Uplogic's Tailored Food Delivery App Solutions (

Uplogic Technologies provides state-of-the-art food delivery app development solutions customized to address the specific requirements of the food industry. With our deep-rooted experience in this domain, we deliver a comprehensive and efficient platform for restaurants, customers, and delivery partners....

I expect normies to use words like 'algorithm' to refer to 'AI', which is in reality, a mathematical optimization PAC model --- but is this guy not supposed to be epitome of tech meritocracy? (

You see, most of us here probably know why using terms like ‘algorithm’ and verbs like ‘program’ to attribute PAC models is wrong. Right? Mathematical optimization models are not ‘programs’, they are not ‘algorithms’. They are results of algorithms, like the result of Discrete Cosine Transom is a JPEG file. I...

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