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Science/IT teacher in a country Australian town. Don't really want to be identified by my students, so leaving it brief.

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Jakra, to NixOS
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Trying to debug nixos build problems... turns out to be an issue with memory limit in WSL2. Sigh.

sundogplanets, to random
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The only feeling I have about starship is dread.

They want to use that to launch batches of HUNDREDS of Starlinks at once. And guess where all those Starlinks will end up? The pieces that don't make it to the ground will end up in our upper atmosphere, screwing up the stratosphere, the ozone layer, who knows what else because SpaceX isn't required to do any environmental assessments of this.

Shit. Maybe a good time to post this essay I wrote yet again: https://theconversation.com/an-astronomers-lament-satellite-megaconstellations-are-ruining-space-exploration-215653

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@sundogplanets when NASA did it for science, it was for mankind, doing it for shareholders doesn’t have the same appeal to me.

Jakra, to ukteachers
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Anyone know if the "Red Tape Review" into education in Western Australia commissioned by Dr A.D. Buti is publicly available somewhere?

Jakra, to ukteachers
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I got my new Serial Killer Card, by which I mean my Working With Children Card. I’m yet to see one that doesn’t look like a criminal’s mug shot!

Jakra, to linux
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My gaming desktop is now rocking Linux. Just a test for now, but I'm impressed with the performance, especially because its running on a 10 year old HDD! I might need to steal some space from Windows on the SSD or buy another one. Depends on how much I use Windows now I guess. #linux #gaming

Jakra, to random
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Welp, finally on covid number 2. I had a good run, but now I feel shit. Hopefully no loss of smell and burning sinuses this time. #covid

quinn, to random
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Young people are waking up every day to media about war, genocides, dead children. They are unsure of being able to make a living, scared by debt, violence, addiction, homelessness. They are unsure if the burning planet will even support their lives. They are struggling for secure basic housing after having their lives upended by a pandemic...

meanwhile the NYT:

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@quinn well, if they didn’t have phones, they would be ignorant of all those other things. Just turn up to work every day, make money for your employer, spend money, ask no questions, cause no trouble. Information at the hands of the public is too dangerous!

decryption, to random
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Uhhh, fuck you, pay me Google

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@decryption Sounds like an opportunity for some chatGPT nonsense, full of keywords for SEO... just like the rest of the internet.

Jakra, to music
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I have had the music of the Wellerman in my head all day. But it’s more than that, it’s the tune of Wellerman, but the lyrics are the chorus of Milkshake by Kelis.

MorpheusB, to auspol
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#Auspol #Getup #NoNuclear

We do not want nuclear power, too long to get, far too expensive, and will drive up power prices. Just money or mates.

We are already nuclear powered from our son. More and more countries, getting closer to 100% from solar and wind.

Please sign the petition to convince our representatives we do not want or need.


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@MorpheusB when the proposed solutions are always decades away, this justifying ‘transition fuels’, it stinks like extending fossil fuels rather than solving the problem. We have technologies now that can help, but no, let’s delay the solution. #auspol #climate #fossilfuels

ausfestivus, to random
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I wrote down some notes in an app yesterday, somewhere. Today I cant find them, nor can I recall where I wrote them.

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@ausfestivus I hate that!

bakuninboys, to random
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Setting up my own mail server took like a week. However, my escape from Google is one step closer.

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@bakuninboys email is one that I’ve always steered clear of. The risks are high, especially things like losing control of your domain name. Whoever gets your domain gets all your email. No thanks. Then add spam, viruses, managing blocklists. Then the issues of uptime, lost email, etc. All too hard for me!

Jakra, to auspol
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Labor-driven structural change is so far off the table it’s out the window
Labor is now the party of asset owners, while at the same time representing the assetless and poor. Therein lies a problem.
#auspol #crikey #paywall #budget

Jakra, to auspol
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I read an article comparing the treatment of the gas industry with the education industry in the budget, but I can’t find it now, can’t remember where I read it. Anyone help me? #budget #auspol #education #climate

geordie, to random
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Not particularly technical friend had several drinks, changed their laptop password and set the password hint to "lol" so I'm dealing with that now.

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@Bern @geordie Ventoy makes the usb-booting process pretty easy! Just drop isos onto the partition on the drive, and it'll be instantly bootable. Can drop in as many isos as your usb drive will fit, then choose from them up boot time.

KathyReid, to random
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In the most glorious "fuck you" I have seen in a while, you know the book that Cumberland City Council banned because they're homophobic bigots - Holly Duhig's "A focus on Same Sex Parents"? Well, the publisher, BookLife Publishing, have made a PDF version of the book available for free.

Sure be a shame if it was shared far and wide now, wouldn't it?

Every time you ban a book filled with hope and kindness, and care and love, we will resist.


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@KathyReid that’s fantastic!

Jakra, to random
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Very excited to see the aurora tonight! Really hoping it happens, and there isn't cloud cover! #aurora

samhkennedy, to auspol
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There are so many issues I have with citizenship and our security but one of the biggest hypocrisy of our gov is allowing people to keep their Australian citizenship if they fight for another country.

Who is to say is a friend or an enemy and there are so many people coming here and want citizenship because of wars in their country which has made it unsafe for their family. They want our citizenship and don’t want to be part of a war.

A person should automatically lose their Australian citizenship if they fight in another countries forces. No exception. They can re apply when they work out if they really want to live in a safe country. #auspol #citizenship

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@samhkennedy the exception were always stuck with is that we can’t make people stateless. So if they’re not a dual citizen, we can’t revoke their citizenship either way.

Richard_Littler, to bluesky
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Jack Dorsey is furious that has attracted "very very common" people. He also doesn't like the idea of moderation tools facilitating the banning of racists.

All these tech billionaires are like a version of the movie Big, in which a pre-adolescent boy wakes up in the body of an aging Howard Hughes. Or Colonel Kurtz. Or a sardine.

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@Richard_Littler I'm of the view that moderation shouldn't be necessary. The fact that it is necessary makes me cross. But its not the moderation that annoys me, its that fact that it was necessary in the first place. Couldn't people just not be dicks? The answer, sadly, always seems to be no.

Jakra, to music
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Heard Kalkadoon Man on ABC classic this morning, and I love it. It sounds really familiar, but I can’t pick what it reminds me of. Can anyone help me out? #music

john1954moi, to random

I've rearranged my smartphone home screens, icons, and widgets. This has given me way too much satisfaction! 😎

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@john1954moi my phone screen is like my teenage bedroom. If I clean it up, how will I be able to find anything?! So it’s just stuck as it is, disorganised, but at least I know where to find each app.

Dinkenfunkle, to auspol

I see another employer has gone to the wall and said to employees: "You wont get paid your entitlements. Too bad, so sad."

So I'm starting to think that maybe employers over a certain size, say 10 full-time equivalents, should be required to pay into an Employee Entitlements Insurance scheme.*

Yes, I know it will drive the Libs and the various chambers of commerce berserk. That's what makes me think it's probably a good idea.

#auspol #bonza #ALP

(*But FFS, do NOT hand it over to private enterprise to run.)

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@Dinkenfunkle workers need to be classed as higher order creditors than investors. Investors put their money in knowing there was risk. Employees aren’t investing money, they are being paid for their time. It should be employees first, customers second, investors/lenders last.
If that looks dodgy, don’t lend/invest with them. That choice isn’t a luxury employees have. #auspol

oldrawgabbit, to random
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@oldrawgabbit this is the best way I’ve seen this expressed. Too often it’s people using the other plastic in shops to argue against banning plastic bags. It’s not the lag of bags that’s the problem, it’s the presence of all the other plastic forced upon us! #auspol #plastic

Jakra, to auspol
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Shame! Disgraceful! Time to split the Murdoch ‘news’ empire.
Anatomy of News Corp: What's behind a Sky News headline?


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