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‘I must confess that when I was younger I expected the future to have more robotic butlers and jetpacks and less plague and fascism, but here we are.' - Paul Bassett Davies

'A politician thinks only of the next election; a statesman thinks of the next generation' -- JF Clarke

"News is not supposed to be entertaining. It is supposed to be factual." - @snowshadow

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gemelliz, to Toronto
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Grocery chain, Loblaw paid it's new CEO, Mr. Per Bank, $22-million during his first six months in the job.


Meanwhile, #Poilievre and the conservative premiers are screaming at Canadians trying to convince us that 3 cents at the gas pump is why we can't afford groceries.

#Greedflation #cdnpoli #loblaws #dougford #toronto

gemelliz, to random
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Theo Moudakis / Toronto Star

#AxetheFuture #Poilievre #cdnpoli

gemelliz, to ontario
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REMINDER: The carbon tax exists for Ontarians because #DougFord cancelled the existing cap and trade program.

Premier Ford, as usual, is all over social media childishly blaming others for this colossal mistake..

"Ontario is waking up to the world’s worst April Fools’ joke. The Liberal carbon tax went up a whopping 23 per cent today [3 CENTS, Doug] — and guess who hasn’t said a peep? The Queen of the Carbon Tax herself, Bonnie Crombie." - Doug Ford

#ontario #poilievre #onpoli #cdnpoli

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@Jgmeadows "IQ of a turnip" 🤦

This comment from @KimberlyN says it all...

"A journalist was speaking to people at one of Pierre #Poilievre's [Axe theTax] rallies.
👉 Most of his supporters didn’t even know the slogan referred to climate policy.
One person thought he was promising to abolish income taxes (!!!), others thought he was going to end inflation/make food cheaper/make houses more affordable."

#onpoli #cdnpoli #dougford

gemelliz, to random
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If Canadians elect a #Poilievre Conservative government, we will have BOTH the federal govt and most provinces dancing around any serious climate policy.

The Conservative's "AxeTheTax" misinformation media blitz has convinced many people that gasoline prices are going up 23% today. 🤦‍♂️

#ThreeCents #DougFord #onpoli #cdnpoli

gemelliz, to Canada
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Hey Canada,
"Did you know both London and NYC have implemented a DAILY $15 congestion tax?
If you drive into the city 5 days a week - you get charged $75 a week for a tax aimed at reducing vehicle use.

gemelliz, to Canada
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If Canadians think a 3 cent increase on the carbon tax is expensive, wait until they see how much food shortages cost.

#poilievre #canada

gemelliz, to Canada
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DYK- The Prime Minister of makes half as much as ’s head of Ontario Health?
Matthew Anderson, CEO of Ontario Health, the new provincial agency Premier Ford created in 2019, earns $821,000.
PMJT earns $400K to run the entire country.

gemelliz, to random
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Pierre is like an American televangelist.
Living the high-life in a taxpayer-funded mansion, crying how terrible things are, begging for donations, and selling overpriced merchandise.

They're Here! Order your common sense hockey jersey today. Fake hockey jersey depicting a fake mountain range.

gemelliz, to random
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gemelliz, to ontario
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Here's another no skills, no experience appointee holding a cabinet position in the Ontario government.
Last week, Michael Ford's uncle, the Premier of Ontario, generously hired TWO parliamentary assistants to take the flack while his nephew moves to demolish the Ontario Science Centre.
Premier Ford brazenly appointed his high-school-grad nephew as Minister of Citizenship & Multiculturalism in the most populous, most diverse region of Canada.

Doug Ford's nephew key in decision of what to demolish at Ontario Science Centre. Doug Ford and Michael Ford shaking hands

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In 2022, Ryan Amato was hired - NOT by Housing MPP Steve Clark - but directly by the Premier's Office to be Clark’s chief-of-staff. (MPP Clark’s daughter was hired as Premier ’s chief-of-staff at the same time)
Amato was Transport Min. Caroline Mulroney’s chief-of-staff when developers were buying up land where Hwy 413 is slated to be built.
Amato's father is linked to OPP commissioner Thomas Carrique & worked in the organized crime unit for York Regional Police.
@sbv @Intrepidtron

gemelliz, to Canada
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“Sometimes it’s hard to tell who is the bigger idiot: the politician campaigning against a program that benefits the majority or the majority preparing to torpedo a program that benefits them.
has bullied the public through social media manipulation into abandoning something that all evidence shows is working. PP axed the facts & is ready to elect him because of a dumb slogan brought to you by Big Oil.”

via @cultmtl

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gemelliz, to Alberta
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gemelliz, to Canada
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In 6 months, Conservative leader Pierre #Poilievre billed Canadian taxpayers over $3 MILLION in expenses – averaging $562,428.91 per month.

He's been jetting around campaigning nonstop about affordability & food banks while living in a taxpayer-funded mansion with chef, chauffeur & nannies.

Elections #Canada says PP raised $23.3M, almost double the Liberals. So, while the Feds have been running the country, PP has been running across the country building a massive election war chest.

gemelliz, to Canada
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Poilievre will keep the carbon tax as every country has to have a climate plan.

Poilievre will cut the rebate for Canadians.

Canadians will still pay the carbon tax but not get anything back.

Conservatives will call this climate plan #CommonSense. 🤔

#pOILievre #cdnpoli #canada #AxeTheTax

gemelliz, to climate
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Pierre and Canada’s conservative premiers are peddling nonsense to people who want all the privilege and none of the responsibilities.

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@npilon @matthewguy

Train nerds rule! 😊

"Building out & electrifying passenger rail would be one of the easiest climate fixes, but [conservatives] don’t even want to do that."

- -

gemelliz, to Canada
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Back in 2005, rookie MP Pierre Poilievre petitioned Queen Elizabeth to compel her to reject Michaëlle Jean's appointment as Governor General of Canada.
The Queen dismissed his request.

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@the5thColumnist @NMBA @CanadianCrone

The entire 90 minute performance should consist only of slogans. Empty slogans, repeated ad nauseam.
Mercer would be brilliant. :)

canayjun, to random
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What was the last straw for you if you stopped shopping at due to high prices? Or any other big chain for that matter. Great article from Daily Hive of people sharing theirs. Visit the Loblaws is Out of Control subreddit to join with more than 39,000 other Canadians who will boycott Loblaws for the month of May. https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/shoppers-last-straw-stop-shopping-loblaw

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Pierre #Poilievre would like Canadians to believe that the carbon tax is the reason your groceries have gone up.
And he really, really doesn't want you to figure out that he & his MPs have been working for the grocery giant, Loblaws.

#lobbyists #greedflation #BoycottLoblaws #BoycottPP

(Its estimated that carbon pricing is responsible for less than 1% of grocery price increases)

gemelliz, to ontario
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Here is Stephen Lecce politicizing education ...

"We progressive Conservatives REDUCED the fuel tax by 10 cents/litre.
The Liberals will INCREASE the carbon tax by 23%. As if it isn't expensive enough to live."
👉 It appears that the Ontario Minister of Education doesn’t know how to convert percentages to cents-a-litre.
Narrator: It’s 3 cents a litre.

It also appears that clean air, both inside & outside the classroom, is not 's agenda.

gemelliz, to climate
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🇨🇦 #Poilievre

"Axe the Tax" is a political proposal.
Fair enough.
But it isn't about making life more affordable.
It's spin to conceal a "let the planet burn" climate policy."

#BurnBabyBurnTour #carbonTax #conservatives #climate #cdnpoli #canada via @bruceanderson

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@BarryCooke wow

Five years after his first drunk driving arrest and three years after his second drunk driving arrest, Premier Scott Moe was involved in a third incident in 1997; an horrific crash where he hit and killed a 39 year old woman and injured her young son.

But NO jail time?!

@pinhman @andrewbarss @OrionKidder @bjornqc @Lomaxcat

CdnCurmudgeon, to random
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The truth is, Conservatives hate the carbon tax because it is progressive and returns the revenue back to Canadians directly, not corporations. They dislike the fact that carbon taxes are not an upward wealth redistribution scheme, or a form of trickle down.

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"Pierre 's 'axe the tax' campaign is the biggest scam in Canadian political history.
Conservatives are lying to you. It's just that simple.
Cutting the tax will not make life easier for Canadians. The rebates will.
Doing nothing about climate change is not an option!"

@CdnCurmudgeon @whittakertp

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