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New Guinness World Record for longest distance travelled by a hydrogen powered train.

I know somebody involved with the project, and they are earnestly committed. They truly believe they can replace diesel for this application.

#technology #hydrogen #trains

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RT @njtpa #Freight studies, #transportation #technology, #transitvillage initiatives, #completestreets - and that's just the first day of our sessions at next week's #NJTransAction, New Jersey's premier transportation conference.

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@capntransit @njtpa Oh look, another white manel!

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@PedestrianError @njtpa Might even be all-Irish!

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Well, that escalated quickly (and totally predictably):

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@bsletten 😳

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@bsletten that robot company plays too much No Man's Sky

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Dog-powered vehicle (F. H. C. Mey of Buffalo. Velocipede. N° 109,644. Patented November 29, 1870).
From "Cycling art, energy and locomotion" by Robert Pittis Scott, Philadelphia: 1889 #invention #technology

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"This has long been the dream, and it seems like the platforms betting on it in various ways — Mastodon, Threads, Bluesky, Flipboard, and others — are where all the energy is, while attempts to rebuild closed systems keep hitting the rocks."

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Tesla Adjusts EV and FSD Pricing, Sparks Industry Conversation


-Tesla reduces EV and FSD prices, spurring discussions.
-Price cuts aim to boost consumer accessibility and market share.
-Musk highlights strategic adaptation to align with future tech gains.

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@newslinker certainly don't mention that sales fell through the floor 😂

tell me you're a fanboi without telling you're a fanboi

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Fiber-optic cables laid on the ocean floor and used to transmit data between continents are the backbone of the global internet, carrying the bulk of emails, webpages and video calls.
#technology #science

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An interesting thing about Jules Verne’s ”Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas”. He really followed contemporary tech and projected from it:

The book features the then freshly invented Rouquayrol-Denayrouze regulator apparatus, the first to be mass-produced (1865–1965). Nemo takes his ”guests” out for undersea excursions wearing air tanks, but in reality 19th C. technology did not allow for tanks like that. Practical scuba gear took some 80 years to become reality!

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Also what struck me as pretty amusing is that Verne pokes fun at his previous work by having his cantankerous harpooner Ned Land say, that believing in a giant whale is as preposterous as travels to the center of the Earth or people being whisked away on a comet., avatar’s one thing that consistently showed up in my work as a software engineer over the decades. Spaghetti.

Spaghetti code is easier to write than maintain, and in doing software archaeology (yes, it’s a thing), I’ve encountered numerous reasons for it. Requirements creep is one of the largest reasons.

In fact, the first real software archaeology I did was explained, proudly, as being a product of someone walking in and telling the developer, “Wouldn’t it be nice if…”. Of course, nobody wrote anything down, and by the time I got to it the software was 25 years old and didn’t even have a brochure. People were still walking in and saying, “Wouldn’t it be nice if…”. Meanwhile, the company was required to follow standard software processes because it was required for contracts.

So I learned, from good teachers and a few bad ones, about Software Configuration Management, Software Quality Assurance, and Software Testing. There were reasons we did things a certain way. Our project configuration management contained everything needed to rewrite the software from scratch, including every single tool. I’d actually done a backup of a development pc after writing down the hardware specifications of the system and handed that in because quality assurance had to be able to take the same stuff and rebuild the same software so that it could be tested.

From scratch. And it had to pass the same tests. From scratch.

What I saw in other companies after that was never at that level, and on the surface it seemed ridiculous. However, any software engineer worth their weight in skittles has been screwed over by a platform changing underneath the code. Windows was infamous for it, though I did encounter it in an Apple shop as well. Your code hasn’t changed, but some update suddenly had you in the middle of bug city without even a flip flop. Microsoft has been notorious about that, with their version back in the day called DLL Hell. It’s just their (old) version of dependency hell.

I never had the problem with *nix systems, though when open source became popular and everyone started using that in their code, *nix systems started to get it too. People blamed the open source, but it was really 2 things that caused the problem.

(1) Bad Configuration Management (if it even existed!) and
(2) Taking the open source project for granted.

Open Source projects that are done voluntarily are completely outside the control of a company, but having an open dialog and even sending some money for pizzas and beer can avoid issues. Even with all of that, volunteers are fickle, so having in house expertise on projects becomes as important as how important the projects are to a company’s software. A company doesn’t really know this, though, when they don’t have software configuration management for their projects – so you end up with spaghetti projects, or as I call it, “Spaghetti Configuration Management”.

Toss in the developers that are copying and pasting from Stack Overflow, or now GPT, dash in employee turnover, where expertise is lost, and you get software entropy. Talking about software entropy causes the eyes of pointy haired bosses to roll to the back of their heads, so instead we talk about technical debt, because one thing businesses understand is debt.

Over the years, companies I worked for were at various stages of technical debt. It’s a real thing, and the startups that survived long enough to get to the point of technical debt were the worst because of the culture shift needed: Documenting things, tracking things, and making sure that the knowledge stayed within the company. I can say with good conscience that I left every company better off than when I left it, sometimes because of the company, sometimes despite the company.

So we get to the article, “Hidden Tech Debt: The Importance Of Better Updates For Commercial Software“, which I came across through the author on Mastodon. It tackles the one thing I didn’t write about here: commercial software dependencies and lack of accountability in that, which is a bigger problem than we might think.

#dependencyHell #SCM #softwareArchaeology #softwareEngineering #softwareEntropy #softwareRot #spaghettiCode #SQA #technicalDebt #Technology


At Smart Tech Ideas, we believe in making technology accessible to everyone. Explore our range of user-friendly gadgets today! #Technology #Accessibility #SmartTech
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@ahmadhanif768ali Something has eaten your image alt text:

! . g el | S pi & -3 T AT _ ' L) r» A - DEID \ AR . h ) = v ";‘., ;-

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A few tech Magazines (topical feeds of content) for this Follow Friday, including collections about the internet of things, EVs, and the AI economy.

NE{x}TW0RK, by Dustin LaPres — @ne

Apple Vision Pro, by Scott Kleinberg — @apple

EVs and Autonomous Vehicles by Scott Monty — @evs

The AI Economy by Ken Yeung — @the

Cybersec by Allen Westley, @cybersec

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The Internet was done so well that most people think of it as a natural resource like the Pacific Ocean, rather than something that was man-made. When was the last time a technology with a scale like that was so error-free? The Web, in comparison, is a joke. The Web was done by amateurs.

-- Alan Kay

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And introducing the new disturbingly scary Atlas…
Please don’t give it a gun. (Unless it’s fighting for Ukraine.)

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I have a lot of special characters memorized (ALT-[key] for windows and long presses for Android) but why is it so needlessly difficult to Google each one individually? Surely someone, somewhere must have compiled a good table of all of them. It would sure come in handy.

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Oh really? This might indicate some issue with your system, as Charmap is a tiny utility loading a small font file. Good to hear you have a workaround, though.

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I think one issue with tables is the size of current Unicode alphabets, but there's always Wikipedia:

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"I find my feelings about AI are actually pretty similar to my feelings about blockchains: they do a poor job of much of what people try to do with them, they can't do the things their creators claim they one day might, and many of the things they are well suited to do may not be altogether that beneficial."

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Nice response by to the self-entitled techbros who think they should be given slack for bad products.

“Do Bad Reviews Kill Companies?”

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@drahardja @mekkaokereke “all that a review does is accelerate what was already going on” <— exactly!

Microsoft’s G42 deal puts UAE in America’s AI tent (

The United Arab Emirates likes to think of itself as a sort of Switzerland of the Gulf. Microsoft’s (MSFT.O), opens new tab $1.5 billion stake in Abu Dhabi artificial intelligence company G42, announced opens new tab on Tuesday, shows the limits of remaining a neutral counterparty of the United States and China, especially...

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@craigbrownphd I'm thinking of signing up for this. I typically do a lot of coding questions (Copilot which i pay for via github) but I also do a lot of writing, idea/image generation and ideas.

How would you rank Gemini Advanced, GPT Plus and Copilot Pro

How would anyone else out their rank them?

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When the staff-less shop is actually staffed by under-paid distant workers, we know the information technology revolution is a lot less 'new' than it appears.

Its the same old worker exploitation, just wearing different clothes & speaking a different dialect...

As I argued in my 2002 book on the Information Society, the info tech 'revolution' may change the quantitative character of capitalism but it leaves its underlying form & logic untouched.

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@ChrisMayLA6 Exploitation disguised as convenience? I think I've heard that one before ...

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The Gramophone: A simple and beautifully engineered vintage wind up machine that plays music without using any electrical power at all. Our HMV was made in 1935, still looks and works a treat, and we love it to bits! Judge for yourself!

Our beautiful vintage HMV gramophone playing a bit of Glenn Miller!

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I wish smartphones were designed with batteries that pop out. So when the battery gets old you just pop in a new one, like replacing a battery in a flashlight or something similar. It would be less expensive for the consumer and also more environmentally friendly. Both of those things are probably why it will never happen but I can still dream. 😂

#technology #phone #smartphone #design #tech #ewaste #Electronics #Capitalism

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@noellemitchell may be what you are looking for.

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@sennoma I've seen the Fairphone before but as far as I know it's not available in the US. Which is disappointing.

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Modder made an IRC client that runs entirely inside the motherboard’s BIOS chip

Phillip Tennen, developer of the open-source axleOS, has recently decided to use what he learned from that project to create an IRC client that runs entirely within the UEFI pre-boot environment, with no operating system required. This “UEFIRC” is n ...continues


#BIOS #IRC #technology

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That's fantastic :blobcatjustright:

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