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Anyone who knows antennas that can explain this j pole to me? (w8wky.org)

Granted, I’m new to ham, but I haven’t seen a DIY j-pole like this with an element in the middle tuned for a different band. All the diagrams I’ve seen show that the 1/4 wave element (the parasitic element?) is supposed to cancel out the bottom part of the 3/4 wave (driven?) element....

VarAC digital chatting on Amateur Radio seems to be getting more popular than JS8Call (gadgeteer.co.za)

This is at least apparent for what I’m observing in my country on the Southern tip of Africa. The reason seems to be that VarAC provides most of the functions that JS8Call already provides (apart from the open source), and then provides a lot of usability improvements as well as transmitting images, documents, faster speed,...

Encrypted Data Burst question

Is there a portable civilian device that allows for short to medium range (10 miles or so) that would allow for 128 or 256 bit encrypted data bursts, and if so, what level certification would one need to go about for using it legally in the US? I’m imagining a data burst to convey less than 1 MB of data with an accompanying...

Any MMDVM firmware /software that can be used for a DMR to analog simplex repeater (lemmy.ml)

I can’t hit the local analog repeaters without using the higher power on my HTX242 (yeah it’s old but it’s what I got), the HT I have is DMR (and analog) but I would like to use low power DMR to make the battery last longer. I want to do something like this (see pic). Anyone done something similar?...

Satellite advice

I’m going to try building a couple of pvc/measuring tape Yagis, one for 2m and one for 70cm. I have a basic understanding that the satellite (going to try ISS voice first) will be at a certain compass direction and angle above horizon. I think my main question is the beacon. I tune to the beacon signal and start hunting for...

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