trimillie, to random French avatar

Ménopause et périménopause.

Je ne mets pas de exprès. Je recherche des ressources documentaires sur ces deux situations de vie vécues par des femmes.
Des idées de bouquin ? Podcast ?

iuculano, to coffee avatar

Rudy’s latest has hit the market - . Rudy says it’s “the best coffee you will ever try,” and buying it will help “support the cause of truth, justice, and .”

I don't like drip

: Does he brew it off his scalp?

NatureMC, avatar

@iuculano You know that ugly horrible food comes better with a ? 🤣

18+ Some_Emo_Chick, to Vintage avatar

Kristine DeBell, 1976

#vintage #pinup #nude #photography

davidpmaurer, avatar


maybe this, cowboy.

N4JAW, to amateurradio avatar

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Not me! These are the tools I'm throwing at the BIG BAD for this morning's activation. A for , for & for . EXPERIMENTATION is the foundation on which was built.

chrisfarnham, to amateurradio avatar

I wrote up my first CW only POTA activation of Minuteman National Historic Park for my personal website.

copdeb, to mastodon German avatar

The amount of has reduced significantly recently on or is it just my impression?

SergKoren, to amateurradio avatar

I see this and think Morse code key.

RL_Dane, (edited ) to Blog avatar

New #blog post: "Six Months a Mourner"

#loss #rlDaneWriting

#CW: loss of a pet, #Christian references.

cc my wonderful chorus: @amin @dm @joel @pixx @ivan @libreivan @sotolf @theDoctor @thedoctor

amigalove, to amiga avatar

OK OK, fine! So maybe golf isn't always boring.

RL_Dane, avatar


PLEASE your softcore. Even when bowdlerized. PLEASE.

SergKoren, to Texas avatar

Just because you wear a cowboy hat or boots it doesn’t make you a singer or even a cowboy, or even cool. After all, if you wear a bear outfit, it doesn’t make you a bear or cool.

RL_Dane, (edited ) to Blog avatar

New #blog post: "The unfolding horrors of Toxic Masculinity"

#CW: obvious from the title, plus some mild self-denigrating language and a single #bible reference.

(Also, post-dated to tomorrow for relatively self-explanatory reasons)

#rlDaneWriting #ToxicMasculinity

cc: @amin @joel @pixx @ivan

sergio_101, to amateurradio avatar

I just delivered a .. it's like a telegram over .. via .. but the conditions were sketchy, and we had to relay the message.

Local Slow Nets are awesome for learning Nets at a comfortable pace.

sclower, to hamradio

I wanted to stop traveling with my J-38 straight key as it is a gift from a friend I don't want to damage. As a remedy, I found a miniature CW key, complete with 3.5mm jack, cable, and travel case for about 30 bucks on Amazon that turns out to be of nice quality. Hope someone else might find this useful:

msquebanh, to india avatar

- vid has graphic images of injuries on students. The police didn't help stop the violent attacks.

More than a dozen men have attacked who were performing prayers at their University accommodation. Police say they are investigating.

N4JAW, to amateurradio avatar

What a day with the @Buddipole & the @Youkits Need to use this setup more often. 15m was hopping with Andre & Stu & others. @potaspots


enno, to random German avatar

Es gibt bei Mastodon die Mimimi-Taste, mit der man sich über andere User beschweren kann, wenn man zu blöde ist, ihnen einfach zu schrieben oder sie zu blocken. Die wird bei mir immer wieder benutz. Bisher in 100% der Fälle von Chaos. Social Nutzern. Zb weil ich ohne Warnung zur Freizeit Zeit über Arbeit schreibe. Oder weil ich sage das in der Ukriane Krieg ist. Und das ohne zu warnen, dass ich es sage. Es ist bizarr in welcher Scheinwelt Menschen leben wollen.

publicvoit, avatar
anneroth, to random German avatar

Erwartbar kontroverser Beitrag im @lnp zu den -Regeln bei .

Es klingt ein bisschen, als wären diese Regeln (Politik-Content nur mit CW oder unlisted) gerade erst eingeführt worden, aber tatsächlich gibt es die ja schon lange.

Ich bspw. bin ja schon vor fast 1,5 Jahren deswegen von der Instanz weggegangen, und die Auseinandersetzungen gab es damals schon, und nicht zum ersten Mal. (cc @linuzifer )

Mehr Interaktion hatte ich danach nicht, das blieb ..

unixwitch, to random German avatar

This account tries not to boost media without

This account tries not to boost content which should be behind a content notice/content warning ().

"CWs are not about avoiding topics, it’s exactly the opposite: CWs make triggering posts accessible to people who would otherwise have to avoid them, in the same way that text descriptions make images accessible to blind people. They widen your post’s audience."
( )

mima, to til

#TIL about the first five shortcodes for #CW ​:sagume_think:​

And I've been here in the #fediverse for a pretty long while now! ​:kaguya_baldness:​


andthisismrspeacock, to random avatar

I'm sorry but if you do not #CW your EXTREMELY graphic fan art of Lemmy Koopa you are blocked.

inpector, to random German avatar

Kinners - so schlimm es ist aber der Bericht über den einer Person samt Bildern des Unfalls gehört hinter eine . Das möchte ich frei entscheiden ob ich mir das gerade ansehen kann.

So muss ich für mich den Mutebutton zücken - das ist auch nicht der Sinn der Sache.

augieray, to random avatar

I'm not generally into rap, but a newer artist came to my attention, and I'm fascinated. His name is Ren, and his work can be disturbing. (Consider that a ). He's an amazing and talented artist, and his videos are mini-movies with stories to tell. He's also very candid about his struggles with mental health.

Some of these videos could be triggering, so click carefully, please.

Hi Ren

Violet's Tale

Money Game Part 3

expert, to fediverse avatar
expert, avatar
expert, avatar
augieray, to random avatar

Schrödinger's candidate...

sheislaurence, avatar

@augieray honestly this image should be in , it honestly and seriously affects the quality of my day to see his face on my wall, especially plastered so big. Consider it next time!

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