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From one of the kids!

Massive antenna farm

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LOL.. from a friend here, @orv

"Apparently May 20th (5/20) is 5.20 Day.

From another club:
On the 146th day at 5:20pm local time everyone get on 146.520 and see who you can talk to.
146th day of 2024 is May 25th and it's a Saturday!!!"

#hamradio #146520

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I went looking for different ways to use AllStar repeaters from the comfort of my home, and it seems to be lacking any kind of dedicated client for Linux, let alone something for iPhone or the web.

Does everyone just set up a hotspot/node and operate that way? I’m thrilled about a diy project, but I was surprised there wasn’t a straight forward way to just connect via software like EchoLink.

#HamRadio #AmateurRadio #AllStarLink

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Whew, just missed Hamvention, big gathering of folks

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There are some new comments on my #Inclusivity in #hamradio blog post on @kb6nu blog. I'm not sure if something happened to re-surface this conversation, but I am happy people are engaging with it.

Even "Joe" who threatens me to "support straight christain hetero males and females… we are the majority that pay to keep the arrl alive…remember that !"

So much hatred and aggression out there.

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Thursday and Friday were busy. First, we had a joint meeting with ZHP, LOK, OPOR and PZK to develop a unified stance on amateur radio service exams. This includes transferring exams to community examiners from the amateur radio community, eliminating session-based exams and fixed dates, implementing an electronic exam platform, and defining satellite amateur service.


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BUY a logbook!?!? Are you crazy?

If somebody wants the file let me know. I set this up so I can either staple on the side, as done here, or punch holes in the top for a binder.

I took a lot of the layout from this old RSGB logbook:

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Doing some major pre-planning for the ham radio event I am volunteering for today: determining where the aebleskivers booth is, and when the Abba tribute band gets on 🤪

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Direct generation of radio waves using a special generator:

Next super long wave Grimeton #SAQ transmission on 17.2 kHz will be on Alexanderson Day July 6, tuning of the transmitter 8:30 UTC, transmission 9:00 UTC

Since it is in the audio spectrum, It can be received in Europe using merely a long wire and a sound card input! More specialized loop or active antennas are advisable.

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We are excited to announce the 2024 Amateur Radio Software Award recipients, Jakob Ketterl for OpenWebRX and Marat Fayzullin for OpenWebRX+.

More info about the award and the recipients at

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MIT Swapfest May 19 (Sunday) starting at 9am for buyers. Albany St Garage in Cambridge. $6 or $5 with a printed flyer. See

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Reading the wikipedia article on microwave ovens and found this sentence in the part describing the frequencies they use:

"The third, centered on 433.92 MHz, is a narrow band that would require expensive equipment to generate sufficient power without creating interference outside the band, and is only available in some countries"

You know what this means? With a big enough amplifier, you could cook your food with a Baofeng.

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Had a GREAT Park-to-Park with the Dr. Phil of Phillip
@KA4KOE from US-2170 in GA to US-7956 in KY.

Amateur Radio Morse Code Contact

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The first launches in the American Rocketry Challenge get underway in a few minutes! Good luck to all the teams participating!

Come by the ARISS tent and find out how your educational team might be able to talk to the ISS Crew via #hamradio

UPDATE! Due to rain, the event is delayed until tomorrow (SUNDAY!). See you then!

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What saddens me is so many hams think a dipole is best because it presents a "perfect match" of 50ohms. Wrong. A dipole is roughly 72 ohms if you are lucky and wildly different depending on height and structures nearby.
Yagi antennas are even worse depending on the design and often need an antenna tuner hidden at the antenna. Get the lowest loss feedline you can use and don't feel guilty about the tuner in the shack.

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This can't be good, and it smells of a breach or being pwned by ransomware.

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Sent some emails today looking for a local tower rigger to fix my busted 6m beam... Hopefully the rigger who put it up in the first place is still in the business. Also sent an email looking for a replacement piece from the 6m beam manufacturer..]
I love the cherry picker idea! If only I knew someone with a cherry picker who could help! 🙂

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Vince @VE6LK latest "One CW Question" is now available. You can't miss this episode with Ted who doesn't let living in a stop him from enjoying

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Well, there goes the neighborhood. scraps today's activities & does the same for the next few days. Hardly a 20M signal with S6-7 noise level. MY MOODS😒😑😞😠🙁☹️

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At the AMSAT Forum at Hamvention on Saturday, I’ll be showing off this prototype 2U CubeSat Simulator.

If you are there or stop by the AMSAT Booth on Friday or Saturday, make sure you say hi! 🛰️📡😁

Photo of an AMSAT CubeSatSim 2U prototype showing solar panels and camera
Photo of an AMSAT CubeSatSim 2U prototype showing PCBs stacked inside the frame

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HamClock is easy to get going, but (a) any chance there's a retina-friendly option, and (b) is there a friendly fork where the source code is maintained somewhere in git, instead of in tarball-form?

randy, avatar

@geerlingguy I don't know how much ham radio you're into Jeff, but by and large #hamradio has a spotted history with #foss, often because of the possibility that the software might end up being used commercially or that a bad actor (read: entrepreneur) would try to profit off the work that hams donate to the community under the general non-commercial nature of amateur radio.

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Good news, the radio club president (KR3LL) and friend works at Kicker and took my LCD module and de-soldered it after which I was able to complete the assembly. It all fits in the case and aligns perfect. I was able to tune it fine. However I'm not getting any RF power out, I can receive fine when connected to an antenna. Do you have any recommendations for tracing the issue?

@qrplabs @qrper #hamradio

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