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Amateur Radio Guy (General Class Ticket), Python Programmer, UX implementor, Father, Husband of 25 years, Brewer, Technologist, Home Chef, Linux/Unix Whitebeard, Buddhist, Artist, Maker, Guitarist, Sailor, Generally Pervy Old Bastard.

Champion of Reason, Logic, and Philosophy.
Antifascist Punk.

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Hi, my name is Jim N4JAW-Radio/TV Retiree, AE Class, Ham Radio Related Content, Space WX, Activate/Hunt POTA, chase SOTA, CW/SSB/SAT/ SKCC-23159, NAQCC-10864


This account has moved!
The new account can be found at:

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🗻 Mountaineer, Hiker & 'Summits on the Air' Activator. 🌄 Sharing my adventures & inspiration from the peaks. 💭 I operate mountain-top #hamradio stations for #SOTA. 🧭 Mountain Leader. 🐐 2x SOTA Mountain Goat award. 📻 M1HAX/P on the airwaves. 🌍 Read more at: avatar


Software developer, Linux sysadmin, amateur analog photographer.

(And pointy cheese monster)

I may write in English, German, or Russian, but make no mistake: my mother tongue is Sarcasm.

#nobot #noindex #norobot


Solar storms, aurora and radio propagation mostly for around the UK and Europe. Alerts are informational only and are not official. I post about various other subjects as well, but always hope to be informative and interesting. Typos are a probability so expect (many) edits to posts!

If you take me too seriously you'll be banished to the Twit-Site.

G7IZU RRD Website:

Paying homage to Max Headroom and H2G2.


Fresh IT news from a variety of sources. Public service by @emanuel avatar


#SOTA & Mountaintop Portable #hamradio #qrp
Curious about the world and #geosciences

Bend, OR
pronouns:he/him avatar


Disability, diversity, equality and equity inclusion champion. Accessibility support engineer. Salesforce Advanced Administrator certified. IAAP Certified Professional in Web Accessibility (CPWA). FCC Amateur Radio Extra Class licensed callsign NU7I. Blind husband and homeschooling father of two daughters.


Nerdy/geeky amateur radio operator that's really into Stranger Things
User of Linux and OpenBSD
Vegetarian, trying to go vegan in stages
Proud to be a woke leftie

Charlie Tango for PMR446: 26-CT-3289
Zello: M7TUD-Paul
My Zello channel: EastMidsRadio

M7 (T)he (U)pside (D)own




We are Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS). We let students experience the excitement of talking with crew members of the International Space Station, inspiring them to pursue interests in STEM fields. For more information on our event, visit avatar


Every gamer wants to be Massively Overpowered! MMORPG news and opinions from the indie team at MOP. avatar


I live in Leicestershire with my wife & cat. I'm a retired Healthcare Scientist. I cycle, sketch, grow stuff on our allotment, play petanque, and twiddle with amateur radio.
Mental health is a personal & family challenge.
Leftie remainer.

#allotment #cycling #mentalHealth #Leicester avatar


Enjoy experimenting with ham radio in my spare time. Will forward Midwest hazardous weather alerts, #POTA / #CQDX spots here. ~ Check out #HamRadioSolutions#VBand site w/USB key adapter + #LCWO = better CW. [] ~ Try #Morsle. Lifetime Member #LICW. Updates on #HamRadioNets I monitor here: ~ My sister made me that "lucky" cold-weather QSO hat. #AmateurRadio DMR/2m/70cm #Echolink #Allstar. #ShortwaveListening: #SWL #Gardening #Beekeeping avatar


Sharing my Amateur Radio gear at de Joshua N5FY (previously KO4AWH) avatar



Mathematician in Southern California. Amateur Radio. Social Justice. Undergraduate research. Outdoors. Make. avatar


Long-time ham, CW operator, #hamradio blogger (KB6NU.Com), author of the "No Nonsense" amateur radio license study guides. I used to be:

  • Communications Manager for Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC),
  • Freelance writer and editor,
  • Website developer,
  • Technical Editor for Test&Measurement World magazine,
  • Electronics test engineer.

I enjoy all kinds of #hamradio activities, but my favorite thing to do is operate CW, Second would be teaching ham classes. avatar


A radio amateur in Gloucester UK 🇬🇧

#Linux user (mostly #debian)
#Accessibility consultant at work #instanceAdmin

#HamsOverIP 200147
#HamshackHotline 24016

🏳️‍⚧️ Trans rights are Human rights 🏳️‍🌈 avatar


Been a novice at this hobby since 2001, never a Novice. Aspiring homebrew radio builder. Parent to a kindergartner. Lefty. Also, with occasional cross-posting

other interests: #birds #bicycles #woodworking

follow requests welcome - just have a few details on your profile!


General Class #Anarchist | Tactifool | #AmateurRadio | DadScout | #Ham KJ6DRH | #GMRS WROM953 |

taking my Extra March 8th.

"Nunquam Non Paratus."
-Family Motto 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

"Doing what I can with what I got."
-Burt Gummer

"America is all about speed. Hot, nasty, badass speed."
-Eleanor Roosevelt 🇺🇸

no crypto - Not actually your dad - not valid in Alaska - All views expressed are those of Danny Devito. avatar


Götter sind für den Menschen unerreichbar...
🔴The world is full of colorful wonders. The Internet, full of nameless images.
Walls and photos have created artists. They should be named, too.
🔵Die Welt ist voller bunter Wunder. Das Internet, voller namenloser Bilder.
Wände und Fotos haben Künstler geschaffen. Sie sollten auch genannt werden.
#StreetArt #Art #Urbanart #Mastoart #Painting #Mural #Pasteup #StencilArt #Photography ➡️#APhotoLove avatar


I'm a software engineer and sometimes manager. Currently #Raleigh but also #Seattle. Building ML platform for a healthcare startup. Previously, built an IoT platform for one of "those" companies.

Open source: dura, fossil, Jump-Location, Moq.AutoMock, others

Do I have other interests? No, but I do have kids and they have interests. I think that counts for something. I can braid hair and hunt unicorns!

I put the #rust in frustrate


#metal #science #python avatar


👨‍🦯⠠⠁⠁⠗⠕⠝ 🇵🇭 Proudly #Blind, husband and dad. I am from the #Philippines and currently living here in #Milan, #Italy. I have interest in #Blindness, #Accessibility, #A11Y, #Filipino, #pinoy, #Aviation, #HamRadio. Callsign on #AmateurRadio is #DY1AJD. I always have my #AudioRecorder and #RecordEverything I do. Wondering why? because recorders are blind people’s video camera.


Dad, partner, #jazz, #composer, #bass, #ADHD, #cyclist, #runner, #tattoos, #amateurradio (VA7BKW), none of that in any particular order. avatar


Licensed in 2020. Living the dream in Eastern NY state.

My profile for general a-holishness is

#HamRadio #AmateurRadio #Cats

#nobot #noindex

Pronouns in Bio = He/Him

Header Image: The front entrance to Cheney Library in Hoosick Falls, NY, USA


I'm a blind (going deaf) amateur radio operator in New York City, licensed since 1993, primarily found on VHF/UHF and Allstarlink. I run the Allstarlink/digital bridges for
I'm an audio engineer by trade, which is really fun when going deaf, and enjoy playing with VoIP, Raspberry Pi projects, etc. Also pretend to be a musician sometimes.

I mostly just post amateur radio stuff here. My more general account is

WRQC647 avatar


Professional software dev, semi-professional infra nut, hobbyist in infosec and cryptography, amateur human being. I tend to have ideas and then not write them down.

1/N of the Hachyderm Infra Crew avatar


#software #developer (mostly in #ruby #rails , &etc) who likes #sailing #cycling #coffee #FunctionalProgramming #AmateurRadio KD9KJV #Electronics. Interested in #EmbeddedDevelopment #Writing. Born at 340 ppm CO2. :blobwizard:


Interests: Amateur radio, but a lot more. Active during disasters. Yes, I am the guy who found that lost hiker using only his blurry photo. avatar


Ed Vielmetti in Ann Arbor, MI EN82.

Member of ARROW #W8RP , University of Michigan ARC. #W8UM
ex KD8OQG.

Photo: UMARC shack, 4th Floor EECS at UMich.


IT Pro with an interest in Cars, Technology, Music, HiFi, HeadFi, Amateur Radio, Photo, Fashion, Travel, Food and Drink. #Junglist avatar


The account of AI6YR Ben, on his own server. Also at (ham radio). Yes, I'm the guy who found that hiker using only the selfie of his feet. If you want to support this server,


Data Engineer for the bio-sciences. Son of Maine, father of two and lucky husband. (he/him)

Interested in baseball, software engineering, and amateur radio.


Professional nerd (broadcast systems technologist) in Cincinnati. I somehow get paid to play with big toys, some of which could easily hurt me. Come for nerdy stuff, stay for bad jokes. My opinions are mine alone.



weird computer programmer and rabbi (she/her)


amateur radio, photographer, peoria


Dirty Sassenach intermediate amateur radio licence holder in West Lothian. Do a bit of everything. Member of the Online Amateur Radio Community He/him. My blog and GitHub are linked below.

I‘m active in skepticism/rationalism and I’m the current chair of Edinburgh Skeptics:

I’m also one of the admin team for PBH Free Fringe for those of you who venture up to Edinburgh in August avatar


While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
-- Edgar Allan Poe, "The Raven"

[Quoted in "VMS Internals and Data Structures", V4.4, when
referring to hardware interrupts.] avatar


Tayledras... a Shetland Sheepdog masquerading as human, finding humanity largely overrated and asking Lord Yama to return again as a dog in the next Samsara cycle of rebirth. avatar


Building up again on a new instance.

Sentimental Leftie, Dad & Husband.

Fighting bigotry and hate wherever I find it.

Secular Humanist.
Radio Amateur M0SWV

Fibromyalgia, Depression\Anxiety & collector of Autoimmune Disorders

#Climate #LoveisLove #equality #RejoinEU
#GTTO #Politics #Dogs #RescueDogs #NoPasaràn


Mostly here for the #hamradio content. I love #pota and portable operations. Active member of
Feel free to contact me if you want to learn and try #amateurradio in the wild.


QRP, SOTA, CW, hiking, scrambling, climbing, photography, homebrew RF gear, Red Cross disaster relief. avatar


Relatively new ham. Portable ops is my jam. Starting to get the hang of CW, sometimes GLAARG VE (as N3TJ), and interested in tinkering and building. Mod for Friend of blahaj


Hiking, books, ham radio and clinical microbiology - any time left?


New-ish ham, into QRP & CW.


A Free, Inclusive, Pacific Northwest Amateur Radio Community.


Compte officiel de la Délégation de Région Académique au Numérique Éducatif (DRANE) - Site de l'académie de Versailles.


Python · Linux · Gemini · Embedded · Software Toolsmith · Electronics · Amateur Radio · Homebrew Radios · Security · Programming Language Design · Electromagnetism · Astronomy · Physics · Linguistics · Skeptical Mystic · Bass Clef · All over the place nerd.


Olen farmasian alan koulutuksen saanut yhdistysosaaja. Mielenkiintoni kohteita ovat ihmisoikeuskysymykset, erityisesti yhdenvertaisuus. Asun Kuopiossa ja olen puna-vihreä vapaa-ajattelija.


Ham radio operator. (Primarily HF/SSB/QRP)
Member of:
Radio Society of Great Britain
BBC Amateur Radio Group
Bad at chess

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