Heavy metal und Fuppes! ❤️⚽🐐 🔥🤘

Bock auf -> Familie, Fußball, Politik, Umwelt, Bildung, Musik (Metal, Rock), Konzerte...

#metal #effzeh #nufc #livemusik

Band -> ¡TrODD!

...Demos: https://www.youtube.com/@trodd1705

#trodd #songwriting #recording #reaper

Beruflich -> selbstständiger Händler (D/AUT) für Spielplatzgeräte, Stadtmobiliar, Sonnenschutz, Fallschutz etc.

...mehr: https://www.spielplatzgeraete-goedde.eu und http://www.larslaj.de

#spielplatz #larslaj #freiflächen #playground

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ruedi, to random German
ruedi, to random German
ruedi, to Law German

'The Supreme Court Must Be Stopped

The court is fundamentally antidemocratic—and the only way to limit the damage it can do is to reduce its power, budget, and lack of accountability.'

Very good article Elie Mystal, Justice correspondent & columnist.

#scotus #supremecourt #law #democracy #jurisdiction


TheMetalDog, to random
@TheMetalDog@mastodon.social avatar

Nice 😎 🤘🏼 🔊

Free_Press, to news
@Free_Press@mstdn.social avatar

The US Senate has released a bipartisan $118 billion draft bill, which would provide $60 billion in military aid to Ukraine, $14 billion to Israel and $20 billion for border security.

Republican Speaker of the House Mike Johnson says the bill is DOA - Dead On Arrival and will not be brought up for a vote - the bill would pass by a large margin if brought to a vote!
#AureFreePress #News #press #headline #GOP #Politics #USA #Trump

House Speaker Mike Johnson blocking any vote on aid to Ukraine - it would pass easily if it were brought to a floor vote!


How far can you stick your head up Trump's arse?

Johnson: Yes.

ruedi, to random German

70.000 gegen Faschismus, Hass, Hetze und Spaltung.

70.000 gegen die AfD und ihre widerlichen Pläne.

Köln bleibt stabil. ✊♥️🤨🤘

#NoFascism #fckafd #fcknazis #köln #Demokratie


RememberUsAlways, to Bulgaria
@RememberUsAlways@newsie.social avatar

US American voters understand the consequences of changing the President with conflicts around the world pushing world war.

None of the Republicans have the experience to manage world conflict and Trump would destroy

Not going to happen.


It is kind of a general problem for conservatives worldwide:

They heavily rely on old white dudes and majorities are shifting away from them.

And as much as I would like to see the fascist Trump in an orange suit... a massive DEM victory at the polls would be significant.



@OeconomicusRatio @RememberUsAlways
Same here. Fingers crossed!

...but is 54 old? 😜


@OeconomicusRatio @RememberUsAlways @ruedi
Hmmm.... Fremschämen or Fremdscham....

A kind of feeling shame on behalf of somebody else.

ruedi, to HashtagGames German

Slayer - Angel of health
Faith No More - Midlife wellness


2ndStar, to random German
@2ndStar@astronomy.social avatar

Schulleitung: Bitte keine Schneeballschlachten in den Pausen!!!

SuS: Hold my Beer 🏂☃️
Pausenaufsicht: Ich gebe auf 🥺


Jau, kenn' ich auch noch.

Hinter der Turnhalle, Treffpunkt der Suchtgruppe. 😆


TheMetalDog, to HeavyMetal
@TheMetalDog@mastodon.social avatar

@SeeS @TheMetalDog
Same here. We might have shared a moshpit. 🕺💥🤘

ruedi, to languagelearning German

I can totally fucking relate to this one. 😎🤘

#vocabulary #language #swearwords #fwords #fuck

TheMetalDog, to random
@TheMetalDog@mastodon.social avatar

The main mistake Bud Light made is calling their horrible drink beer.

And Kid Rock really thinks he can deliver a message that sane people would consider? 😅

flexghost, to random
@flexghost@mastodon.social avatar

Imagine you hear that there’s a lawmaker in, say, the Middle East

That person hears the voice of God

He’s told to make laws against the LGBTQ+ members of the community

Take rights from women

Stop social services for the poor

The voice tells him to do things and he listens—thinking he’s the chosen one

You’d think this was describing a dangerous theocracy fueled by mental illness

This toot is amount Speaker Mike Johnson



"So, Mike.... is that God that you're talking about here in the room with us right now?"

What an idiot. A grown man who still believes in imaginary creatures directing his life... scary and totally ridiculous.

ruedi, to random German

Long time no toot? :holy:

So here we go:

The daily earworm wants to be played loud. The neighbours deserve some proper rock'n'roll. 😎 🔊 🤘

#acdc #AngusYoung #bonscott #rocknroll #heavyrock #earworm


dgar, to random
@dgar@aus.social avatar

Just wanted to let y’all know that I’m going through a lot right now.


I hope you'll find a safe space soon. ☝️🤓

br00t4c, to random
@br00t4c@mastodon.social avatar

▶ Mike Pence ends presidential campaign in total humiliation

#mikepence #vice



Who? 🤷‍♂️

ruedi, to atheism German

Makes me want to listen to Slipknot's 'Heretic anthem' right away. 🤩🤘🔊🎼🎶

Christians are so easily confused. Confront them (and other religious nutjobs) with facts, logic etc. and they crumble. 😈

#gods #atheism #logic #Heretic #slipknot

GottaLaff, to hungary
@GottaLaff@mastodon.social avatar

Trump has millions of voters who are clearly as stupid as he is for supporting such an ignorant criminal.

Via Ron Filipkowski

#Trump claims that #Hungary has a border with Russia.

[I'm including a map to drive home the point because ZOMG]. 1/...


@GottaLaff @emmreef
lol 😂😁

gfarrell, to random
@gfarrell@mastodon.world avatar

Clever. Bombing civilians (which cannot be avoided in such a highly populated area) surely will not create new hate and turn more (young) people into terrorists. 🤦

Israel should tackle this conflict differently. War has never solved it and will never lead to a stable solution.

Hamas needs to be destroyed. But Israel has no concept to achieve that.

Terrible and extremely frustrating situation. 😕

ProPublica, to Idaho
@ProPublica@newsie.social avatar

Banned . Then It Turned Down Supports for Pregnancies and Births.

Since the overturned Roe v. Wade last year, the state’s GOP-led Legislature has disbanded a maternal mortality committee, failed to expand postpartum coverage and turned down federal grants for child care.



Totally pro-life. 🤷🤬


@Cityradler @fahrradkoeln
Das wäre toll.

Sollte ich nicht verreist sein, würde ich mich gern daran beteiligen.

Alaaf 😎 🤘

br00t4c, to internet
@br00t4c@mastodon.social avatar

▶ Trump tours gun store, goes HORRIBLY WRONG

#internet #trump



The best bit is where MTG shouts 'I have one!' from the side.

She is like the kid in school who sits in the front row and always offers to carry the teacher's bag. 😆 😅

caos, to alternative German
@caos@metalhead.club avatar

Ich bereite gerade eine Geburtstags-Compilation 💿 für eine Freundin vor.
Das Motto: für jedes Jahr ein Song (1974-2021)
🎶 Das Musikspektrum: 🎸 🥁 (Soft-) 🤘
Für folgende Jahre wäre ich dankbar für von Euch:
1976, 1977, 1978
2007-2012, 2015, 2019


@wuffel @opili @kath @treuss @derd00mi @narf @Ayreonaut @krille @lilo @pmj @josalkun @Easydor @MiseryPath @ch1r0x @z428 @musicmatze

ruedi, (edited )

1976: Black Sabbath - Dirty women

1977: The Clash - Police and thieves

1978: AC/DC - Rock'n'roll damnation

1981: The Police - Every little thing she does is magic

2007: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - 666 conducer

2008: Lamb of God - Set to fail

2009: Russian Circles - Geneva

2010: Darkthrone - Circle the wagons

2011: Thrice - Words in the water

2012: Baroness - Back where I belong

2015: The Sword - Early snow

2019: Slipknot - Birth of the cruel

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