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33, she/her.

Deactivated my Twitter account in March 2022. Deleted Tiktok in 2023.

Blogger, musician, reader, photographer, writer. I love posting about technology and books.

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noellemitchell, to Facebook
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Facebook’s AI failure wiped out Kansas Reflector links. Even Facebook may not know what went wrong.

"Daniel Kahn Gillmor, a senior staff technologist at the American Civil Liberties Union, said Facebook’s actions demonstrate the danger for society of depending heavily on a single communications platform to determine what is worthy of discussion."


noellemitchell, to AdobePhotoshop
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TikTok’s Photo-Sharing App ‘TikTok Notes’ Is All Set to Compete with Instagram

"TikTok is launching a new photo app called TikTok Notes to compete with Instagram. At least 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram each day – and the platform boasts around 2.5 billion active monthly users. TikTok now wants a piece of this."

Interesting...yet another social media app.

#photos #app #tiktok #SocialMedia #tech #Instagram #news #TechNews


noellemitchell, to books
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It's cool that Kobo has a new color e-reader coming out, but I think I'll just continue buying used print books. 😆 Don't need another electronic device.

#kobo #books #tech #ebooks #ereader

noellemitchell, to technology
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I wish smartphones were designed with batteries that pop out. So when the battery gets old you just pop in a new one, like replacing a battery in a flashlight or something similar. It would be less expensive for the consumer and also more environmentally friendly. Both of those things are probably why it will never happen but I can still dream. 😂

#technology #phone #smartphone #design #tech #ewaste #Electronics #Capitalism

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@sennoma I've seen the Fairphone before but as far as I know it's not available in the US. Which is disappointing.

noellemitchell, to internet
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Twitter usage in US ‘fallen by a fifth’ since Elon Musk’s takeover

"As of February 2024, the social network’s daily app users in America had fallen by 23% since November 2022, just after Musk completed his takeover. Every other major social network experienced a reduction in the same period, but none by anywhere near X’s drop in user numbers."

#SocialMedia #tech #app #twitter #x #internet #ElonMusk #TwitterMigration


noellemitchell, to android
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No I don't want a phone with "great battery life" I want a phone with a REMOVABLE BATTERY. How hard is it to find one here in the US?? 😩 :blobcatangry:

noellemitchell, to twitter
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X’s AI Bot Is Reporting Joke Posts as Actual News

"The bot generated the headline: "Adams vs. Earthquake: 50,000 Cops in Subway Showdown," then reports how New York City Mayor Eric Adams is deploying the NYPD to "prevent further earthquakes," considering using "robo cops," and has ordered "every cop in the city" to "shoot the damn earthquake before it strikes again.""



noellemitchell, to ai
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AI Companies Are Running Out of Internet

"Some industry estimates say they'll run out of internet to burn through in about two years, as both high-quality data becomes scarce, and as certain companies keep their data out of the hands of AI."


noellemitchell, to fediverse
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Wow FediDB says that there's now 10,051,880 users on the fediverse.


Just three days ago it was 10,009,051: https://mstdn.social/@noellemitchell/112210647591565969

I wonder why the sudden huge increase? 😵

noellemitchell, to OpenAI
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Report: OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, and Meta Stole Content at Scale to Train AI

"...OpenAI in 2021 created a speech recognition tool called Whisper that could transcribe the audio in YouTube videos to create text for training its ChatGPT AI. It did so despite the opposition of employees who argued that Whisper violated YouTube’s rules. And it did so at scale, creating over one million hours of YouTube video transcripts."

#OpenAI #Google #Meta #Tech #AI #YouTube


noellemitchell, to internet
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Oh yeah I forgot to post about this!

March 14th 2022 was when I deactivated my Twitter account, which means it's been over 2 years since I left the platform. I don't miss it at all and highly recommend leaving. 😄 :twitter:


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@brandoncarey I like Happy Fediversary, it would make a nice hashtag. 😄

noellemitchell, to news
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"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urged medical practitioners on Friday to be on the lookout for people who might have contracted H5N1 bird flu from cows. The agency also urged state health departments to rapidly assess any suspected human cases, and recommended that dairy farms with confirmed or suspected outbreaks require workers to use personal protective equipment."

#news #health #BirdFlu #virus #PublicHealth #press #CDC #media #farming


noellemitchell, to fediverse
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According to FediDB there's now 10,009,051 users on the !! 😲🤯🎉 Over 10 million! 😃


noellemitchell, to books
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"Nearly half of the titles impacted were by or about LGBTQIA+ individuals and people of color.

On #RightToReadDay, Monday, April 8, we're asking you to take action and raise your voice for the right to read."

"Your voice matters, and today we're asking you to use your voice to contact your U.S. Congressperson and tell them to stand up to censorship."

#books #BookBans #petition #bookstodon #libraries #reading #censorship #USA #USpolitics


noellemitchell, to fediverse
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People need to stop sharing so many interesting articles on the . I have way too many bookmarks now 😂😅

noellemitchell, to news
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It looks like it could be the end of the AI hype cycle

"The entire industry is based on hype," Marcus wrote in a Substack blog on Sunday. It's a bold claim but it rests on some recent developments that are tough to ignore."

"For one, as Marcus noted, the industry is spending much more money than it's raking in, which raises questions about how long that can last."


noellemitchell, to tech
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Unfortunately I think I have to replace my Android phone soon, something I'm not excited about. I don't want to have a smartphone at all, but it's hard to not have one with the way things work in society. Extremely annoying and wasteful.

noellemitchell, to fediverse
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According to FediDB there's 218k new users on the fediverse since last month 😲 that's a huge increase


noellemitchell, to writing
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I wish more people would have a blog instead of using Substack as a platform to share their writing 🫤 I still see a lot of people using Substack to publish their writing.

"...the platform has become a home and propagator of white supremacy and anti-Semitism. Substack has not only been hosting writers who post overtly Nazi rhetoric on the platform; it profits from many of them."


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LinkedIn targets users caught between TikTok and what used to be Twitter

"Two weeks ago, TechCrunch broke the news that LinkedIn was getting into games, helping users “deepen relationships” through puzzle-based interactions. And on Wednesday, TechCrunch reported that the Microsoft-owned social network was experimenting with short-form videos."


noellemitchell, to web
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"Surprisingly, Voice Engine isn’t trained or fine-tuned on user data. That’s owing in part to the ephemeral way in which the model — a combination of a diffusion process and transformer — generates speech.

“We take a small audio sample and text and generate realistic speech that matches the original speaker,” said Harris. “The audio that’s used is dropped after the request is complete.”"


noellemitchell, to meta
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Mark Zuckerberg's aggressive email to staff lacks the emotional intelligence you need for a business to thrive, psychology experts say

"The reason bosses send urgent, condescending emails is simple: On the outside, it can look like fear is a strong motivator for some people, Wright said."

"All an email like Zuckerberg's does is increase the chance of employees needing therapy to cope with a toxic work environment."

#Meta #tech #news #press #MarkZuckerberg #business


noellemitchell, to OpenAI
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Watch the crazy AI short films and videos created by artists with early access to OpenAI's Sora tool

"The ChatGPT developer posted on its website several short clips made by content creators with early access to the unreleased generative video tool that caused quite a stir in Hollywood."

#OpenAI #AI #tech #video #news #media #press #technology #chatgpt #business


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