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this account is for more personal stuff, I use mastodon.social for more science stuff, but there is a lot of sloppy overlap.

>>I use speech to text and don't always fix mistakes.<<

#geography #earthScience #scienceComm #homeschool #rheumatoidDisease #disability #naturalPantheism

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This might have a huge impact on Fremont.


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@Frances_Larina for $3000 extra you can get the brakes that stop as well as the brakes on a 1998 Subaru, otherwise only half as well.

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The fact that Tim Scott is refusing to say he’d follow the law and not try to overthrow the results of a free and fair election should scare anyone listening. This is how democracies end.

WELKER: Will you commit to accepting the 2024 election results?

TIM SCOTT: At the end of the day, the 47th president will be Donald Trump

WELKER: Wait -- yes or no, will you accept the results?

TIM SCOTT: That is my statement

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@GottaLaff this sounds to me like he'd want to help with the coup if Donald loses a free and fair election.

ai6yr, to climate

Highway in Guangdong, China has collapsed due to extreme rainfall, killing at least 19 people after their cars plunged into the gap. https://www.cnn.com/2024/05/01/china/china-highway-collapse-kills-intl/index.html

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@ai6yr something something climate change

GottaLaff, to random
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Via Angry Staffer:

…Project 2025 ..

  • would let red states monitor & prosecute women who get abortions

  • won’t commit to defending NATO nations

  • wd fire attys who won’t prosec his political opponents

  • suspend posse comitatus & deploy the military on US soil

  • wd end pandemic preparedness office

  • wd fire 1000s of civil servants

  • pardon all J6 rioters

  • try to make law enf officers immune from prosec

If this doesn’t scare the living shit out of you, you aren’t paying attention.

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@LexiGirl @GottaLaff I have an inlaw who likes Trump because they think he's pro-vet and "at least he's getting people who weren't political before to get out and vote."

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Holy moly, I can't imagine only five people died, given the photos.

China: Photos show wide devastation left by deadly #tornado in #Guangzhou | AP News

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thinking about rebuilding our public squares in a hybrid digital age

  1. encourage public entities to share public info on public channels, not private platforms

  2. embrace sharing in real life, use email, snail mail, private messenger, radio, newspaper, public forum, neighborhood scale gathering

  3. create and use nonprofit and publicly owned social sharing platforms, but prioritize real life sharing when possible

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@simonvarwell @seachanger for some of us, geography or disability make shared physical spaces harder to access.

StillIRise1963, to random
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I think we can now stop saying “google it” when looking for info. No one will find it there.

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@StillIRise1963 I'm working to deverbify "google."

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Mercedes has opened a website to help convince workers that unions are bad. You might have questions for them, many many questions....

They allow 200 characters per question but you can ask questions all night, until their inbox explodes.


From https://bsky.app/profile/banditelli.org/post/3kqt2dkpefc2m

cynblogger, to Bloomscrolling
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Tuesday, April 16 🌸 🎂🎉🥳🎊🎈🎁

  1. Awoke to “Happy Birthday” texts & calls from family. So very grateful for twin sons, their loving wives & amazing children - & my 94 y/o sister who still thinks of me as a toddler. 🤣

  2. Grateful too for this quiet, peaceful life I’m so privileged to lead, my comfy casita, & my garden with blooms, birds & critters.

  3. Splurged & bought my very fave -halibut- for dinner!

  4. Bonus: Two mallards zoomed on a low pass through my yard yesterday like Blue Angels in their F/A-18s.

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@cynblogger happy birthday!

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This might be a very big deal.

geographile, to documentaries
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I am interested in books, articles, blog posts, , or about:

The role of the in changing governments and squashing opposition in developing countries from 1947 to present, especially specific countries.
or , all periods, including prehistory and recent.
Why humans have been so bloodthirsty historically, whether there have been societies and how they've managed.
The of and its or closely related .
-welcoming information about with multiple /"learning" .
, , or /nontheist .

Please, and everyone else , recommend your very favorite books and other to me. I'll read anything, audio or ebook or maybe even paper , or recurring graphics or whatever.
Feed me.

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I started crying about halfway through.


Monday’s total solar eclipse is making one former teacher’s 46-year-old ...

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"We have to talk because Jewish voices carry a special weight in this matter."

We Need To Talk: To My Jewish Community

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If you felt the quake in New Jersey today, please help scientists by sharing your details.
(DYFI is an honored west coast tradition.)

M 4.8 - 2024 Whitehouse Station, New Jersey Earthquake

elaterite, to random
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Gary "Far Side" Larson can anthropomorphize anything. Here he anthropomorphize protozoa--lol! https://www.thefarside.com/2024/04/04/0

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@elaterite A few decades ago, he approved a Run for the Far Side fun run in Golden Gate Park to raise funds for the Academy of Sciences. That might have been his only sponsorship. They had a large Science of the Far Side exhibit, with some of his original sciencey art.

geographile, to Oakland
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Fabulous stories about 5th Avenue Marina in . I wonder how much longer it'll last.

“The neighborhood time forgot” - East Bay Yesterday

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    @divya I love Bay Nature :)

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    I hope most of the world can come together to help Ukraine and Gaza recover, when it's time.

    Of course I also want the wars to end, with the oppressing governments having chilled out, but we need international pressure to manage that.

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    "...this can only be interpreted as constituting prima facie evidence of an intention to systematically destroy the as a group,' said [Special Rapporteur on the occupied Palestinian territory, Francesca Albanese] ... to the Council today."


    States must adhere to obligations under Convention to prevent further loss of life in , says Special Rapporteur Francesca |

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    @suldrew You've got your jersey, right?

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    Beloved artist Karen Hallion says:
    "My dog ate my couch. Please help me buy a new one. Everything is 40% off in my store. https://khallion.etsy.com/ "


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    Is it possible to think the world would be better without theocratic terrorism and also to think Israel is committing genocide?

    historyofpunkrock, to random
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    Nazi punks fuck off

    International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, March 21, 2024 #SayNoToHate

    Fight racism, fascism and anti-Semitism every day, always, without compromise

    #fucknazis #fightracism #nazipunksfuckoff #deadkennedys #punkrockhistory

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    @historyofpunkrock that's my kid's birthday, it's late but I'll tell him about this, and he'll be pleased.

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