News and discussions about technology

Urine-powered nanobots shrink bladder cancer tumors in mice by 90% (

Researchers have developed a novel way to treat bladder cancer. Powered by urea, a waste substance found in urine, nanobots propel themselves to and penetrate the tumor to deliver their onboard radioactive treatment. After one dose, tumors in mouse models shrank by almost 90%, opening the door to a promising alternative...

Reddit Falls Short of Ad Growth Targets Ahead of Likely 2024 IPO (

If the market for initial public offerings recovers in the new year, one company that aims to go public early on is Reddit. An IPO will put the spotlight on the prospects for Reddit’s advertising business, which has fallen short of ambitious growth targets outlined by executives two years ago....

How Big is YouTube? (

I got interested in this question a few years ago, when I started writing about the “denominator problem”. A great deal of social media research focuses on finding unwanted behavior – mis/disinformation, hate speech – on platforms. This isn’t that hard to do: search for “white genocide” or “ivermectin” and...

Google might already be replacing some Ad sales jobs with AI (

Google is wrapping its head around the idea of being a generative AI company. The "code red" called in response to ChatGPT has had Googlers scrambling to come up with AI features and ideas. Once all the dust settles on that work, Google might turn inward and try to "optimize" the company with some of its new AI capabilities....

Mold of the internet: This Clunky Chinese Disinformation Effort Has Spread Everywhere (

When a Twitter account for Utah business coach Spencer Taggart began posting about hot-button political issues in 2020, it garnered widespread attention. Tweets about an endemic cultural divide in the US and support for Black Lives Matter were shared by two Chinese embassy officials....

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