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"Significant risk to EU security": European Parliament debates Chinese police activity in Hungary (

A summit on law enforcement between China and Hungary took place in Budapest on Friday, February 16. During the summit, Interior Minister Sándor Pintér held talks with Wang Xiaohong and signed agreements allowing Chinese police officers to accompany their Hungarian counterparts on joint patrols in several locations across...

UK: MP raises security fears over a Chinese firm's involvement in North Sea windfarm developments (

“We are handing over such important capability to the net-zero transition to an entity that comes from an authoritarian and hostile state at a time when the European Union and other countries are going in a different direction,” says Scottish lawmaker Stewart McDonald, adding this would not be in the UK’s economic or...

EU's new tech laws are working as small browsers gain market share (

Independent browser companies in the European Union are seeing a spike in users in the first month after EU legislation forced Alphabet’s Google, Microsoft, and Apple to make it easier for users to switch to rivals, according to data provided to Reuters by six companies....

An espionage scandal rocks Austria, laying bare alleged Russian spying operations across Europe (

The case is special given its international dimension and the fact that it is not only about espionage but also about the infiltration of the Austrian political system and the weakening of the country’s internal security,”...

From solar to EVs: With China's overproduction and state subsidies, the US and EU are working to ensure that their clean-energy sectors aren't wiped out by unfair competition (

Beijing’s industrial subsidies are on average three to four times higher than in Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries — sometimes up to nine times as much. A report published this week by IfW-Kiel estimated that industrial subsidies amounted to €221 billion or 1.73% of China’s gross...

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