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Just bought the "How Git Works Zine by @b0rk 💪

Although I feel pretty comfortable using advanced Git features at my daily work, I will probably learn something new and consolidate my knowledge (or correct wrong assumptions).

And of course if will probably help to explain some Git phenomenons to colleagues and friends. 😊

Thank you very much for your valuable work in this zine, @b0rk

Here's a link to the Git zine: https://wizardzines.com/zines/git/

#git #zine #education #learning #software #programming

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I use @flipboard for the following reasons. 1. I enjoy the content it serves. 2. It helps me broaden my horizons. 3. I enjoy making magazines that matter and I take great pride in curating each and every one of them. 4. I love the community. I hope #flipboard stays the same as always, providing good and educational content for all. #reading #learning #education #curation #flipboardusergroup

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« Cultura Come Fatto Sociale » (Learning As A Social Matter) by William Girometti

🔗 · https://poligraf.tumblr.com/post/727846412949307392/learning-as-a-social-matter-by-william


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Starting to read another book in the art of writing. This time with "Course of Creative Writing". I discovered that book online, hope it will be so good!

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The brain can store nearly 10 times more data than previously thought, study confirms, by Emily Cooke
published 6/4/24

Scientists harnessed a new method to precisely measure the amount of information the brain can store, and it could help advance our understanding of learning.

"...Measuring the precision of synaptic plasticity has proven difficult in the past, as has measuring how much information any given synapse can store. The new study changes that.

To measure synaptic strength and plasticity, the team harnessed information theory, a mathematical way of understanding how information is transmitted through a system. This approach also enables scientists to quantify how much information can be transmitted across synapses, while also taking account of the "background noise" of the brain..."


You can memorize more than you think you can, apparently.

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I'm going to learn some dutch for our Netherlands holiday but I really hate the_owl but then I don't want to pay loads for anything else either.

Can folks point me to #Language #Learning places?

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How the Brain Processes Different Components of Language - Moving beyond neural localization of language. Posted May 28, 2024

"...This is in line with recent ideas about a "cortical mosaic" architecture for linguistic structure within overlapping portions of posterior temporal and inferior frontal cortices for processing demands that bias syntactic and semantic computations, whereby, for example, effects of composition can be found within a narrow strip of tissue within the broader lexicality-sensitive cortical sites (a spatial mosaic), or where different demands of sentence-level inferential semantics can be detected over closely overlapping temporal windows within a small area of cortex (a spatiotemporal mosaic)..."


Your brain is a big interconnected mosaic, not a nice neat clearly labeled filing cabinet, lol.

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Here's a tip for sharing new ideas from individual conference attendees to a shared resource that can be used by everyone


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Season 1 of the Galactic Cow launched in 2023, and we're starting work on Season 2. It's a great time to revisit your favorite episodes, or listen for the first time. If you are interested in what role education could play in our growth as a species ♥

(PS - you should definitely subscribe to our Substack!)

#EmergentStrategy #Education #HigherEd #AdultEducation #Teaching #Learning #Transformation #Joy
#Imagination #Teacher @edutooters @edutooter @teaching


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Season 1 of the Galactic Cow launched in 2023, and we're starting work on Season 2. It's a great time to revisit your favorite episodes, or listen for the first time. If you are interested in what role education could play in our growth as a species ♥

(PS - you should definitely subscribe to our Substack!)

#EmergentStrategy #Education #HigherEd #AdultEducation #Teaching #Learning #Transformation #Joy
#Imagination #Teacher @edutooters @edutooter @teaching


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Is growing your Dev/Ops skills important to you? Then my free, no-fluff newsletter will give you inspiration! It comes every Monday morning with my Mentor Monologue (a column on a specific topic I pick for each week), news from my DevOps community of practice "The Server Room", and a bunch of links to interesting engineering articles.

Subscribe for free: https://monospacementor.com/devops-know-how/

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I’m planning and preparing a new book, about rote learning HTML and CSS. (Will add the draft cover!)

Double question!

  1. Is “rote learning” clear?

  2. Would you be interested in such a book?

#html #css #learning

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Why would I work on #learning #CSS when I can look at interesting posts on #Mastodon instead? :blobcatlaugh: :blobcatcode:

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Another Thursday - another round of new lists! Additions this week:

  • Clothes as a vocabulary list in multiple languages 🇪🇸🇨🇳🇫🇷🇩🇪🇬🇧🇯🇵
  • Fiction Books & Authors as a general knowledge list

Download #StudySnacks for free from the App Store:
#learning #app #languagelearning

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Bourque Bearskin & Victoria Dick of are currently working on creating a , “from the ground up”, called the & program for .

For Bourque Bearskin and Dick, the work they’ve been doing over the last few years, including the development of the , is better aligning with the principles of .


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I've been a little suspicious that almost everything I wrote in Chinese, ChatGPT said was 👍 .
However, today my faith was reaffirmed when ChatGPT corrected me when I wrote 我出家。

ChatGPT: "出家" usually means to become a monk or nun, which might not be the intended meaning.

Bwahaha. Would've made an interesting diary entry though.

But what's encouraging though is that I seemed to have internalised Chinese grammar ... mostly.

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In the first of what they hope will become regular , Grade 9 from Maani Ulujuk Ilinniarvik school in explored figures & conflicts and how they relate to values.

A fair is like a science fair but for , said teacher Sarah Bruckschwaiger.


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We have capacity! WAO is looking for new and exciting projects. We work at the intersection of #technology, #community and #learning, designing and developing learning programmes, badge ecosystems, digital transformation, better processes and a whole lot more. We work for social-good organisations large and small. Get in touch! https://weareopen.coop/

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So I wrote a rest API for a note app to learn the language. The code looks horrible I guess but I learned a lot about rust.

I used rocket to do so, now I just need an frontend properly written with clap or ratatui.

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Dear 🧠​ Hive Mind,

what do you consider currently the most convincing or most effective experimental paradigm to probe episodic memory?

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Let’s discuss certain unwritten rules about reading, and #flipboard flipping etiquette.

  1. Put yourself in the reader’s position. Flip what they want to read.
  2. Your readers may be following several magazines, don’t inundate them with the same article. That’s spammy
  3. Flipboard is a reading and discovery experience. No one cares how old your article is.
  4. Do share last year’s 4th of July recipes, if they are good and useful I will share them
  5. I think it’s time group magazines put a few flipping policies in place.
    I’ll come up with suggestions next post. #flipboardusergroup #community #flipboardmatters #content #reading #learning
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New content alert! 🚨

Every Thursday Study Snacks gets new lists. Since I was in Italy last week, the lists of this week are inspired by my trip:

  • Regions of Italy 🌍
  • Roman Gods ⚡️

Available now in the app!


#learning #languagelearning #iphone #indiedev

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