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Software Developer, dad, animal person. Maybe not in that order? #opensource

You'll mostly see me posting about #TTRPG, #GameDev, #Programming / #SoftwareDevelopment (primarily #DotNet, #FSharp, and #FunctionalProgramming, but also lots of others!), #parenting, and a little bit of #Woodworking.

I also post about #HamRadio over on https://mastodon.radio/@b4ux1t3!


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maartenballiauw, to dotnet
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Experiment... As the "search engine" behind a 5000-records auto complete API is an LIKE query. Loading 60000 more records into that table made the API endpoint slow (6 seconds to show autocomplete!)

How would you improve this autocomplete?

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@khalidabuhakmeh @maartenballiauw This is why I recommended just sticking it in a traditional search/index structure. 60k is so few records that, if I don't expect it to grow that much in the future, I wouldn't even lean on ES. I'd spend more time configuring ES than implementing a custom search index. Heh.

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@khalidabuhakmeh @maartenballiauw SQLite is cheating, it does what I was telling you to do without any actual work >:(

(so many problems solved with SQLite)

hrefna, to random
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Thunderstorm outside and my brain goes "I wonder if the thing about not showering during a thunderstorm is true and, if so, what's the actual injury rate from that?"

I found a meteorologist who estimated it at 10-20 people through all fixtures per year… but they didn't have any hard data to back that up. Several other experts in various fields who all said it was possible and definitely happened… but outside of a few instances on ships I couldn't (at a glance) find any likely candidates.

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@hrefna the way I see it is:

Even if it's vanishingly unlikely, I can wait until the storm passes to take a shower.

Doing that definitely won't kill me.

That's about as superstitious as I get. It's one of those things that, since I can't prove the negative (that it's safe) with available data, why bother risking it?

b4ux1t3, to hamradio
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There's a thing that really bothers me in the #HamRadio world. There's a bunch of videos and articles about how to use HTs. How to program them for repeaters, Vox, etc.

I've been a ham for about a year and a half. I have never struggled with how an HT works. Where is the demand for all of these resources?

Once you understand the concepts at play (which, sure, are novel to a new operator, but aren't particularly complex), it's a simple matter to look up how to set a tone on an arbitrary radio.

enusbaum, to dotnet
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You know why PHP is still around? Because it's fucking simple.

The levels of abstraction in Web Frameworks like React/Angular or ASP.NET Core is a little silly. You have to navigate through 4-5 files of logic before you actually get to the rendering of a page.


<?php echo "Hello World!"; ?>

If dotnet could give me a syntax and framework as simple as PHP, I think it'd dominate. Just one file (index.cs), not a zillion files and boilerplate.

Call it ASP.NET Min

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@enusbaum @khalidabuhakmeh Right, but with PHP you still need all that, it's just provided by nginx/apache and an execution environment.

You have to know how to configure those things, in their own unique configuration formats, or you can lean on a one-click deploy environment. . .which is fundamentally identical to dotnet new razor.

shanselman, to random
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Hey friends! I'm partnering with the Computing Research Association (CRA) (nonprofit) in sharing opportunity to bridge the gap between industry and academia. If you're a tech professional, please fill out this survey AND SHARE everywhere! https://cra.org/industry/p2pe

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@shanselman filled out.

Long story short: soft skills good, overly technical concepts unnecessary in software development.

E.G. Yes, I grew up having to know how a computer works fundamentally in order to program it. I do not think that that knowledge is in any way required today for a lot of very respectable software jobs.

Thanks you the survey! This is a really cool initiative, I'm looking forward to seeing the results!

khalidabuhakmeh, to dotnet
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The state of the ecosystem.

@b4ux1t3@hachyderm.io avatar

@khalidabuhakmeh You know, you're not wrong.

But it could be NPM. ;)

bradwilson, to dotnet
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I'm skeptical of the new tight integration of .NET to Ubuntu 24.04. I noticed two things immediately:

  • I don't have access to .NET 6 at all
  • I don't have access to the latest .NET 8 SDK any more (currently 8.0.104, despite latest being 8.0.204).

I assumed using the Microsoft apt feed would allow me to use newer even if Ubuntu's feeds were older, but... not so much.

If .NET 6 is still supported, why isn't it on Ubuntu 24.04? And why are we being held back?

#dotnet #ubuntu #ubuntu24

@b4ux1t3@hachyderm.io avatar

@bradwilson dotnet on ubuntu has been screwed for quite a while.

Add the Microsoft repositories, and give them higher priority for all packages dotnet-* in /etc/apt/preferences

Just make sure you purge any existing dotnet installs, including making sure /etc/dotnet/install_location is gone.

Source: recently went through this nonsense in mint.

I don't know why Microsoft and canonical can't get it together and get dotnet into the repost correctly, but this is the reality. :(

@b4ux1t3@hachyderm.io avatar

@bradwilson that's extra annoying. I think I saw elsewhere that you're just going to use the dotnet install script, that's probably your best bet at this point. I'm pretty close to just doing that myself.

b0rk, to random
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getting closer and closer to finishing this git zine!

it's fun to look at everything that we wrote and deleted from the zine (left) and what's actually going to be in the final version (right)


@b4ux1t3@hachyderm.io avatar

@b0rk I'm so excited!

As someone who has recently been writing out some zines (for non-technical stuff), I was curious what tools you use to make yours.

I tried my hand at just using LaTeX, but have sort of fallen back on just using normal desktop publishing software.

I'd love to read a "Julia makes a zine about making zines" adventure.

(Obviously if that doesn't interest you at all, do not feel the need to even acknowledge it, I think it'd would just be a neat zine coming from you)

@b4ux1t3@hachyderm.io avatar

@b0rk That sounds more or less like what I went through in the process of building out the zines I've been doing. This experience seems to be a shared one, since I know of a few other people who have almost identical experiences. Ha!

b4ux1t3, to godot
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I don't know who needs to see this, but...


b4ux1t3, to dotnet
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I need you to cut the crap.

I know that on linux (at least, ubuntu-based distros) is a mess right now, but my dotnet is installed in a very normal place, why are you having issues finding it?!

An image of my console upon running dotnet --list-runtimes. It shows that I have runtimes, and that my system-wide dotnet install knows where they are. . .so WHY DOESN'T RIDER?!

@b4ux1t3@hachyderm.io avatar

Curiouser and curiouser. . . this may not be rider's fault.

@b4ux1t3@hachyderm.io avatar

Yep, I apologize for besmirching #Rider's name. This is because #DotNet on Ubuntu-based distros is a mess right now.

RickiTarr, to random
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I'm not distracted, I'm on a side quest.

@b4ux1t3@hachyderm.io avatar

@RickiTarr had a friend who always got lost when she was driving.

"I'm not lost, I'm exploring!"

Same mood. :)

danderson, to random
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A small request. When you see something from someone new in your feed, before mashing the reply button to Begin A Reasonable Debate: first of all, please don't. If you must (you don't must), check if there are already 5 other identical Reasonable Debates in the replies. And also check the post date and maybe don't come be weird in a conversation two months after it happened? (and also simply do not, regardless of temporal locality, thx)

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@danderson but what if they need to know they're wrong?! How will I sleep at night knowing I didn't let them know?

b4ux1t3, to hamradio
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Hey , what's the best practice around coax pass through into the house?

I've seen the wall plates some hams have inside, what's the story with the outside? Are we talking, like, one of those electric utility boxes, like for phone/Internet?

Any gotchas around them I should know about that aren't immediately obvious?

thread to follow, 1/n

@b4ux1t3@hachyderm.io avatar

I plan to do a better job than the ISP did (see picture). I may even see about getting that cable into the same enclosure as my ham stuff.

As you can see, I have plenty of space in my little "electrical cabinet". Intend to stick an SDR and some miscellanea in there once everything is set up.

An image of the interior of a "cabinet" the old owners built into the all around the breaker. There is plenty of space for activities next to the breaker box.

@b4ux1t3@hachyderm.io avatar

@ai6yr It's nice that my intuition on this is seemingly correct.

I like to do a sanity check with real people before I start trying to dive into web searches, gives me a little bit of a BS detector. Thanks for the help!

MattHatton, to random
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They try really hard, but someone needs to tell News.com.au that it is actually impossible to frame this as a bad thing.

@b4ux1t3@hachyderm.io avatar

@MattHatton I didn't even realize this was supposed to sound negative until I read your commentary on it.


b4ux1t3, to random
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I just gotta say this. Maybe it's the eclipse pre-maturely plucking on my mind waves (or... Some other astrological nonsense).

I love the community on this platform. You're all a bunch of beautiful, weird-ass nerds, and I've never felt more at home, heard, and comfortable than on Mastodon.

Keep the fediverse weird.

b4ux1t3, to hamradio
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Is there a Google Earth-equivalent open source software? Anyone? Maybe something that at least takes in open street map data and let's you put pins and stuff.

Needs to work offline, I'd like satellite image data but need topographic data.

Asking for #HamRadio reasons, I guess I could try tagging #gis

Bonus points for having a decent api/sdk.

b4ux1t3, to dotnet
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My god, adding a conditional breakpoint in (and I assume other editors) and makes things slow.

I only have 20k pieces of data (admittedly large individual pieces, but still), and I went from finishing the run in about fifteen seconds to waiting for five minutes before I hit my breakpoint.

This isn't me complaining about anything, just kind of wild that adding a single "Does this int equal this int?" adds so much overhead! I had time to type this whole post!

@b4ux1t3@hachyderm.io avatar

@khalidabuhakmeh @alexzeitler @maartenballiauw Nah, this is a library I'm building for parsing and archiving the Firefox cache.

Kind of hard to hook into it during runtime, since it runs so darned fast when I'm not sticking conditional breakpoints everywhere.

I have code up here for the curious: https://gitlab.com/b4ux1t3/FirefoxCacheExplorer, though it is still behind a couple commits, I think.

@b4ux1t3@hachyderm.io avatar

@khalidabuhakmeh @alexzeitler @maartenballiauw Oh, no, I don't think there's an issue. Sorry, I thought I made that clear. Though, maybe it is, if it's adding so much extra time. Do I need to do something to get more verbose logs? I've never filed a ticket with logs before.

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