Amateur Radio

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Had a GREAT Park-to-Park with the Dr. Phil of Phillip
@KA4KOE from US-2170 in GA to US-7956 in KY.

Amateur Radio Morse Code Contact

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@N4JAW I'll be looking out to be out there tomorrow depending on

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@AE4WX 👍

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Reading the wikipedia article on microwave ovens and found this sentence in the part describing the frequencies they use:

"The third, centered on 433.92 MHz, is a narrow band that would require expensive equipment to generate sufficient power without creating interference outside the band, and is only available in some countries"

You know what this means? With a big enough amplifier, you could cook your food with a Baofeng.

#AmateurRadio #hamradio

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@kilroy_was_here to be fair, I want to see if I can do EME CW by pointing my old Sharp microwave oven at the moon, after disabling the door lock of course.


@kc2ihx @kilroy_was_here The atmosphere of the earth, especially all the water molecules, will perhaps attenuate the signal into oblivion.

At least I thought so and found it plausible.

But (click on the figure link) says more or less that this happens only at and above 10 GHz. So not at 2.4 GHz.

Which I found surprising.

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Tough conditions this morning with but 20m with the coming in for the activation win.


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@N4JAW not seeing you this side of the pond yet jim

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@M0PWX I in a valley today. Just making into U.S. New England area

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Sent some emails today looking for a local tower rigger to fix my busted 6m beam... Hopefully the rigger who put it up in the first place is still in the business. Also sent an email looking for a replacement piece from the 6m beam manufacturer..]
I love the cherry picker idea! If only I knew someone with a cherry picker who could help! 🙂

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@va3db You could try contacting Storm internet; they have a bunch of tower techs who might be able to help.

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Well, there goes the neighborhood. scraps today's activities & does the same for the next few days. Hardly a 20M signal with S6-7 noise level. MY MOODS😒😑😞😠🙁☹️


@N4JAW @AmateurRadio

Your mood looks like a sine wave...

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POTA at South Mountains: Wet Weather, Flaky Bands, but Brilliant Field Radio Fun!

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"The solar flares will continue until morale improves."

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Taking the BIG DOG out for tomorrow's activation. Hoping Helios will bless me with some openings using my yagi. @AmateurRadio

Buddipole 6 Meter Yagi


@N4JAW @AmateurRadio I'm really enjoying your posts. Moving to 6m is brilliant. I'm also really envious. I don't know anyone who has as many cool toys! Loving watching you have fun. Hope the magic band pays off for you.

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@kc4gia Thanks Mark, much appreciated. .

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Will it #POTA? Buddipole Six Meter Yagi. Tomorrow's #parksontheair activation is a @buddipole #Buddipole #6m try with #FT891 and #EFHW hang from the top for other bands #AmateurRadio #Hamradio Six Meters The Magic Band

40 - 10 meter End Fed Half Wave antenna with 49:1 Balun

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@F4JWJ I've had my Buddipole for almost 20 years and have used this 6 Meter Yagi on Many occasions. Always tested it when setting up and have never had an issues with detuning.


@N4JAW Thanks, nice to know that !

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Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Not me! These are the tools I'm throwing at the BIG BAD for this morning's activation. A for , for & for . EXPERIMENTATION is the foundation on which was built.

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@N4JAW trying to do POTA today is like Captain Dan railing at the hurricane in Forrest Gump

N4JAW, avatar

@AE4WX w. 😂 😅

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Heading out for some early morning fun. Did I read something about a Severe Geomagnetic Storm Watch? ☹️

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@G0TRT Oh it was easy. I got 10 for a valid activation in 12 minutes with CW. Switched over to FT8 after about 20 CW QSOs and got close to 100 FT8 QSOs.

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@kelvin0mql 😂 Not me . I do some SSB work whenever I can find my microphones for my FT891 & FT 817.

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Having a blast with some action today. Lots of activity across both sides of the ocean. Did someone say something about a ?

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@N4JAW Let me know next time you are on, we could try some !

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@angrysmiley Hello Mike, I'm heading out tomorrow morning for a POTA activation using CW, FT8 and some WSPR work. Geomagnetic Storm? Experimentation is the foundation of which Amateur Radio was built.

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Always pushing that envelope. Trying something different using Porta Paddle key during this morning's #parksontheair #pota activation. Thanks Alan #w2aew @alanattek for the #morsecode #qrp #P2P this morning #amateurradio #hamradio

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@N4JAW Did you modify or shorten the strap?

N4JAW, avatar

@kb9ens Yes sir it was a shorter strap. I've got three straps of different lengths

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Attached my American Morse Key Knee bracket and to my wrist see if it would help my sending. NOPE!. Short early morning activation before T-storms arrived @ParksOnTheAir

Morse Code contact

N4JAW, avatar

@N0ZB Thanks Scott, I've never been one to stay in side the rails. Rarely afraid to try something different. Glad to hear your neck of the woods were spared any major storm damage. Forecast here projected for 3 -5" of rain, with hail, lighting, 60+ straight line winds and threat of spin up. tornado. Giddy Uo!

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On air 3.960 MHz just to see if it will work.

As always, check my QRZ page to see which frequency I am on In case it does not get updated here

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Now 18.140

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@Geojoek Alligator = "all mouth no ears"?

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May the 4th was with me. The FORCE was strong with this one as the bands were awful again as expected with approaching storms. Hot, muggy and steamy weather on Kentucky Derby Day in Louisville, KY. #amateurradio #Hamradio #pota #parksontheair

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@N4JAW Yeah. That's why I thought I might catch you on 40m. Next time. 🙂

N4JAW, avatar

@kb6nu Next Time for sure

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Preparing for a #parksontheair #pota activation & antenna testing in the forests of #naboo and waiting for #jarjarbinks to appear to help with some #qrp #qrpradio #morsecode #amateurradio #hamradio fun #MayThe4thBeWithYou

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@N4JAW Well, their blockade is perfectly legal

N4JAW, avatar

@mstyne 😅

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Yucky #SpaceWeather and #terrestrialweather. No #POTA or Home operating today. My QTH antenna has been disconnected for days due to #solarflares and rain with imbedded thunderstorms. #AmateurRadio #Hamradio


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@croyle @N4JAW @chrisfarnham @AE4WX Worst solar maximum evur

N4JAW, avatar

@ve3qbz @croyle @chrisfarnham @AE4WX As an Amateur Radio operator I've lived through quite a few and I'd have to agree.

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Birthday commence. Starting high moving lower as the day wears on. Currently 28.408 MHz. Will try to post updates in the replies, but cell signal is sketchy.

But check my QRZ page to see what frequency in case I forget to post here:

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@N4JAW @croyle @Geojoek @kelvin0mql

it's never been the same since the eclipse...



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@k8vsy @croyle @Geojoek @kelvin0mql Victoria , you/re right I never thought about that

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How to throw a line into a tree to raise your antenna. I won't win any Olympic medals but it gets the job down. @POTAspots

Throwing an arborist line into a tree

hb9hli, avatar

@N4JAW @KC8JC I admire your honesty 😀 but nice throw!

N4JAW, avatar

@hb9hli Yes that throw is UGLY even for someone in their mid 70's

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@N4JAW I'm a few months from getting a QMX from @qrplabs I'll post my experiences with it when I get it.

N4JAW, avatar

@Josefius @qrplabs I'll be anxious to hear what you think abut it.

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