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Going to do a lighting talk “All code is POLITICAL” in after 10 minutes.

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Gli utenti di Slack, un’app di messaggistica per le aziende, scoprono che i loro dati vengono ampiamente usati per addestrare modelli di machine learning, nonostante questo non sia chiaramente indicato nelle politiche sulla privacy del servizio.

Nella pagina stessa di Slack AI si legge:

“Lavora senza preoccupazioni
I tuoi dati sono tuoi. Non li utilizziamo per addestrare l’IA di Slack. Tutto gira all’interno dell’infrastruttura sicura di Slack, rispettando gli stessi standard di conformità di Slack.”

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You know who will never mine your private communications to train an LLM?

Better yet, you know whose words you don't need to trust, because you aren't obligated to use any particular server? And the software is open source? And regularly audited by security researchers?


It's not perfect, but no tool is. It's a matter of what trade offs you're willing to accept. Just sayin' ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Israeli historian Ilan Pappe was targeted by US CBP this week. They took his phone & asked him questions like did he believe Israel was committing genocide against Palestinians, &if he had any Palestinian friends.

My first reaction was that CBP doesn't know the first thing about Israeli historians, & likely Israel's govt told the US to target him. Turns out Pappe believes Israel's govt was involved.

It would be a good time to read his work. #Histodon #Lawstodon

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Oh, the #doublespeak.

"A spokesperson for CBP did not comment on Pappe's specific claims, saying in a statement: "Respecting privacy rights of travelers, U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) does not disclose specific details about individual encounters during inspections at a port of entry."

Pappe: "they took my phone and copied everything on it." #Privacy

"Over the decades, Arab American advocates in Michigan have raised concerns about being profiled at airports"

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time to start learning about RFID so I can add the digital ghosts of a bunch of random shit to my car for when it gets read

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@neurovagrant Perhaps someone will market a #RFID cell phone sleeve similar to the ones that cover one's credit card to prevent RFID scanning... #surveillance #privacy

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Comparison of instant messengers: "SimpleX probably has the best privacy and anonymity of all the messengers compared here"

Follow @simplex to keep track of the latest updates and ongoing improvements.

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How many libraries had "police having the tech to scan the RFID of a library book in a moving car" in their list of threat scenarios? :yikes:

Non-paywalled archived version -

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Du hast einen Mobilfunkvertrag bei der Deutschen Telekom, Vodafone, Congstar, Fraenk oder O2? Dann solltest du die umstrittene utiq-Plattform (Werbetracking) deaktivieren. 👇

#utiq #consent #einwilligung #tracking #datenschutz #privacy #dsgvo #tdddg #telekom #vodafone #congstar #fraenk #o2


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📱 Handy entrümpeln, Energiesparen und Sicherheit erhöhen!

👉 Daher unnötige (auch) vorinstallierte Apps am besten entfernen, (sofern möglich).

Wer braucht zB schon die 💹 Börsenapp??

Jede App benötigt Speicherplatz. Falls sie im Hintergrund ausgeführt wird, wirkt sie sich auch noch auf die Leistung aus.
Sofern eine App auf Daten oder Systemfunktionen zugreifen darf, ist das zudem ein mögliches Risiko für und .🕵️

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Manyfold v0.67.0 is out, and introduces optional anonymous usage tracking so that we know many instances there are. This will be really useful to us, so please turn it on if you can! We're excited to see how many of you are out there! ❤️

We've made the system as private and transparent as we possibly can, including a custom super-forgetful data API. There's a breakdown of how it all works at


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Data mining features that are opt-out 🙅

Data mining features that are opt-in 🤷

Data mining is banned and we are compensated for our contributions to billons of dollars in profit 🙋

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#Cybersecurity #Privacy #DataProtection: "EVA GALPERIN: Privacy and security are not the same thing. For example, Facebook is extremely interested in protecting your security. They want to make sure that it is always you logging into your account. They will go through a great deal of trouble to keep your account secure.

But, you enter all kinds of data into that account. You tell it where you are located. You send it all of your pictures. You send messages and Facebook collects all of that data. They don’t want you to keep it private, they want you to hand it to them so that they can use it in order to serve you targeted ads and make them money.

ALOK PATEL: My accounts are mostly secure when I control access to them, but that doesn’t mean the data I put in them stays private, far from it. Privacy and security are not the same, but they are two sides of the same coin, and I have to understand both if I’m going to protect my personal data.

MATT MITCHELL: When your privacy is taken from you, your agency is taken from you. Privacy is that whisper, when you think you’re whispering to your friend, but you’re shouting in a crowded elevator. You’re robbed of something, and that’s why privacy is so important."

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#Privacy #TornadoCash #FreeSpeech #DigitalRights #Blockchain: "The conviction of Tornado Cash developer Alexey Pertsev is sending ripple effects through the blockchain industry, which is bracing for a long-foreseen chilling effect.

This is likely to deter devs from building privacy and security enhancing digital tools, said Aaron Mackey, senior staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a non-profit digital rights group based in San Francisco.

“Holding a developer of beneficial tools responsible for the wrongdoing of others is short-sighted and harms everyone’s privacy online,” Mackey told DL News."

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🇬🇧 Further objective of the surveillance programme:

Access to date in transit – in particular when encrypted or protected by " preserving architecture which prevents the identification of Internet users":

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By blocking TwiXter since it switched to “X dot com” hours ago, Mozilla Firefox prove once more it is the superior web browser and that Mozilla care about your mental health.

Thank you Firefox. ♥️ :firefox: :redpanda:


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Slack has always had a horrific privacy policy and default settings that enable workplace surveillance, so it's a good time as ever to share this campaign by @fight - supported by dozens of civil society organizations globally:

"Safety should be an inherent feature of the tech we use in our daily lives and our workplaces. Sign the letter to demand Slack put user privacy and security first."

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What are your budget-friendly recommendations for #Linux (non-#Android) tablets?

#FollowerPower #FediHelp #deGoogle #deGoogled #deGoogling #privacy #privacyMatters

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Oh wow.

"To develop AI/ML models, our systems analyse Customer Data (e.g. messages, content and files) submitted to Slack as well as Other Information (including usage information) as defined in our privacy policy and in your customer agreement."


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My matrix server now has support for VOIP calls and URL previews.

Mi servidor de matrix ahora tiene soporte para VOIP y vistas previas de URL.

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Don't forget: Mastodon has an "Auto delete" feature, which enables you to automatically delete old posts.

You can choose the minimum age and other criteria.

If you're on, check it out here:

(thanks to @Kitty for bringing up this topic recently!)

#mastodon #autoDelete #privacy #metalheadclub

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GmsCompatConfig (sandboxed Google Play compatibility layer configuration) version 111 released:

See the linked release notes for a summary of the improvements over the previous release and a link to the full changelog.

Forum discussion thread:

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🎉 Just one hour left! Don't miss the live launch of /e/OS 2.0 followed by a Q&A session.

Discover the latest updates and surprises. Be there!

👉 Murena YouTube channel
👉 Telegram group:
👉 Twitter /e/OS:

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