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Uprooted - Kyiv Independent Documentary

Uprooted is a #documentary by Kyiv Independent that is a result of an #investigation into russia’s kidnapping of Ukrainian #children. It is a chilling account of families torn apart and their heroic journeys to reunite. The Kyiv Independent’s War Crimes Investigation Unit uncovers a state-level effort to kidnap and russify...

Lemmy link posts not showing in Calckey

I noticed earlier today that @picard post about Sweet Darusya isn’t showing on calckey and neither is another post by @toni. It turns out that if you put a link into URL field when making a new post, it might not show outside lemmy. It means that anyone who follows the group on calckey will not see them and therefore can not...

Ukrainian Art History on Ukrainian Spaces pod

The latest episode of the Ukrainian Spaces podcast features Oksana Semenik as a guest. Oksana is a Ukrainian art historian and a journalist. She runs the Ukrainian Art History account on Twitter. Her mission is to decolonise Ukrainian art which is often mislabeled as Russian in museums and galleries around the world....

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