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Husband, Geek, GenX, Gamer...
Old enough that things aren't "Retro", they're "from my youth ".
You have to pass from retro to vintage to get past that. 😉
Lover of most things vintage from cars to machinery and technology. And music.


Sorry, I do not know the artist who made the Karlach portrait I have for a profile picture.


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WhyNotZoidberg, to 80s
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How are you, edition (yes I know everyone has already seen this I am sure).


WhyNotZoidberg, to gaming
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For the 3456334 time, if you stopped talking to chat and paid attention to the prologue, you would understand said prologue.

#OldManYellsAtTwitch #Gaming #Twitch

WhyNotZoidberg, to random
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Ferns are cool.

WhyNotZoidberg, to DnD
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Sign no 74644 that you might be a :

When you play "that would be a good name for a DnD tavern" instead of"that would be a good band name".

WhyNotZoidberg, to random
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Okie Dokie

thejessiekirk, to random
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Jessie's Stop Mansplaining Veganism at Her Then Resorting to Transphobia When Argued With Challenge 2024

It's very specific this year. 🤪

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@thejessiekirk I promise you I have no option at all regarding other people being vegans. 😊

WhyNotZoidberg, to random
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If (DE name here) is the most dominant by far but a majority of large distros use it as defaul, is it then most dominant because it is what users want or because it's easiest for the distro designers to push as the default DE?

WhyNotZoidberg, to random
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Did you know that if some application demands a password that looks like a person cursing in Asterix, people will just click "yes" when Edge asks if to save the password and then forget about it, and forget it.

inquiline, to random
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Hats off:

"Billionaire Elon Musk, found dead in his home last night, says it is not the role of social media networks to determine what is true or not.

The Tesla and X owner, who is believed to have died from a heroin overdose while watching animal porn, said he would fight any attempts to stop the spread of misinformation on his platform"


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@pedrobizbikedu @inquiline that would be awful, oh so awful.

mattgrayyes, to random
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Swedish-designed Chinese AI robot arm is not an object i expected to see today

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@mattgrayyes "life form". I didn't read past that.

WhyNotZoidberg, to ai
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I assume that every homepage that "celebrates " have turned off their tools today?

WhyNotZoidberg, to random
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A fun effect I have noticed:

I find a lot of kids having an easier time to date say a movie or a photo from before WW2 than say a movie from (or about) the 1960s or 70s which can get a "I think this is set in the 50s" to "I think this is set in the 70s".

(The 80s seems be be unique enough to stand out. Maybe it's the shoulder pads 😜)

WhyNotZoidberg, to random
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Fallouts review scores means the algorithm on YouTube have to really fight hard to push the right wing incel nonsense.

So far I have only been recommended two videos claiming the show is too woke.

WhyNotZoidberg, to random
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The evolution of horror is so depressing to me. Less and less totally-neccesary-for-the-plot nudity every year.

adriano, to random
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Become ungovernable

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@adriano why? You'd just annoy your cat.

WhyNotZoidberg, to random
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GT racing is superior to F1.

Why? Beats me. Cooler cars is a huge factor of course. But then I feel almost all track racing, and of course any kind of rally, is superior to F1.


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@Basmitharts that and F1 is the discipline everyone knows "has limitless budgets", true or not, which a lot of ppl find exciting.

WhyNotZoidberg, to random
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There are lauded lore specialists on YouTube that are amazing at their detective work.

Then there are lore specialists that are missing vital obvious not-even-clues.

I am NOT a lore specialist and the second kind annoys me.

WhyNotZoidberg, to random
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Why do 95% of all pokemon evolutions suck and are less cool?

rebeccafinn, to random
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Kotarbiński mood board.
How saphic do you feel today?

@WhyNotZoidberg@topspicy.social avatar

@rebeccafinn Not at all, for obvious reasons. That said I am always up for plugging Sappho herself as a writer and a poet, and her choice of subjects and way of writing almost makes her a rapper.

baldur, to random
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“Scientists push new paradigm of animal consciousness”

This is what I discovered while researching my “AI risks” book: we’ve systematically UNDERestimated the intelligence and consciousness of animals while at the same OVERestimating the intelligence of machines and software https://www.nbcnews.com/science/rcna148213

WhyNotZoidberg, (edited )
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@baldur I have seen the same realization several times, and every time I have to wonder... don't these people own pets?

Dad had large Jack Dempsey ciclids when I was a kid in the 70s, and they recognized faces thru the glass. At quite a distance, too. It was quite obvious that they did.

How can anyone who has a dog be surprised by the intelligence in animals?

Oh and btw, I find it amazing people think software can be intelligent. We need another word for software than "smart".

WhyNotZoidberg, to fallout
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Rewatching episode 5 of #Fallout and realizing a detail... The radroaches that land on a flat surface hits their head into the ground, as if their legs are slighly too weak to handle the landing of their oversized bodies. If intentional, that is a very cool detail.

#TV #Movies #SciFi

WhyNotZoidberg, to random
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I have said it before: The problem is not the profession of traffic engineering, it is that PROPER traffic engineering (in cities and towns) must actually take the studies that exist in account, just not "add another lane" as that never ever helps (well it helps if you add turning lanes, but that's about it).

WhyNotZoidberg, to fallout
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So anyway...

zenhob, to random
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They’re really out here proudly demonstrating the automatic crime machine, the hubris is mind boggling


@WhyNotZoidberg@topspicy.social avatar

@zenhob Of course Matt Gertz (the former MS guy not the other... person) had to step in in the comments and try to defend it.

Once a Tech Bro always a tech bro.

I am beginning to think a large chunk of "tech innovators", "tech journalists" and "tech bros" are basically cult members hell bent on destroying civilization.

I have worked with computers all my life, and have scoffed at Sci-Fi visions like these.

But I guess with an attitude like mine the Torture Nexus won't ever be ready, huh?

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