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One year ago today I posted this miniature Terminator 2 shot I created using real figures and miniatures... "Did you call moi a dip-shit?"


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🍇 Artist: #NEMOlka + #Xemayo in City: #Méntrida C. el Palacio, 32 / Spain 🇪🇸 05/2024 - Title: "Historia del Vino" ("History of Wine" / "Die Geschichte des Weines") - #Art #Streetart #Mural #UrbanArt #Artist #Wine #Sprayart

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⚪ Ein Montagsaffe und... ein
🟤 A Monday monkey and... a favorite
📷 by Artist: #JariPeltomäki 🇫🇮 in Loc.: #Jigokudani Yaen Kōen, #Yamanouchi Japan 🇯🇵 2023 - Title: "Japanese Macaque" - #Art #Streetart #PhotoArt #Fotografie #Photography #Monkey #Wildlife #Nature #Artist #Pets #MondayMotivation #Travel ➡️ #APhotoLove

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❤️ Artist: / in City: / Norderstraße 67, (Bäckerei Thaysen) Germany 🇩🇪 06/2024 - Title: "Boost of love" -

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😍 Artist: 💕 in City: Hasseltssteeg 47 (Wise Kid Tattoo) Netherlands 🇳🇱 05/2024 - Title: "Stay high and dry" - !☕🥐🥐

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Got some letters ready to go out in tomorrow's mail, for my #StickersAndStamps project. I hope these all find their way to their destinations safely.

This is my first batch since before my Cancer surgery, and I'm hoping I can walk them to the post office myself.

Yes, that mess is my desk where I do my daily drawings and stuff. :)

#art #USPS #cancer #recovery

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What is divine is full of Providence. Even chance is not divorced from nature, from the inweaving and enfolding of things governed by Providence. Everything proceeds from it.

— Marcus Aurelius



🎨 🎧

(edit : tweaked the formatting)

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RIGHT NOW!!! I'm LIVE drawing with Julián Nariño on my IGTV! Join the fun and give us your requests! Stuff like 'Yoda Yoga' or whatever!

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I don't understand writing something using AI tools. For me writing is fun because of the entire process. From coming up with an idea to writing, rewriting, and editing it. AI takes the fun out of creativity.

#AI #writing #writingCommunity #writers #art

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Artist Keleck (1946-2002) was born on this day. List of covers:

L, 1980; R, 1981


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Artist Nodel (1922-2000) was born on this day. List of covers:

L, 1964; R, 1973


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dabnotu, to Barcelona
dabnotu, to Barcelona
dabnotu, to Barcelona
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asemic postcard ~ welcome to the deconstruction zone

Hello Again ~I looked at the ash as I drove through the desert. And the calm days, the lifestyle, the at the key of the dark world, and the clouds that float in the fractured skylight as they go to mirage mirrors.

The house offers river views. The first is the invisible darkness that overwhelms your soul. Everything is different. Looking at the river through a small window floating in the air makes my heart sink.

Nameless Migrant

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I’m a doodoo print maker, but I saw a technique where you draw your design with a cotton bud. It worked so great! What should I do next?

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"If I told you half the things I've heard about this Jabba the Hutt, you'd probably short-circuit."

All shot using real figures and miniatures.

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TODAY! I'm LIVE drawing with Julián Nariño again! Join us with all your amazing
requests! Starts at 5pm PT on my IGTV! #drawing #vampires #dracula #horror #kermit #muppets #live #art #cartoon #funny

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More Truchet tiles, this time on a grid. These are so endlessly fun to iterate with.

CMYK archival inks on 11x15 watercolor paper using a vintage HP 7585B pen plotter generated and controlled with Python.

Added to my shop:

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