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Does Proton block suspicious emails without making it reach the inbox?

I know there is a section for potential spam mails. But I wonder whether Proton block some of them so that they won’t even reach that section. I am using it as my primary email right now and recently a recruiter tried sending me an email for tech discussion but it never reached my inbox. They were sure it was sent, and I later...

Proton pass Q: extension auto-lock to require 2fa

Hi, Something that I would like to achieve, to have the Proton Pass browser extension require a 2fa sign in when it is auto-locked. In Bitwarden this can be done by setting the auto lock to sign out from the extension. Right now, only a pin or password is required to sign back into your proton pass vault when it is auto locked...

Proton Drive camera backup skips big files

I upgraded to Proton Unlimited today and I’ve set Proton Drive to back up my whole camera gallery, a few hundreds of GBs, so it will take a while. But I noticed that it skips large videos, e.g. it skipped a 9.8GB video file. Is this intended behavior? I can’t find documentation of it anywhere and it seems to happen silently....

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