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Welcome to Techno Derivation, your top choice for a taxi app development company in the USA and UAE. Specializing in taxi booking app development, we create innovative solutions tailored to modern urban mobility. Our NYC Taxi App stands out as the best NYC taxi app, offering seamless user experiences and robust features. At...

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Microsoft has made the white version of the Xbox Series X official. The new console option won’t include a disc drive and will be entirely digital. Learn more from @theverge.

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Sure. Google location tracking "bad" and Apple data harvesting "good", but it's pretty hack to see articles popping up about how poor Android trackers are compared to AirTags.

Ignoring the security nightmare AirTags were at launch, the assumed permissions Apple just takes for the Find My network, and the annoying (and scary looking) process Apple forces users through to OPT OUT of location tracking, it's shocking how well Google is doing only a couple weeks into this new finder network going live.

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New York’s state legislature has passed a bill that would prohibit social media companies from showing “addictive feeds” to children under 18 without parental consent. Tech Crunch has more, including where the bill goes next and how “addictive feed” is being defined.

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"After 17 of using Twitter daily and 24 years of using Google daily neither really works anymore. And particular with the collapse of the social spaces many of us grew up with, I feel called back to earlier forms of the Internet, like blogs, and in particular, starting a link blog."

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6 Really Good Docker Containers to use on your NAS

Docker containers are a great way to add functionality to your NAS outside the available app store. Whether you’re running a Synology enclosure or a DIY server, it’s possible to download and manage container images.

There are thousands of contain ...continues


#docker #selfhosting #technology

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Cloud data company Snowflake’s security problems following a recent spate of customer data thefts are, for want of a better word, snowballing. After Ticketmaster linked its recent data breach to Snowflake, loan comparison site LendingTree has now confirmed its QuoteWizard subsidiary had data stolen too. TechCrunch reports:

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A case brought by the DOJ was just denied a jury trial because Google cut a check for $2 million dollars.
Business practices that likely impacted business and consumers to the tune of billions in potential damages, a company that generates $60 Billion in revenue on search and ads every fiscal quarter, a judge looked at the DOJ brief and said:

"Yeah. $2 million ought to cover that. No need for a jury trial."

A hearing is set for July 21st for a dismissal.

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Siri was always supposed to be more than it was. Since the voice assistant’s initial launch in 2011, Siri has become, for most people, either a way to set timers or a useless feature to be avoided at all costs. Now, 13 years later, it sounds like it might actually be ready. @theverge has more:
#Tech #Technology #AI #Apple #Siri

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Always a fun listen on Saturday to check in with Jason and Brian aka The Grumpy Old Geeks. This week lots of blow back news and typical big tech antics

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Space warfare: how the military could be forced to give up GPS and return to navigating by the stars

The military relies on space for communications, for position, navigation and timing (PNT) information, meteorology, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. Australia now recognises space as an operational domain, alongside air, sea, land an ...continues


#GPS #technology

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Oh hell no.

"Chamber of Progress, a tech industry coalition whose members include Amazon, Apple and Meta, is launching a campaign to defend the legality of using copyrighted works to train artificial intelligence systems."

#ai #news #technology #TechNews #copyright #corporations #capitalism

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It's in Korea!

Samsung Electronics workers strike for the first time ever

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I've been covering a lot of HEAVY news lately, so let's wrap up the week with a little gaming accessory?
This is one of the coolest solutions for a phone game controller I've ever had the pleasure of reviewing. Let's play!

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China isn’t worried that Hyundai and other South Korean firms will outcompete locals. However, their presence ensures a continued supply of production factors: equipment, chemicals and labor. #commentary #worldnews #southkorea #china #trade #technology #southkoreaneconomy #chineseeconomy

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It’s #NewstodonFriday! It’s been another busy week for the many newsrooms who have an active presence in the #fediverse, and we’re highlighting their work in the thread below. If you like what you see, follow the profiles and boost their stories.

If you’re a journo or newsroom that we don’t know about or if there’s a newsroom you’d love to put on our radar, please let us know in the comments.

#News #Newstodon #Media #Journalism #FollowFriday

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@josephcox has written a book, “Dark Wire,” about an encrypted messaging service app called Anom, which is used by drug traffickers but was infiltrated by the FBI and Australian Federal Police (AFP). @404mediaco has published this extract about how a kidnapping was both planned and foiled on Anom.


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The Atacama Desert in #Chile has some of the darkest night skies in the world, perfect for #astronomy. But it's also a very seismic area. When an #earthquake hits, how do we keep our telescopes safe? We tell you all about it in this new video:

#engineering #technology

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For two consecutive quarters, generative #AI dealmaking at the earliest stages has declined, dropping 76% from its peak in Q3 2023 as wary investors sit back and reassess following the initial flurry of capital into the space.

#tech #technology #investment #investing #llm

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Listening to Better Offline (The Rot-Com Bust):

In this episode, Ed Zitron walks you through what happens when tech's growth-at-all-costs epoch begins to collapse, and how the only way to save Silicon Valley is to put power back in the hands of those who actually build things - and reject the management consultant mindset killing innovation.

#Podcast #Technology

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Let me save you the trouble of having to read 50% of the takes on any new #technology or #methodology, now and ever:

It resembles something that came before.

It can do Hello World quicker than whatever you're using to build a multimillion enterprise software suite.

It's not a silver bullet.

It can and will be used in the wrong way.

It's a departure from what you've been doing so even if it's easier, it may be harder at first.

There's a next better thing around the corner.


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From the ar(t)chive…

Stylized 3D infographics illustration for a 2005 article in the Dutch PC-Active magazine, about hard disk drive operation.

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Digitaler #Neokolonialismus

"Arbeiter:innen in #Kenia sollten teils traumatisierende Texte lesen, um #ChatGPT zu optimieren. Ihr Stundenlohn: bis zu zwei US-Dollar. Eine Recherche des Time Magazines zeigt: Hinter dem Hype um die Künstliche Intelligenz steckt auch eine Geschichte von Ausbeutung im globalen Süden."

#netzpolitik #Ausbeutung #neokolonialismus #KI #antireport

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