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Grades for the quarter submitted! My worst teaching year ever has now ended, and I get the summer to forget about it, and look forward to better teaching in the autumn. Hooray! #higherEducation #teaching

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If you are in , do you encourage or discourage the use of among your students? If you encourage it, how do you ensure that the students are still learning the fundamentals?

Using ChatGPT in the classroom

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Teacher: You have detention tomorrow at break time.

Student: Okay. See you then.


Student arrives more than halfway through the detention

Teacher: Where have you been?

Student points to his mouth

Teacher: Hanging out in the school cafeteria is no excuse for skipping your detention. You'll have a makeup detention tomorrow.

Student: SERIOUSLY?!

#education #teaching #teacherlife #edutoot @edutooters

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I've been on here a few years, probably time for an #introduction!

I #TeachEcon, #economics, and #degrowth because it's what I know.

I discuss #ClimateChange and #USPolitics because I believe they are important (and #VoteBlue for the same reason).

I research #teaching, pedagogy, and grades because incentives matter, especially in #education.

I read and #AmWriting #fantasy and #SciFi just for the fun of it.

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Our #SciComp / #HPC kickstart course starts tomorrow at 12:00 EEST / 11:00 CEST. It is livestream, so anyone can watch with no questions asked. Register for the Q&A document, even if you aren't at #AaltoUniversity (and we teach so that it's useful to others too).

Day 1: basic background and examples. Day 2-3: Using a cluster.
#ScientificComputing #teaching

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Good news everyone!

"ChatGPT Edu, powered by GPT-4o, is designed for universities to responsibly integrate AI into academic and campus operations. This advanced AI tool supports text and vision reasoning, data analysis, and offers enterprise-level security."

Based on everything we know about AI, I am sure nothing could possibly go wrong with this new tool to integrate it into our #teaching and campus operations more broadly.
/Obvious sarcasm

@academicchatter #HigherEd

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This video warms my heart. Cussing is good for the soul, and it’s empowering.

To folks who get angry about this, my advance retort is that I’d rather have young girls learning to cuss than learning to be door mats.



#Cussing #Swearing #SignLanguage #Teaching #FemaleEmpowerment #StrongGirls #TheyAreJustWords

Two young girls in the grass, facing each other. One is teaching the other sign language for what they’re saying.

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Season 1 of the Galactic Cow launched in 2023, and we're starting work on Season 2. It's a great time to revisit your favorite episodes, or listen for the first time. If you are interested in what role education could play in our growth as a species ♥

(PS - you should definitely subscribe to our Substack!)

#EmergentStrategy #Education #HigherEd #AdultEducation #Teaching #Learning #Transformation #Joy
#Imagination #Teacher @edutooters @edutooter @teaching

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Season 1 of the Galactic Cow launched in 2023, and we're starting work on Season 2. It's a great time to revisit your favorite episodes, or listen for the first time. If you are interested in what role education could play in our growth as a species ♥

(PS - you should definitely subscribe to our Substack!)

#EmergentStrategy #Education #HigherEd #AdultEducation #Teaching #Learning #Transformation #Joy
#Imagination #Teacher @edutooters @edutooter @teaching

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My son's grade 6 teacher is leaning full tilt into the "embarrass you in front of the class for benign requests/mistakes" method of authoritarian #teaching.

I'm caught between wanting to call her out on it, vs, not wanting to make things worse for him since she seems like the retaliatory type. And there's only 1 month left in the school year.


#parenting #school

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Honestly, just be kind to your students and you're vastly more inclusive than 75% of other educators in higher ed.

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The recording of the 2024 Sue and Harry Bovay Lecture in the History & Ethics of Engineering is now live!

Jon Leydens (Colorado School of Mines) spoke about social context & public welfare in engineering curricula and how we can better include these topics in engineering education.

#philosophy #ethics #sts #engineeringEthics #engineeringEducation #cornell #teaching #sotl

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Good news on open access to my works on bilingualism, the research area related to my teaching, child-raising, and using Japanese for over 40 years. I was interviewed by The Japan Times on #bilingual #education for a forthcoming paywalled article. It was a long interview, and usually a newspaper article uses only short passages from one individual. However, the #Japan Association for #Language #Teaching Bilingualism Special Interest Group (#JALT #Bilingualism SIG) would like to publish the full interview in its newsletter Bilingual Japan. Everyone should be able to read that as I back it up in research repositories. The tentative title is "English Education and Bilingual Education in Japan."

My publications on bilingualism have been backed up mostly at Academia Edu, which is not so easy to access anymore [any comment?], so I've added links to the original sources of articles, which are open access, at

#BilingualEducation #OpenAccess
@linguistics @edutooters

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Courtney Gore, the co-host of a right-wing online talk show, won a seat on a Texas school board on the basis that she would undo leftist indoctrination and get rid of educational materials with inappropriate messages about sexuality and race. Then she took office and actually read the curriculum, finding that the subject matter simply taught children “how to be a good friend, a good human.” The Texas Tribune talked to her about why she ran for office, what she thinks is behind the push to take over school boards, and the backlash she's faced since speaking out against the ultra-right element of the Republican party.

#Schools #BookBans @bookstodon #Education #Teaching #Texas #Parenting #Children #SchoolVouchers

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Uncited generative AI use by students in coursework

I teach a course where I allow the use of generative AI. My university rules allow this and the students are instructed that they must cite the use of generative AI. I have set the same Laboratory Report coursework for the last two years. And students submit their work through TurnItIn. so I can see what the TurnItIn Ai checker is reporting.

#academia #AI #generativeAI #teaching #education

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  • his evolution from teacher to dad to business owner
  • how he met his wife, Erin Feher of REPCO
  • moving to the Outer Richmond
  • making vegan donuts and more!

Up now at the link in our bio. Also available wherever you get your . Thanks!

📸 Jeff Hunt

Butterfly Joint and Café
Tools hang on the wall at Butterfly Joint and Café
Tools hang on the wall at Butterfly Joint and Café

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Cactus flower. A one-day show 💚 #bloomscrolling #gardening #teaching #libraries

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Principal: Hi. I'm looking for the new student, Susan.

Teacher: Yes, I told her about the afternoon snacks. Maybe she went to go get some toast and jam.

Principal: Uh, where's the food again?

Teacher: In...the cafeteria?

Principal: Oh, right! I'll go look for her there.

#education #teaching #teacherlife #edutoot @edutooters

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Teacher: My room's heater is broken.

Manager: We don't have any other classrooms for you.

Teacher: What about that one, that one over there, or the other 4-5 free rooms?

Manager: As I said, go find somewhere else, like the public study room.

Teacher: You want me to teach my history lessons in a big, open public space where kids are running around, talking, and playing on their phones?

Manager: We don't have any other free classrooms.

#education #teaching #teacherlife #edutoot @edutooters

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The "SIFT" strategy for spotting mis/disinformation:

(S)top & reflect before reacting
(I)nvestigate source
(F)ind trustworthy sources
(T)race the origin of the claim


[source: BBC]

#misinformation #disinformation #criticalthinking #education #teaching @edutooters

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Something I keep coming back to as a teacher and learner is Papert's concept of "Objects to Think With". In some ways, math for me is simply a collection of objects to think with. The guitar, too. Card games. The Rubik's cube. A basketball. And a simple way to be a lifelong learner is to continually seek out new objects to think with.

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Hey #library / #archives / #oralHistory friends!

I'm teaching a new #class "Solidarity Memory Work"

We'll learn about #solidarity #movements in allied professions (academic history, journalism, etc.) then discuss (1) how to actively #document and #preserve current movements and organizations, and (2) activate that #records already in #collections to motivate and guide contemporary organizers

Join us?

#memoryWork #archivists #teaching

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Happy Friday!

Still looking for more examples of coding/tech tutorials like these:

This could even be a site/blog of its own!

stefan, avatar

Also, this article was, in part, prompted by the current @glitchdotcom code jam:

If you like teaching, or perhaps want to give it a try for the first time, be sure to join it, it'll be fun!

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Idaho State University is hiring a Director of #Teaching, #Learning, & #Assessment :

If you're a good fit, consider becoming my (boss's boss's) boss!

#InstructionalDesign #EdTech #onlineLearning

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