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#NoFuture #EU #Europe #FarRight: "Experts say the growing tendency of young people to drift to far-right parties is pronounced across Europe — but they stress that such people are still the minority.

Young people are still more likely to vote for progressive parties, says history professor Forti. “Most of them are accepting of things like immigration, feminism, gay rights,” he says. “We shouldn’t suggest that they are mostly voting for the far right.”

But it’s clear the populists exert an appeal — especially hardline conservatives like the AfD, with its vision of a 1950s golden era of political stability, traditional families and ethnic homogeneity.

“The AfD says Germany is going to the dogs and they will bring back the previous state of affairs,” says Jannis Koltermann, a 31-year-old journalist with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung who has written about the young generation’s shift to the right. “It’s like: if you no longer expect anything from the future, why not elect people who promise a return to a better past?”"

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When Italian leader Giorgia Meloni took power in 2022, far-right parties across Europe expected the fiery new PM to pursue a nationalist agenda and battle the Brussels bureaucracy. What they got was something very different.

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"The seventh edition of the European State of the Climate (ESOTC) covers conditions during 2023.

Overall, the frequency and severity of extreme events is increasing. Estimates indicate from weather- and -related events in reached €13.4 billion in 2023. Millions of people were affected, and at least 151 lives were lost in due to flooding, storms, and wildfires."

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[Article] Parlement européen : 18 % de mauvais candidats

Fâcheux constat à 10 jours des élections du 9 juin : selon l’enquête de Blast et de la plateforme d’investigation Follow the Money, parmi ceux qui se trouvent en position éligible, dans 10 pays membres de l’Union que nous avons radiographiés, 18% des candidats en lice ont été par le passé… #Corruption #Europe #Justice #Politique

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Europe's cybersecurity chief says disruptive attacks have doubled recently, sees Russia behind many

#europe #european

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Satellite to probe mystery of clouds and climate

gabriel, to random

UK passes "national service" measure.
People who don't want to support war sign up to do the voluntary service hours in the community.
Then the only 'accredited' service hours are at places directly supporting the war effort. Slots are limited.
Your "fellow dissenter" shows up at your door "Sorry, you have to go to the front lines, you chose this."

frogzone, avatar

@gabriel europe is accelerating in their going-to-hell effort. The nations are NOT served by going into a war footing with russia and china. Clearly genocidal ai or aliens are in charge in #europe.

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eurafri, to Catroventos German avatar
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The U.S. and Europe are trying to catch up to China’s lead in industrial policy, a rival skilled in using all the levers of government and banking to dominate global manufacturing. #asiapacific #politics #us #europe #renewables #wind #solar #energy #oil #china #electricvehicles #manufacturing

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Europe live: Georgia's parliament to vote on overriding veto on 'foreign agents' law

#europe #western

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New at my Patreon... Planning a Europe trip, I wondered how many nations I'd never visited via plane & a trip to/from an airport? Turns out there are several:

No plane required

#Train #Trains #Europe #Bus #Travel #Ferry

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U.S. and allied intelligence officials are tracking an increase in low-level sabotage operations in Europe that they say are part of a Russian campaign to undermine support for Ukraine’s war effort. #worldnews #politics #ukraine #russia #russiaukrainewar #vladimirputin #europe

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The joy of Brexit.

Why travelling on Eurostar from the UK is about to become much trickier | Rail industry | The Guardian

#UKPolitics #Eurostar #Europe #Brexit #RailTravel

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Earlier, our boss almost had to carry us out of the museum. We completely forgot about the closing time. Or as one of my colleagues commented: ‘This has simply become our second home!’ 1/2

NatureMC, avatar

2/2 Today, our Tower of was transmitting perfectly again, a colleague guided a Belgian-Dutch-French-German group and everyone understood everything and everyone splendidly.

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Voted! 🗳️

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Bonjour, Je me pose la question suivante pourquoi les #Européen adore le jeux de défendre les droits des #immigrées. Il ne rate pas une seule occasion de booster un article qui parle d'immigré. Il y a tellement d'article booster a ce sujet qu'on se sent #spammer par des articles qui parle de la même chose. Le Fediverse bascule progréssivement et devient infecté d'information comme twitter!!!


Sousse, avatar

J'ai remarquer que les #allemands sont les champions spammeur à ce sujet. Et en regardant plus prêt, pourquoi ils adorent ce jeu, j'ai découvert plusieurs raisons : Historique, Génétique, économique, politique...

La guerre #politique entre la droite et la gauche en #Europe détruit les réseaux sociaux. Les personnes adhère sur les réseaux sociaux pour se divertir et non pour être #spammer.


unnameduser, (edited ) to space avatar

French space chief calls for end to European agency’s investment model
EU support at risk if group keeps key ‘georeturn’ principle in awarding contracts, says Philippe Baptiste

#Space #ESA #Europe #Ariane #EU #

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🚂 Face au changement climatique, le #train est notre meilleur allié. Chez Équinoxe nous défendons ce mode de transport et son financement à travers une taxe européenne sur le kérosène.

Jusqu’aux élections, nous vous présentons deux fois par semaine une de nos mesures phares. C’est aujourd’hui au tour de la deuxième : développer massivement le #ferroviaire et le rendre plus accessible que l’avion.

Article détaillé :

➡️ Le 9 juin, je vote pour l’écologie pratique et le renouveau démocratique !

#train #écologie #9juin #européennes

parti_equinoxe, avatar

Afin de pouvoir continuer de nous déplacer et de découvrir le monde dans une #Europe faible émettrice en CO2, nous disposons d'un atout de taille : le #train. Pour cela, nous proposons de développer massivement le #ferroviaire, et de le rendre plus accessible que l'avion.

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