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My emergency radio transmitter video is now live. It's entirely solar powered from just 75ma of solar cells.

Very simple design but the interesting thing will be the next one which will be 100% automated with no buttons.

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@motorradfahrer #motorradfahrer #motorrad #motorcycle
Noch ein paar zusätzliche Stromquellen + Spannungsüberwachung an die #BMW montiert. Mit Schalter, nicht dass auf einmal die Batterie leer ist...😳

Ein- u. Ausschalter geschlossen.
Ein- u. Ausschalter offen.

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@mitgelesen @motorradfahrer da meine kein Platz unter dem Sitz hat, musste ich mit dem und auf mein Werkzeugkasten ausweichen.


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What a phenomenal video! Great explanation and an interesting journey through the life of a digital RF signal! A must see for all the tech nerds around, even if you are not into RF! Make sure to subscribe! #vintage #hardware #retro #electronics #ham #radio #video

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"Strategic ineptitude" is an adequate descriptor for Western foreign policy of at least this millenium, I'd say.

PS: Dave? I think the violence is engulfing Palestine, not Israel 🤬

#UKPolitics #Ham

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Ok, this is crazy price and I found it today at Basha’s grocery, which I also was surprised to learn was open today on Easter! Last several days I went to about 5 stores and in each, the stock of sale hams were out, empty shelves. Today on Easter we will have an unexpected feast to celebrate “Major Holiday Meat Sale”. I never found corned beef on sale after March 17. But I do still have a whole frozen turkey in the freezer from Thanksgiving. #Ham #Meat

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Jeff @geerlingguy and his dad did the Wurst :awesome:

...just dont touch a radio tower. ⚡

was this the same feed that killed the frog or lizard? can't remember what it was.


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Radio project progress photo.

Next, wire this up and connect the antimatter injector.

#radio #ham #HamRadio #AmateurRadio

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I'm not saying "drill a hole through your #Baofeng" but what I am saying is, I widened the mic hole with a tiny hand drill and my voice does not sound nearly so muffled... if you do this, you could drill through your mic... which would not be good... also dust and things... and no more warranty... on your Baofeng #UV5r etc

Edit: Actually, I did this to two Baofengs and both sound better on the other end now... wind and plosives are an issue... but I side-mic anyway

#ham #gmrs #radios #mods

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A Michigan #ham #radio operator used a homemade setup with a handheld antenna to talk to an astronaut orbiting the Earth on the International Space Station.

The astronaut even sent him a #QSL #card acknowledging the conversation (included at the end of the video).
There’s more info on Reddit about the radio, antenna, and conversation.
The ISS even has an unofficial program that allows students to talk to astronauts on the station via ham radio.

An almost-all-volunteer organization called Amateur Radio on the International Space Station, or #ARISS, now helps arrange contact between students and astronauts on the space station.
Students prepare to ask questions rapid-fire, one after another, into the ham radio microphone for the brief 10-minute window before the space station flies out of range.

“We try to think of ourselves as planting seeds and hoping that we get some mighty oaks to grow,” said Kenneth G. Ransom, the ISS Ham project coordinator at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.

That this is even possible with low-powered communication devices underscores just how close the #ISS is to Earth: 200-250 miles above the surface. That’s the distance between Dallas & Houston or NYC to Boston.

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Replaced all the missing case screws and buffed out all the scuffs on the case. Just the CRT recap to do and the IFR 2968 will be good as new. #ham #radio

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HF In Small Spaces - Generally, the biggest problem a new ham radio operator will come across when star... - #amateurradio #radiohacks #capacitor #openwspr #antenna #magloop #radio #tuner #loop #wspr #ham

openridephl, to generativeAI

Anyone have any recommendations for what kind of antenna I should get with a T-Deck for ?
915, 868, or 433MHz?

A selection of frequencies on a handheld computer

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I think I must be going a little crazy..... I just heard a very distinctive dial up modem sound.... Maybe 9600 baud.
No radios are it wasn't something sending packet or aprs.
But that's not the crazy part .... No one else in the room heard it, I was the only one.....

It wasnt loud, and didn't last very long. For the life of me I have no idea what would have made the sound...

#dialup #modem #aprs #packet #hamradio #ham

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Here's an informative video about the laws surrounding #radioScanning in the #uk. Turns out there has been much skullduggery from the UK government.

It really helps drive home the fact that #canadians take a lot of our protections for granted. We have an enormous amount of work to do, but in some areas we shine.

Imagine jailing a 17 year old for being interested in the electromagnetic spectrum! Unthinkable in this country. Right?

It will be if we protect it. #vote

#radio #ham #scanning #eff #freedom #fightFascists #hackRF #pirateRadio

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ATIS #EDDH Airport of #Hamburg😉🎄

#AvGeek #HAM

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Bit close to Christmas for this!

Source and Supply Food Co Ltd is recalling specific batches of its Smith Meats Branded Cooked on Bone Hams (Whole and Half) as the product may be undercooked. Affected products should not be consumed. If you have consumed any of these products and have any concerns about your health, seek medical advice.

#NZ #FoodRecall #Ham

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, if you need a , , or , has you covered this week

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A Ham Radio Answering Machine - For those who grew up with a cell phone in their hand, it might be difficult to im... - #answeringmachine #amateurradio #radiohacks #boondock #esp32 #radio #ham #ai

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A Canned Ham Ham Antenna - If you’d have asked us for odds on whether you could successfully turn a canned ha... - #amateurradio #slotantenna #radiohacks #cannedham #antenna #radio #70cm #ham

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Of course it's long, it's the whole show, helping you understand about #Netanyahu #Genocide and #Christmas #Ham #Watch #NowPlaying #Video

[FULL] Last Week Tonight With #JohnOliver Nov 12, 2023 | HBO John Oliver...

Watch and Share

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Hands on with Boondock Echo - Perhaps no words fill me with more dread than, “I hear there’s something going aro... - -and-forward

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