N4JAW, to amateurradio
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Rough day for most activators no matter the band. Even tough for operators. Still nice to enjoy a beautiful day.

Buddipole Yagi
Buddipole Dipole

m1hax, to amateurradio
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Last hill for my Sardinia trip, 🌲 Monte Pino (“Pine Mountain”) IS0/IS-120, 742 m. Evening walk up to the summit lookout from the ranger station. Extreme geomagnetic storm meant it took half an hour to get the required 4 radio contacts - all groundwave I suspect.

m1hax, to hamradio
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First ever station on the summit of Punta Maggiore (IS0/IS-064) in (970m). I made 8 SSB contacts on 14MHz with my Elecraft KX2 and EFHW. Pathless scramble to the summit 🧗‍♂️🏞️ Thanks Chasers!

m1hax, to hamradio
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Last weekend I activated Semaforo IS0/IS-266 (“Traffic Light”) on the island of Sardinia. This special hill hosts the ruins of a radio laboratory used by Marconi, who was born 150 years ago.

m1hax, to amateurradio
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⛰️ Punta Berritta (1362m).
📅 5th May 2024.
🏷️ IS0/IS-303
🗺️ JN40ou.
📻 Elecraft KX2, EFHW.
🧵 20m-17m.
📞 4 QSOs.

jemoka, to llm
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🎉 new preprint day

Wrote some multi-hop reasoning work recently, formalizing inference as a

achieved results on game of 24 problem from tree of thougchts


qrper, to hamradio
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qrper, to amateurradio
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SOTA, POTA, and a Total Solar Eclipse Adventure: Conrad and Peter Pack It In!


tsherrygeo, to amateurradio
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SSB with the AX1 and KX2 on Mt Bachelor


k7wxw, to amateurradio
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SOTA weekend... first up is wildcat mtn (W7O/NC-044):


shooting for an early start and hoping to work eastern and northeastern US.

Geojoek, to amateurradio
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So what's a cheap, small, light plastic container folks might use as an enclosure for a balun / unun for portable ops than one might have lying around the house or could get at a hardware store?

Outdoor junction boxes are too big and bulky / not great to throw in a backpack.

DK3IP, to amateurradio German
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Being in beautiful for the next couple of days attending a congress might give me the chance to activate some summits or and entities for a short period of time in the evening. Try to work me on or on a DM/HE summit.

tsherrygeo, to amateurradio
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tsherrygeo, to hamradio
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N7OLE, W7MTB, and myself are heading to Willamette Pass Ski Resort this morning to activate W7O/CM-123. Cell is spotty so we'll be relying on RBN and SOTAmat to spot. Please listen for us and hope to get y'all in the log. We'll do some SSB too.

Put us in HamAlert and look for spots on SOTAwatch.

hensys, to amateurradio German
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Tomorrow, Sun 2024-04-07 1200 UTC I'm going to activate DM/SR-012 (Schaumberg) for program. Intend to work 7-ssb, 14-ssb, 18-ssb, maybe more.
Looking forward to chasers.

m1hax, to amateurradio
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⛰️ Dungavel Hill (510m).
📅 1st Apr 2024.
🏷️ GM/SS-165
🗺️ IO85dn.
📻 Yaesu FTM100D.
🧵 2m.
📞 4 QSOs.

@M5OTA@mastodon.hams.social avatar

@m1hax like the icon thingies as bullets, might pinch it for my next post 😃
Why the 🧵 for frequency / band?

VE2UWY, (edited )
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@m1hax Remind me what is needed for a SOTA “activation”?

I mean other than being in a summit, which you clearly are …

ai6yr, to hamradio
m1hax, to amateurradio
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Hiked up 🗻 Cnoc an Daimh Mor (GM/NS-142) in northern Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 to operate its first “Summits On The Air” radio station. Was one of the last unactivated summits in the UK. 17.5km of bog and peat maze. 29 hours driving to get there and back. 1 point. 💪🏻😃
#sota #hamradio #summitsontheair #hf #elecraft #portableops

massivelyop, to amateurradio
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Shroud of the Avatar adds a chicken spawner and hands out confetti eggs in Release 124
🔗 https://massivelyop.com/2024/03/31/shroud-of-the-avatar-adds-a-chicken-spawner-and-hands-out-confetti-eggs-in-release-124

rev_mook, to amateurradio
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Mountain biked up to a local glider port for a activation this morning. Very windy, cold, and the bands sucked. Ride up was steep and I looped out the bike for the first time, ever. Brought a radio which heard distant stations.


m1hax, to amateurradio
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Six contacts on VHF today on GM/WS-001 Ben Nevis. Great conditions on the hill.

m1hax, to amateurradio
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Earlier this month I was out on a very misty 🗻 Kinder Scout (G/SP-001) helping a client prepare for their Hill & Moorland Leader assessment. The weather presented a fine opportunity to practice navigation! 🗺️🧭A quick session on my radio during lunch bagged me 8 contacts.

Mist shrouded river
People hiking in mist

m1hax, to hamradio
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A beautiful ☀️ sunny day atop Bredon Hill (G/CE-003) a few days ago operating amateur radio 📻 for the scheme. We were treated to great views including a snow-capped Worcestershire Beacon in the distance. 8x stations worked in about twenty minutes.


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