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NLP (the nerdy kind). Wrong-half Jew. Privilege-traitor.
Linguist. Empiricist. Rager against machines. formerly #indymedia
Also, #comics, #SFF #scifi, languages, big data, algorithms, software design, and more, including #EthicalAI

#WestSeattle #Duwamish unceded land

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inquiline, to random
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The LA Times laid off most of its staff and it shows:

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@inquiline oof that is a terrible headline

"Romanticize my life" would be to spice up my memoirs with a little light embroidery

Not "add romance to my life"

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@seachanger @inquiline

Oh God I hope you're wrong and I hate that you're probably right

LALegault, to random
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First it was sealife, and now the ravens and the wolves have joined forces, and this co-hunting strategy is so cool:

A zoology prof’s tiktok series on animals

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The ravens babysit the cubs!

mhoye, to random
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Counterargument: the real reason software productivity metrics are widely disliked and considered to be not useful is because they're used to measure developers, not their managers or leaders.

We all like to talk about outliers but on average, a bugs is a bug. On average, the average engineering team is average.

The engineering team is where you can measure the work, but the responsibility and accountability for making sure that work is productive and meaningful belongs to leadership.

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Feels like a corollary of Goodhart's Law


danhon, to random
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“I’ve been busy a la Nick Fury assembling an Avengers-style team of contributors, the kind of big names from media activism and Hollywood that will blow your mind,” he said.

Pretty sure Nick and the Avengers wouldn't have signed up with a bunch of Nazi enablers, Mehdi

(Hasan's Zeteo is built with Substack)


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OTOH it's also believable that Sam Jackson's Fury made some shady back room compromises with HYDRA to get SHIELD off the ground (helicarrier pun accidental but welcome).

paninid, to technology
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“It is absurdly improbable that you can hoover up the internet, shred it, then talk to the mulch pile and it talks back.”

https://interconnected.org/home/2024/02/21/adams via @genmon

#technology #DouglasAdams #ProductManagement #storytelling

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@paninid @genmon

I love this description so much

trochee, (edited ) to random
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Ugh I just spent two hours trying to get parental controls set up on a PS5 for my kid

It's such a bad UX. I think I've now gotten it into the state where it doesn't believe I'm an adult either

ryanrandall, to random
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Okay, fine, "gender" if that's what you want.

But how does one even conjugate "gender"?

That's the crucial question too few have tried answering!

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@ryanrandall agendum, agenda

Therefore gendum, genda

Or maybe gend, gender, genderest?

divya, to random
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Extremely wild I am getting these gen z created insta ads for the right wing slate trying to capture the SF DCCC but I have not seen any insta ads for the others.

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@divya I heard Meta was suppressing "political" speech

And defined it as (I paraphrase) "activism towards anything besides the status quo"

This feels like it could have some explanatory power here

trochee, to random
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Seen elsewhere on fediverse

> the living embodiment of "there is no war in Ba Sing Se!"
> Only it's claiming "there's no racism/antisemitism/transphobia on Fedi"

stevelieber, to random
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We need to figure out a way to train LLMs exclusively on this.

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@stevelieber OMG a blast from the past

trochee, to random
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My favorite* thing is when engineering managers and product managers ping me in work chat threads with just a single word, like

> Hello Jeremy

Because even if I respond, i then sit there waiting while they type out their thoughts

It's a synchronous medium, people! At least do me the courtesy of typing a content-ful subject line into the first gambit

It's the work equivalent of a text that says

> We need to talk

and then going dark for an hour

*not my favorite

offby1, to random
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There's a saying, “The future is here, it just isn't evenly distributed" (paraphrased).

I totally see that with deployment safety and operational excellence too.

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@offby1 that's a William Gibson quote IIRC, and it is so widely useful

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also those specific areas of software (deployment and operations) are frequently ignored by the same people who think they're The Future

the Move Fast and Break Things crowd
the Let's Reinvent Social Science crowd, and
the {Blockchain,VR,AI}-Will-Do-The-Hard-Part crowd

(those last two are often licensed/enabled by the I Have A PhD So I Know How To Release Software Safely crowd; ask me how I know)

trochee, to random
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Drove through Spanaway, which I previously knew only as a Neko Case lyric, near JBLM military base

On a side street, I saw one of those siege-engine scale pickup trucks, in bright white coming towards me

You know the ones; they can hide a small adult in their kill zone in front

Except this one had, on left & right front bumper, right at waist height, numbers

It looked like this from the front

88 88

Yes, it had "88" emblazoned on the kill bumper. Twice.

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mhoye, to random
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You won’t find it in any of those kind, well meaning books about the art of this or the zen of that but let me tell you, absolutely resenting the workmanship you’re dealing with when you need to tear it out and replace it is also a powerful motivator.

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@gvwilson @mhoye

Rage-mending is a great phrase

trochee, to random
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Sign captures my mood

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"No, no — shift left!"

chrisamaphone, to random
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science fiction set in a very small solar system called Sierpinski, with a star {*} and a single planet ∅

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travel to other systems is accomplished by traversing the Gasket

trochee, to random
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This toot captures a tiny bit of the fun and potential for satire behind generative language art, back before the extractive VC pirates descended


trochee, to random
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> If as a VC you REALLY want software eating the world, you also need devs eager to cook that world



trochee, to random
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It's an awkward tragedy, to see a smart guy get so, so close to getting it and then veer off at the last second


KFosterMarks, to random
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Lit reviewing "developer experience" as a construct and earliest thing I found in initial search is from Fagerholm and Münch(2012):

F. Fagerholm and J. Münch, "Developer experience: Concept and definition," 2012 International Conference on Software and System Process (ICSSP), Zurich, Switzerland, 2012, pp. 73-77, doi: 10.1109/ICSSP.2012.6225984.

It doesn't reference any existing literature on developer experience. Google ngram also shows a HUGE spike in "developer experience" mentions in 2013.

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tess, to random
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AI is biased because reality is biased.

ML gives you a picture of the world as it is - or rather the subset of the world in its training data, the selection and labeling of which also introduces bias.

All ML can ever do, therefore, is reproduce existing biases; it does this automatically and by default.

ML can never be made unbiased because you would have to account for every structural inequality specifically. At that point you might as well just have a person do it.

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@Vrimj @tess

For the executive class, the true temptation of all these things that claim to be on the road to "AGI"…

… is that they don't organize, collect a salary, take vacations, say no to your latest idea, or ask to be treated with respect

To the barons of capital, there is nothing more exciting than the prospect of an empire of their own, with a staff of servile, obedient simulacra.

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