KokopelliBFree, to amateurradio German
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She would cross all the Ts
and dot all the Is
but she couldn't.

There was nothing to cross
and nothing to dot
as she didn't have an of an idea what to write.


strypey, to amateurradio
@strypey@mastodon.nzoss.nz avatar

"The core of #IOTA lies in the Tangle, a structure where new transactions validate previous ones, in contrast to the typical blockchain used by most DLTs. In blockchain-based systems, transactions are grouped into blocks and linked together, creating a natural bottleneck. However, IOTA bypasses this limitation [with] the Tangle, which... eliminates the need for centralized validation and offers a decentralized and secure environment for transactions and data exchange."


daneversailles, to amateurradio French

Présentation du projet #iota

Informatique Ouverte à Tous les Apprenants
Lors du séminaire inter-degrés de l'@acversailles
➡️ https://primabord.eduscol.education.fr/participez-avec-votre-classe-de-cycle-3-au-projet-iota

cc @edu_num
cc @CNRS

alrelog, to art French
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Artist: #TOTA in City: #Auray Carrefour du Ballon France 🇫🇷2023 - Title ? #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural poke @AmiW 😀

@AmiW@mastodon.online avatar

@alrelog Artist: #IOTA (not Tota) / Title: "Antidote" 😘

AmiW, (edited ) to amateurradio German
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🔵 Artist: #IOTA / #IOTAio - in City: #PontDeClaix 5, Avenue Raffin Caboisse France 🇫🇷 2020 - Title: "Old skin" (📷 by Sylvie Robert) - #Artist #Streetart #Art #Mural for #GrenobleStreetartFest

LaMolinaStreetart, to amateurradio Dutch

'Amnésie' by Belgian Iota (@iota.io) for Bring the Paint 2022 in Leicester, England #iota #bringthepaint #leicester #streetart #lamolinastreetart 📷 via artist mysl.nl/gNHP

AmiW, to amateurradio German
@AmiW@mastodon.online avatar

🌃 Guten Abend... Gute Nacht / ... 🌠
Artist: / - in City: France 🇫🇷 2023 - Title: "Hyperballad" - 🌟🥵

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