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Husband, father, grandfather, follower of Jesus, but very much a work in progress.

Retired software developer, visiting lecturer, IETF editor. Likes repairability. BTW I use arch.

Hobbies: reading, blogging, running, sailing.

Delighted to live in Winchester, UK. Involved in a local church.

Banner: Derwent Water
Profile picture: Dorset coast

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Gargron, to random
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Bad and naughty iPhones get put into The iPhone Wiggler


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@Gargron Is there a tl;dw (watch) for this? 😉

ben, to random
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Something went crunch in my back on Tuesday and I’ve been recovering ever since. Yesterday was the peak, but I was relieved to find that it’s a bit better today. Once this goes away, I’m going to take the wake-up call - for higher fitness, lower weight on my bones - very seriously. I’ve been taking my body working well for granted.

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@ben Get well soon! I highly recommend couch to 5k.

sotolf, to random
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I really hate a11y and other similar stupid shortening, it's so much easier just to write out accessibility it's so annoying, and how are you supposed to guess those shortcuts?

underlap, (edited )
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@sotolf A similar abbreviation that initially threw me, and that I still find annoying, is "w/" for "with", as if (touch-)typing "ith" is so much effort.

Hopefully text is read many more times than it is written, so the onus should be on writers to communicate clearly rather than save a few characters.


sotolf, to random
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I do really need a numberpad on my keyboard, I've been at work for less than an hour and have already typed in 1000+ digits, you can't really do that comfortably and accurately from the numberrow.

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@sotolf Amazing! I would love the numeric keypad too, if I was right-handed.

jhpratt, to random
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@frameworkcomputer laptop received! 64 GB of RAM and a 2 TB SSD later, there's definitely a bit of a learning curve on my first new (personal) laptop in a few years.

Manufacturing tolerances were decent, though the trackpad did have the edges curved up slightly. A small amount of force got it to be within my expectations. There is essentially zero gap between the spacers and trackpad module, which is awesome. My only "surprise", so to speak is that the top of the lower spacers have a hard edge.

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@jhpratt Which OS/distro are you using?

ben, to fediverse
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There's no good way to prevent AI models from being trained on art published on the fediverse. But there's work we can do to prevent it and protect the artists who post there. https://werd.io/2024/protecting-artists-on-the-fediverse

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@williampietri @ben @Gargron On blocking AI web crawlers, my post and project below may be of interest:



AndyScott, to random
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I probably need an alt where I can (respectfully) gripe about all the nonsense.

Trying my best to reign it (or at least lie to myself about feeling positive) on Fosstodon results in not saying much at all... Of course my apologies to the 2 people worldwide who actually read before ;)

Anyway, can my friends of the fedi recommend any particular instances?

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@AndyScott What Fosstodon rules do you feel are constraining you? I don't remember anything against griping...

underlap, to random
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Updated my /now page with progress on the challenging Kazuo Ishiguro book I'm currently reading:

Gammitin, to random
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Been car shopping for the past two days (not for me, my Wife), it's so draining, way too many options and ifs, buts and maybes). Also why the heck are petrol cars only apparently available in 1.0, 1.3 or 1.4L (I'm in the UK) 🤷‍♂️

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@Gammitin Why do you want a larger engine? My car has a 1.4 litre engine, but has good acceleration and speed (e.g. on a German autobahn) and yet can give 60 MPG on a long run.

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@Gammitin She needs to read the performance figures.

danyork, to Bulgaria
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Join the Global Encryption Coalition (GEC) Steering Committee in calling on Ministers in the Council of the EU to reject all scanning proposals inconsistent with the principle of end-to-end encryption, including client-side scanning and upload moderation. Sign the petition👇:

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@danyork I was considering signing the petition, but since I am not a cybersecurity expert and the text says:

"The undersigned organizations, companies, and cybersecurity experts, ..."

I cannot.

timbray, to random
@timbray@cosocial.ca avatar

Systems: The Purpose of a System is What It Does - Anil Dash https://www.anildash.com//2024/05/29/systems-the-purpose-of-a-system/

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@timbray So the purpose of the UK government trying to send asylum seekers to Rwanda is to strengthen support for the Tory party among racist and xenophobic groups. Makes sense.

The stated purpose is "stop the boats". Some take this to mean "stop the suffering and death of asylum seekers crossing the English Channel in small boats". Others take it to mean "stop asylum seekers".

A better system would provide a safe and legal way for people to seek asylum in the UK. Labour: do the right thing!

0xjessel, to random

fun time today answering all the questions in todays @lifeatmeta AMA! check out the full AMA in the post below.

one fun fact: i recently found an old homework assignment from 6th grade where i said i wanted to be an EM when i grow up 😅

RE: https://www.threads.net/@lifeatmeta/post/C7j-X9DvQij

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Asked over on Threads so @0xjessel will see it:

Sorry I missed your AMA. Did anyone ask about progress on federating with the Fediverse? Seems like it could easily be starved of resources given what else is going on.

underlap, to rust
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Started another little Rust project with rustup update and cargo new .... I just love Rust's tooling.

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Next step was to commit and push the new project, before any hand edits.

Then add CI to build and test.

Then add the usual stuff:

  • License
  • Contributors' guide
  • Community guidelines
  • .editorconfig
  • Copyright header in .rs source file(s)
    because, why not? This may stay a one-person project, but it might not.

Next step: write some actual code, tests, and docs.

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So my project needs a fairly simple HTTP server. So much choice:

  • std::net::TcpListener
  • hyper
  • warp
  • Rocket
  • tide

I'm tempted to start with warp as I like the functional approach and I want to write decent tests.

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Started looking at hyper, warp, and axum, but loading a file at server startup and sharing that across handlers is a common source of friction. I may have to resort to lazy static, but https://docs.rs/axum/latest/axum/#sharing-state-with-handlers might be a cleaner solution.

ben, to random
@ben@werd.social avatar

We’re being asked to align ourselves with some weird ideological lines. But the killing has to stop. Thoughts on Gaza: https://werd.io/2024/can-we-at-least-agree-that-killing-is-wrong

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@ben I agree. The Israeli response to the Hamas attack on 7 October 2023 could have been limited and proportionate, but soon went way beyond that while failing to achieve its stated objectives. Israel has lost any moral authority it might once have had. The international community is slowly starting to distance itself from Israel. It's time for Benjamin Netanyahu to stand down and for Israel to pursue a peaceful solution.

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underlap, to threads
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Every time I dip into Threads it's a complete and utter waste of time. They'd better up their game before they finish implementing federation. 😂

ben, to technology
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"While young Taiwanese users discuss everything from relationships to celebrity gossip on Threads, the app has gradually become a gathering space for progressives." #Technology https://werd.io/view/665611b88daf0a60c802e4f2

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@ben I'm glad someone finds Threads useful.

sotolf, to random
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So here is what @Mojeek has to say about me... Seriously? So they are actively making death threats? This is really kind of scary, how is this a "good" feature?

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@sotolf @Mojeek That's terrible. (I checked and DDG's search results were harmless.)

sandboxgeneral, to archlinux
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paccache command from the pacman-contrib package is a wonderful command. I just cleared over 6GB of cache from / with the command.


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@sandboxgeneral Thanks. I just reclaimed 22 GB.

wader, to random
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Yesterday I read the recently published JSONPath RFC (RFC9535) and listening to an interview with one of the creators of SQL https://www.datacamp.com/podcast/50-years-of-sql-with-don-chamberlin and worst of all i poked around in sqlite code to figure out how the scheme table works...guess I just have to accept that I'm a query language nerd.

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@wader Function arguments are not limited to singular queries.

The example in the spec:

$[?count(@.*) == 1]

has an argument of type NodesType that can take a general (non-singular) query.

(The line you quoted from the spec was intended to remind readers that singular-query is included in filter-query.)

Make sense?

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@wader Yes. Yes. Unfortunately there is no reference implementation.

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