Ren handed the solid-gold medal
—crafted by the French mint!
—to Erdal Arıkan, he was sticking his thumb in their eye.

cdarwin, avatar

ERDAL ARIKAN WAS born in 1958 and grew up in Western Turkey, the son of a doctor and a homemaker.

He loved science.

When he was a teenager, his father remarked that, in his profession, two plus two did not always equal four.

This fuzziness disturbed young Erdal; he decided against a career in medicine. He found comfort in engineering and the certainty of its mathematical outcomes.

“I like things that have some precision,” he says. “You do calculations and things turn out as you calculate it.”

Arıkan entered the electrical engineering program at Middle East Technical University. But in 1977, partway through his first year, the country was gripped by political violence, and students boycotted the university.

Arıkan wanted to study, and because of his excellent test scores he managed to transfer to , one of the world's top science-oriented institutions, in Pasadena, California.

He found the US to be a strange and wonderful country. Within his first few days, he was in an orientation session addressed by legendary physicist . It was like being blessed by a saint.

Arıkan devoured his courses, especially in .

The field was still young, launched in 1948 by , who wrote its seminal paper while he was at Bell Labs;
he would later become a revered MIT professor.

Shannon's achievement was to understand how the hitherto fuzzy concept of information could be quantified, creating a discipline that expanded the view of communication and data storage.

By publishing a general mathematical theory of information
—almost as if Einstein had invented physics and come up with relativity in one swoop
—Shannon set a foundation for the internet, mobile communications, and everything else in the digital age.

The subject fascinated Arıkan, who chose for graduate studies.

There was one reason: “ was there,” he says.

Robert Gallager had written the textbook on information theory. He had also been mentored by Shannon's successor.

In the metrics of the field, that put him two steps from God.

“So I said, if I am going to do information theory,” Arıkan says, “MIT is the place to go.”

By the time Arıkan arrived at MIT, in 1981, Gallager had shifted his focus and was concentrating on how data networks operated.

Arıkan was trembling when he went to Gallager's office for the first time. The professor gave him a paper about packet radio networks.

“I was pushing him to move from strict information theory to looking at network problems,” Gallager says.

“It was becoming very obvious to everyone that sending data from one place to another was not the whole story
—you really had to have a system.”

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Unindicted Coconspirator #1 Pete Sessions and Ron Johnson were named as Russian agents in congressional testimony today.

And the truth shall set you free.

#RepublicansAreTheProblem #crime #conspiracy #testimony #LevKnows

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Parnas: "The only information ever pushed on the Bidens in Ukraine has come from one source and one source only: Russia and Russian agents. The impeachment proceedings that bring us here now are predicated on spread by the Kremlin."

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A very interesting three-part article about vitamin D. Be sure to read all three parts. Did you know vitamin D is a hormone?

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If you think one of the key problems with the development of information technologies (IT) is that it is dominated by males (the 'tech bros') then the news that across the EU (and further afield) the share of women working in IT/ICTs is (albeit slowly) growing (in numbers & as a proportion of the workforce) must be good news.

Leaving aside gender essentialism, might this help the next generation of IT be less phallocentric in its operations?

lets hope so.

#information #technology #women

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Big 💡moments in history

"Hey! What if we cut that scroll into pieces and sew them all together on one side, so that a reader can easily jump straight into the middle?"

Main benefit: Random access to information (dictionaries, encyclopedias, tables of contents, indices, etc).

Side benefit: reduction in repetitive strain injuries from unrolling scrolls.

#books #codicology #information

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This could be the most important you listen to this year. Seriously! 🙏

is under constant and from China.

Yet, Taiwan managed to hold fair and democratic elections and their people didn’t fall for the traps set by China, and the threats of their jets and missiles flying over the island.

How do they do it?

upgrades for an age of every-day

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"Rewriting a passive construction to be active almost always makes what you’re saying clearer."

Example: Millions of dollars were embezzled from the company.
Revision: Two executives embezzled millions of dollars from the company.

Eva Parish:
@patrascan @Nazani @technique @writing

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