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Why is graphene os only available on google pixels?

I want to mainly use it for privacy over its “security”. I don’t know what makes everyone fine with running it on fucking google pixels. Is there some kind of “low security” version or something for other phones? I’m so tired of certain organizations infiltrating privacy communities and making people believe in...

Reddit: 'We Are in the Early Stages of Monetizing Our User Base' (

Reddit said in a filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission that its users’ posts are “a valuable source of conversation data and knowledge” that has been and will continue to be an important mechanism for training AI and large language models. The filing also states that the company believes “we are in the early...

Any apps or sites that scrapes web pages and gives much better privacy respecting web pages or apps than the official ones ?

The one for reddit is :rdx.overdevs.comI think nitter was like this too ? Not sure as i have never used it or is just a site to see the posts sent to you ? I think piped works in this same manner for youtube so going to link a client too : . I know barinsta used to be a thing until zuck...

Chat Control May Finally Be Dead: European Court Rules That Weakening Encryption Is Illegal (

The EU Court ruled that “Backdoors may also be exploited by criminal networks and would seriously compromise the security of all users’ electronic communications. The Court takes note of the dangers of restricting encryption described by many experts in the field.” Any requirement to build in backdoors to encryption...

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