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"Reports indicate that 17 Waymo vehicles crashed into objects including gates, chains and parked cars. The agency also cited 5 instances in which the automated-driving system appeared to violate traffic rules, such as driving in opposing lanes with nearby oncoming traffic."

peterbutler, avatar

@divya All can think of when I see these unholy atrocities in SF is that a computer should never be solely responsible for a 2,000-pound device moving 25 mph

preslavrachev, to ai avatar

C’mon, we’ve all been using LLMs on a daily basis for more than year now. You’d think people would slowly start to get the idea. But no.

Why is everyone still using an LLM and looking for accurate answers? They are obviously not built for that.

You use an LLM to get yourself off your writer’s block, to get a few ideas how to move on, not for it to solve the end equation for you. Duh!

peterbutler, avatar

@preslavrachev "we’ve all been using LLMs on a daily basis”

Not really. I’ve tried the tools and certainly know how to use them, but I haven’t seen any benefits of Generative AI yet

I’m open, but I haven’t gotten any value at all from them

wdlindsy, to random avatar

Heather Cox Richardson reminds us that the MAGA minority now exerting such control in the Republican party, notably its white evangelical base, are so rabid and aggressive because they know they are in the minority nationally:

"MAGA Republicans know their agenda is unpopular, and they are working to seize power through voter suppression, violence, gerrymandering, and packing the legal system."

#Republicans #MAGA #WhiteEvangelicals #MinorityRule

peterbutler, avatar

@wdlindsy What’s amazing is that they’ve been the clear minority for several decades now, yet they keep succeeding. The Senate is one obvious major problem. SCOTUS another obvious problem

peterbutler, avatar

@wdlindsy Good recommendation. I just returned it to my library. I got through most of it. It was tough b/c it’s so depressing and the problems seem so entrenched (i.e. capitalism)

peterbutler, to vegan avatar

Big thumbs up to Sobo "jiao zi” style vegan dumplings

19g protein, 7g fiber, 1g sugar, limited ingredients, and they taste great. Pan fry ‘em with your own sauce!

peterbutler, avatar

@MuseumShuffle Oops. I didn’t realize it was only Bay Area (company is located in San Mateo). Agreed. I hope they make it big!

w7voa, to random avatar

(AP) — Former President Donald Trump, at his rally this week in the Bronx, invited two rappers on stage who have been charged in a sweeping gang case, with one of them facing attempted murder charges.

peterbutler, avatar

@w7voa I really hope someone follows up with Sleepy Hallow to ask, “When was America great?"

danluu, to random avatar

A 1995 Usenet post from Mark Seecof of the LA Times, describing the risks of automated publishing, i.e., publishing things without human review:

peterbutler, avatar

@danluu Amazing they had already ditched proofreaders by 1995. No wonder there are so many typos in articles today — they’re used to it! :(

SeanCasten, to random avatar

The law will “make the United States safer for drug traffickers, for terrorist funders, for child and drug traffickers and those who buy and sell child pornography... I did not know those groups had such proud advocates in Congress.”

peterbutler, avatar

@DrDanMarshall @SeanCasten I’m not an expert, but it seems like the big difference is removing cryptocurrency from the jurisdiction of the SEC and putting it under the (smaller and underfunded) Commodity Futures Trading Commission

lauren, to random avatar
peterbutler, avatar

@lauren I’ve been waiting for someone of stature to make this (very obvious to me) argument

I like the cut of this Cappelli guy’s jib. He’s onto it

lilithsaintcrow, to random avatar

Good writing requires skill and empathy; this is why those who lack both are so all-in on the “AI” grift.

peterbutler, avatar

@lilithsaintcrow I see no value in it whatesoever (the generative AI part — all sorts of great uses for machine learning)

peterbutler, to random avatar

"The 46-year-old announced his retirement in the new Netflix documentary 'Hack Your Health: The Secrets of Your Gut' after doctors discovered his brain had become repelled by highly processed foods.”

Competitive eating legend Takeru Kobayashi has shared how his career has damaged his health

#TakeruKobayashi #CompetitiveEating #ProcessedFoods

rms, to random avatar
peterbutler, avatar

@rms Similarly, as we approach one of the most devastating hurricane seasons, Florida is denying climate change exists

andrew, to random avatar

Great, now we'll get to hear from Tom Cotton again.

Claiming Henry Kissinger is your favorite anything other than war criminal, much less your favorite AUTHOR, should preclude one from holding office.

Total sicko stuff.

peterbutler, avatar

@andrew One of the absolutely worst people, but I would not complain if Trump picks him. He brings no extra voters

J_Emmert, to random avatar

I'm new and excited to be here? I've been looking for ways to be connected and have services available, but keep privacy and security top of mind. My efforts have been focused on my home network, but I'm starting to broaden that to social media. I've always had a beef with SM and have hated how irrelevant it can be.

Enter Mastodon.

In many ways this is just an experiment, but it is one that I hope takes off and is, for me, successful.

A bit about me: I'm a nerd, pure and simple. I love Star Trek, reading (anything), science/tech, DnD (Monks for the win!), woodworking, and astronomy. I'm currently looking for ways to combine hobbies (like building a 3d-printed & wood framed telescope).

I am a former member of a cult...long story. and am in a lengthy process of

Hope to meet some cool people, and engage in new ways.

peterbutler, avatar

@J_Emmert Welcome, J! I’m always impressed by people who make it out of cults, and how much determination and independence that must take

Good luck with Mastodon. I recommend following heavily to start, then paring your feed down

foser, to random avatar
peterbutler, avatar

@foser Nice write up (I noticed a typo in the first sentence: "there mere fact”)

josemurilo, to random avatar

The "wildest wild card:

The #USCopyrightOffice has repeatedly stated that works made by AIs aren't eligible for copyright, which is the exclusive purview of works of human authorship. This has been affirmed by courts.

…for any company contemplating selling an #AIgenerated work, the fact that it is born in the #PublicDomain presents a substantial hurdle, because anyone else is free to take that work and sell it or give it away."

peterbutler, avatar

@josemurilo @pluralistic I’m curious how they will define “made by AI”

What if AI writes a novel, and a human editor changes one word in every paragraph? “Made by AI?”

What if they rewrite one whole sentence in every paragraph, or simply add a few human-written paragraphs at various points. “Made by AI?”

peterbutler, to ai avatar

"There’s standard Silicon Valley hubris in the ‘move fast and break things’ mold, and then there’s whatever this is

"Trying to steamroll one of the most famous movie stars alive, one who is notably not afraid to take Disney to court (and win), and then lying to everyone about it ... well that’s another level altogether.”

from @brianmerchant


andrew, to random avatar

I have no idea what a standard bog looks like and it does me absolutely no good when you continually compare things to one.

peterbutler, avatar

@andrew Strange. For some reason, I started using the phrase “bog standard” pretty heavily this year, for no apparent reason at all. Mandela Effect!

driftglass, to random avatar
peterbutler, avatar

@driftglass It looks like you’re missing a word after “incredibly”

> Republican Party's incredibly past

Trump is not the problem. The problem is Trumpers, who are a natural evolution from Limbaugh, Savage, Gingrich, etc. — it’s been going on for at least 4 decades

dannotdaniel, (edited ) to random avatar

well, Google is officially dead for search.

I mean, look at this horseshit.

why can't we just have Pagerank, you bastards.

UPDATE: there is a way to turn this off.. by adding &udm=14 in the URL, thank you 2 ppl who replied @peterbutler 🤩 @divinekanga 🤩

peterbutler, (edited ) avatar

@dannotdaniel You can restrict Google results to “web links” and “verbatim” queries by appending the attributes udm=14 and tbs=l:1. (That will get rid of the “did you mean” results)

(edit: fixed typo in “udm”)

peterbutler, to bicycling avatar

I don’t think I realized how healthy bicycling is. Huzzah!

> A substantial body of evidence supports the health benefits of cycling, everything from strengthening the immune system to boosting the likelihood of living longer. Now, a new study finds people who are in the habit of riding a bike are significantly less likely to have osteoarthritis and experience pain in their knees by age 65, compared to people who don't bike.

#Bicycling #Research #Longevity #Health

chrislehmann, to random avatar

Alito's front-porch sedition: my latest for @thenation

peterbutler, avatar

@chrislehmann @thenation

> the message of the hoisted flag may have been intended as much to signal Alito’s continued adherence to the coup plot as to get a rise out of his vulgar liberal neighbors

That was my thought exactly. This was a message to Trump and the Trumpers that “we will help you if you can get it to the court"

ernie, (edited ) to random avatar

How I fixed Google so it doesn’t shove AI into my face anymore.

new @tedium

EDIT: Nobody cares if you use DuckDuckGo, you do you

peterbutler, avatar

@rebeccafinn @ernie Were you able to make it your default engine on Firefox desktop?

I haven’t found a way to do that yet … only via bookmark and keyword … were you able to add a new Firefox search engine on desktop?

peterbutler, avatar

@ernie @rebeccafinn That does make it simpler but … how does it work exactly?

The website automatically downloads an XML file to your local browser directory to add the utm=14 parameter for a new default search?

Is that a security risk, if the tbl dot org site gets compromised or that XML file gets corrupted? (I am not a mobile security expert, if it wasn’t obvious, lol). I guess you only need to get the file once…

Very elegant solution. Thanks for the tip!

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