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Interested in Technology, Science, Chemistry, Education, Fediverse, GNU/Linux and free software.

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fionaorkneynews, to random
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Weather Forecast: Mainly dry today with some sunshine

Information from The Met Office Today 12th April: Apart from a light passing shower across Shetland it will be a dry day with some good spells of sunshine. Fresh to strong southwesterly winds. Maximum temperature 13 °C. Tonight: Thickening cloud will bring rain for a time this evening. Then becoming clearer and drier with the odd passing shower, more especially across Shetland later.


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It is fairly nice here in S Devon, so just put some washing in the machine. Gotta take advantage of the good weather or break in bad weather.

rms, to random
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The head of the Colorado Republican Party, an insurrectionist trumppet, ordered the exclusion of a local reporter, preemptively prohibiting her from covering the event.

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Invite to LibrePlanet to help cover that, all welcome :)

rms, to random
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[1/2] https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2024/02/hp-wants-you-to-pay-up-to-36-month-to-rent-a-printer-that-it-monitors/

HP invites customers to rent printers, with a contract that requires the printer to be reachable over the internet from HP, so it can monitor lots of things about what the renter prints. Supposedly HP makes this snooping legitimate by making the renter explicitly consent to it. Balderdash! Massive surveillance cannot be justified by the manufacture of consent. If we …

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The marketing drones will wrap this up as performance monitoring or similar to disguise other intentions.

zleap, to random
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pvonhellermannn, to UKpolitics
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Rapidly reaching the surreal stage

Farmers who have their entire cropping land submerged underwater have found they are ineligible for a government flooding hardship fund – because their farms are too far from a major river.


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The UK is run by idiots who don't see anything from the view point of people who live in the REAL WORLD,

Lara, to environment
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Great stuff,

rwg, to fediverse
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Latest : "Reading the Online Harms Act with my Fediverse Admin Hat On"


In which I discuss Canada's proposed from the perspective of a . While I understand the reason for the Act, I also note it could likely put a burden on fedi admins. And the big question I have is: how will the Act define the fediverse?

[replies to this post will appear as comments on my blog unless you use followers-only or DM]

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Raises some good points, how do other admins view this in Canada and how do admins in other countries view their respective acts.

Keep up the good work, admins do a great job

Garwboy, to random
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"If you're under 25 your brain isn't fully developed, so you can't be trusted to make informed decisions"

I'm seeing this a LOT lately, especially today with the Cass Review fallout. And it's utter guff, based on hearsay, misunderstandings of neuroscience, or wilful ignorance.

Why? I'll tell you why


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I agree you can join the armed forces, attend university at under 25.

I think as long as you are presented with facts along with evidence and understand what questions to ask to critically analyse that information / facts, then you are more than capable of making informed decisions.

b9AcE, to random
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Latest from Doctors without Borders (MSF):
In Port-au-Prince, [Haiti,] the “violence is like gangrene, spreading and threatening us all.”

Dr Priscille Cupidon, medical activity manager of the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) urban violence project in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, explains how the chronic extreme violence gripping the city has impacted medical care and healthcare workers like her.
"The violence is preventing patients and staff from reaching medical facilities on a daily basis. Some hospitals, such as Haiti’s State University Hospital, cannot currently function. "
Dr Priscille Cupidon,
MSF medical activity manager Haiti
Read it all on their website here:

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Perhaps our MPs need to read things like this and take note.

zleap, to random
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Torbay Trojans Recruitment Poster

dgar, to random
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I’d be less worried about the robots rising up and killing all humans if humans, on the whole, were nicer.

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I want a robot that looks more like Satans Robot from Star Trek: voyager

europesays, to latvia
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https://www.europesays.com/1149111/ Latvia banned two Russian websites for spreading propaganda and disinformation .The National Council for Electronic Media of Latvia has decided to close access to two more Russian websites in Latvia – mirtesen.ru and 5vlast.com. #latvia

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Surely what need to happen is when a country in the EU area (including the UK) find out about such websites, ALL countries should just agree to share info and block.

This could have a much greater impact.

selzero, to random
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Adulthood has its pros and cons.

On the one hand, there comes a time when you see people bearing grudges against you, even after months of not interacting with them, and you don't feel bad, your core emotional reaction is to feel sorry for them, for suffering in the dungeon in their minds they have built and sentenced themselves to.

On the other hand, no one asks you what your favorite dinosaur is anymore. People don't care.

It's triceratops you heartless bastards.

It all evens out I guess.

Man weighing 2 options moving his hands as if a scale, and looking thoughtful.

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Kids will ask you questions like that, :)

YusufToropov, to Palestine
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Delay ‘not credible any longer’: Recognition of state of Palestine expected in coming weeks

Ireland and some EU states set to announce formal recognition once peace initiative with Israel – expected within weeks – is underway

#Gaza #Palestine #Israel #EU #statehood #Ireland


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I think Australia want to do this too, the tide is turning and hopefully it will accesslrate

purplepadma, to random
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I feel like my PhD is all going wrong and I can’t stop crying

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Sometimes it is fine to take a break, reset and recharge batteries. There are people here who have done PhDs who may be able to offer advice.

urlyman, to random
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How does one teach resilient tech to a generation where tech has just worked, even as that generation sees that nothing about the social contract that they’ve inherited works?

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Who do we blame for this, the web developers or those who are running courses to teach web / app design and creation. ,

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I am guessing that it will just get worse once more websites embrace AI, and we have more bloat to deal with.

mativity, to random
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I’m in a #AmnestyInternationalAustralia webinar on #Gaza with UN Special Envoy Francesca Albanese.

Hearing the sum to date of deaths, injuries, destruction, amount of bombs dropped and the massive cost of this annihilation, just for starters, is quite overwhelming.

The complicity of most govts with the Israeli justification for this, including that all Gazans are Hamas and are human animals so its okay to do this to them, and with israeli slander against any voices raised against this.

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If you tell a child to stop doing something, they may do or may carry on, You can only tell them to stop so many times before you need to resort to stronger action (depending on age).

How many MORE times are we going to tell Israel to STOP before we resort to stronger action ?

foone, to random
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I'm not saying this program has slightly broken, but top does say that it has tried to allocate a terabyte of RAM

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@MikeHar94962844 @foone @linuxmint

Ah ok, no problem

TodayInTwitter, to random
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X rolled out a change that automatically converts all links that have the string “twitter” anywhere in them to “X.”

For example, if someone tweets the link setwitter.com, the X client application will change that link to sex.com.

This is not a joke.


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LOL, what numpty had that idea, and what MANAGER approved it ?

LALegault, to Canada
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The Canadian embassy building in Damascus was damaged by an Israeli airstrike targeting the Iranian consulate next door #Canada has said nothing about the illegal and provocative strike, and nobody will say whether Canada was warned in advance. This comes after Israel warned they may retaliate for Canada’s arms embargo:


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@MaybeMyMonkeys @LALegault

The problem could be not just the arms, but the components of those weapons, could be made in multiple countries, do we hold all those in the supply chain complicit. ?

Ultraverified, to random
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"Fear of Ukrainian Strikes Link to Russian Friendly Fire Blunders: UK Intel"

Russian military is clearly overrated and cannot control their own assets.

Head to head, the EU on its own (even in its defacto demilitarized condition) would crush Russia.


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Is the fear that they will resort to nuclear weapons justified, people say a wounded animal is MORE dangerous.

Well Russia is pretty wounded.

fallenvalkyrie, to random

Stop calling it "Sideloading" and start calling it what it is "Installing a program"

Sideloading is a term made up to make users afraid of having choice...

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It seems updates to Windows 11 will restrict users even further.

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@vintprox @fallenvalkyrie

I am sticking with Mint, one of the young people at the stem group is sticking with Linux and Windows 10, I sent him the article posted ob here to what is planned for Windows 11 in this respect.

Problem is, people are probably not aware of alternatives or think they are too hard to use / install etc.

It is a challenge as a community we need to try and tackle without ending up down a rabbit hole of tech support.

Jen_Lee, to random
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Phrases that I would ban if I were empress:

“If you’re not mad about [thing] then you’re not paying attention.”

It’s just so fucking smug, and it shames people who either 1) already know about [thing] but are devoting their energy elsewhere, or 2) may not know about [thing] and need help understanding its importance.

The “then you’re not paying attention” nonsense doesn’t do any real work and is just a snotty version of slacktivism.

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It reminds me of the Dailymail articles that contain phrases such as
"THAT dress" or THAT something else. (making references to the capital letter use here) I would assume it is referring to something that has caused a stir in social media (well mainstream social media at least), I never know what they are on about.

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